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Winners! (and Heading to Cairns and Townsville!!!)...

Hi everyone! Thanks to each and every one of you who left a comment for the giveaway, I really appreciate all the lovely things that you had to say, and especially hearing how much you have all been enjoying Vignette.

The winners are: Michelle (briarose70), Irene Ekeberg, Shannon (shannonbrown277), Jo Griffiths, Trudy, Sewgirly, Leisa, Doreen B, Asa Holmer, and Darlene Staley. I have emailed each of your personally requesting your snail mail to put your copy of Issue 3 of Vignette in the post box:

IMG_6889_9406 blog 
For those of you that have asked about the front cover (yes, there are HUNDREDS of photos and frantic moments over the front cover) I will answer some of your questions here:

IMG_6878_9395 blog 
The bird's nest on the cover was found in my garden and it was old and disused and on the ground. It was actually under the hydrangeas and had tiny bits of hydrangeas woven into it. The eggs ARE NOT real. They are wonderful copies and are on sale at Bed Bath and Table (they also come in pale yellow and pink!). The feathers are cockatoo feathers also found in my garden.

IMG_6926_9723 blog 
The perfectly lucious red dahlias are from my garden, and are my pride and joy. They are 'Bishop of LLandaff' Dahlias. Somehow I get them to flower from about December to March and I adore them. They have a dark, almost black foliage, and strike a stunning display from my kitchen window.

But, most excitingly, I am about to head to two of my favourite places in my beautiful Australia to come and meet with many of you:

IMG_0348_3764 blog 

This coming weekend I am travelling to Cairns, to teach at the retreat at the lovely Novotel Oasis in Cairns, for Kate and Alison from Buttontree Quilts and Colleen from Sewing Essentials. It will be a one day retreat and there are still just a few places left so click on the underlined link for more details if you'd like to join us. I hope that if you are coming along you will have some photo tips for me while visiting beautiful Far North Queensland (as I have a two day photo shoot to do too!!!)

IMG_0527_3619 blog 
The two photos above are from Townsville where I was fortunate enough to teach last June (note to self: still reading that book on the deck chair - need to do more reading). I will be returning to Townsville, along with Rosalie Quinlan and Melanie Hurlston during the last weekend in July, so stay tuned for more details.

Off to do some washing (and find that book I was reading....)

Leanne Beasley xxxx

P.S. We still have some places left for our Vietnam trip in late October so if you'd like to join us click on the button top right for a full itinerary. Many of you have asked if you can bring a non sewing friend - yes you can, and a discount applies.

P.P.S. For those of you waiting for details of our Immerse retreat - we haven't been able to secure any of the dates we need for this year so we are looking at different venues and will keep you up to date.



cy fort

I am Cornholio. I need TP for my bung hole.

Lynda Bosworth

Once again I turn up when the give away is GIVEN AWAY...that will teach me to pay better attention....LOL So....when is the next one?? LOL

jillian mcnamara

Hi Leanne I have thoroughly read my latest edition of Vignette and have made a start on my hexie quilt, all very exciting. Thanks for the wonderful!!!!
Can't wait until the next edition.

ellen P

Have a lovely & warm time up in FNQ>
Looking forward to the dates for Immerse this year- attended with my sister last year and it was wonderful. Being a shift worker (like so many nurses/midwives) my roster is done about 8 weeks in advance - so fingers crossed we get enough advance notice x


I have just received my copy of vignette and I love it. Thank you again for a wonderful issue!

Hilary  McDaniel

I was so hoping to win as the magazine is not so easy to get here in the states.
I'll find one somewnhere. I'm still wishing for vol.1 & 2. I love your website.


Hi Leanne,
I see that my website isn't listed on your sidebar as a store that sells your products. I have been selling your Vignette magazines and kits for the mystery quilt. Could I get added too??
I have a blog there as well.

condo Philippines

Very beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing. congrats to the winners.


Michele Corcoran

Hi Leanne,
I was in Cairns over the weekend and the weather is beautiful this time of year. I popped into see Button tree quilts who were packing the retreat packs and I was so envious...hope you have a great weekend,
cheers Michele


Thank you Leanne - enjoy your trip up North!

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Congrats to the winners!


Congratulations to the winners!

Have a wonderful time in Cairns & Townsville!

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