Stitching Stitching Stitching...
Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Could it be possible? Mother Nature is planning Spring?

IMG_2554_5299 blog 
It sure doesn't feel like it with frosty Winter mornings and fog all day today. Perfect weather for stitching though!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. 37 days until Spring here!


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Love your in Chicago we are about to experience Autumn again with the waning of summer days. Love your new fabric.


Hi Leanne, I haven't been over to your corner of the woods for a VERY long time!!! It is blooming blossoms here too and I am getting excited about the warmer months ahead. Congrats on your Vietnam trip sounds amazing...and as usual you sound extremely busy with lots of trips and stitching retreats. Your stitchery still brings a smile to my face, Amanda x

Living in the philippines

It is indeed coming.:) Nice shot by the way.


Hi Leanne - your photography is just truly beautiful - as always!

I made a fool of myself on Monday @ work by loudly declaring - "hey everyone cheer up its the first day of spring today" - and it wasn't!!
Doh! another whole month to go.

I looked very silly with my swollen red hayfeverish eyes (that I thought were for a good cause - cos - well hey it is spring after all)
Anyway despite all that I do love spring and autumn as my favourite seasons.

xo Catherine


Oh please, don't mention spring, that means fall is around the corner in the Netherlands! Not that I don't understand you want to feel some warmth on your frozen faces....

Mary Fioretti

In Algonquin, Illinois USA we have 95 plus heat. It's so odd to see that you all have winter.


Great photo, what lens did you use to et this beautiful shot? Lovely!

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

We have had some lovely days here (not like what we had while on holidays near you!) since we got home. So nice to have some beautiful sunny days!!


It's definitely coming!

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