Almost Done...
Issue 3...


Issue 3 is not far away! My work is all done now (well, just proof reading to do!). It's the Comfort Issue and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much I have enjoyed putting it all together. Stayed tuned for the 1st of June when it hits your local patchwork store:

IMG_8741_2396 retailers 
If you are a Patchwork Store Owner there are 'Retailer's Lists' for each of the projects, as well as recommended products. So, please contact my Distributor, Creative Abundance, for a copy of the Retailer's Lists' if you would like to pre-order products for kitting, so they can email the lists to you. If you are a Store Owner and going to kit, please leave a comment below so that interested ladies can contact you:

IMG_7238_0173 blog 
And if you are a Retail Store and would like to leave a comment below to let ladies know that you are stocking Vignette, anywhere in the world, please do!

Leanne Beasley xxx



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So wished I lived closer (I'm in sunny Qld)! I would love to meet you in person. I love your style of work and have many of your patterns. I am really enjoying Vignette Magazine also.

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Hello! I really like your post, I would like to decorate the bedroom of my little son with your ideas !

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I enjoyed following the whole entry, I always thought one of the main things to count when you write a blog is learning how to complement the ideas with images, that's exploiting at the maximum the possibilities of a ciber-space! Good work on this entry!

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Looks wonderful! Loving your sneek peeps Leanne! Love your designs too!


Hi Leanne,
I am kitting the quilt on
I also have a thread kit available as well as the magazines.


Hi Leanne, we have all 3 volumes of Vignette and all of the fabrics for the mystery quilt, and the kits for the pin cushion in vol 3, contact us at or 0747552336 to place your order!! P.S. we post worldwidexxxTracy

Bronwyn Hayes

Congratulations on the third issue!


Beautiful. Is it possible in Spain?
I've done one of your bags. I'd love it!!
Thank you very much.

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May I suggest using a muffin tin instead of an ice cube tray? That's what I do (ice-machine in door as

Callie Appelstein

I would love to find a US source that is selling a kit for the mystery quilt. The shops that I have contacted are all sold out!


Hi everyone! Patchwork Chicks are stocking Vignette in the UK see to contact us. Can't wait for the next issue Leanne - you are so talented!


Vignette is available from

I have Issues 1 & 2 in stock, and am taking pre-orders for Issue 3. I also have the other gadgets and tools needed for your Vignette projects.

See my special "Your Vignette Shop" on my site.

Subscriptions are also available or single copies - posted worldwide. Hope you come by for a visit.


I was for some reason anticipating the start of this month for delivery dates... that means I still have a month to do block 2 and 3 I can do that! :D

The sneak peek of the next block looks so pretty, and I think both the other issues exuded comfort anyway, so definitely looking forward to this one!


Leanne, the first two issues were so beautiful I can't wait to see the third. Well done!!! Hugs...


In Between Stitches is going stitching crazy with Vignette magazine. We have both issues in stock and have it available as an autoship as you won't miss a new issue.
Livermore California USA.

Bev Trembath

Vignette is available in the UK from Issues 1 & 2 in stock. Subscriptions available or single copies. Worldwide shipping. lovely magazine!

Laura in Stitches

Keeping us all in stitches vignette is available in single issues, back issues and by subscription. Worlwide delivery. What's keeping you in stitches?

Vicki ♥

Can hardly wait for the Issue #3 Leanne as it looks so pretty.
I have several issues of #1 and #2 in my store and will be looking at stocking the kits also for Issue #3. I post to all over the world and have the hexie papers available also at a great price. Love your designs Leanne :)

Sarah F

Loving your sneek peeps Leanne!
I stock Vignette mags and sell them for $15 + post to anywhere in the world. You can even book a subscription with us too!
x Sarah


Looks wonderful!
I know you can get it from our local store, if ordered.


Hi Leanne, thanks heaps for a fantastic magazine, this magazine really sells well! it is favourite already with only 2 issues, well done!! all you Kiwi gals, check out, and pre-order your copy now! .. and I have hexie kits with Rosalie's fabric lines also.

Perri Dixon

Check out for Vignette magazines, Cosmo Thread bundles and the kit that is mentioned in Leanne's post will be available when Issue 3 is available. At SFTB we will post overseas.
Thanks and happy stitching, P


Ollie and in Qld stocks Vignette the Magazine.
I will be Enquiring too about the Kits...Looking Forward to Issue 3.

leanne beasley

Dianne, Happiness Is...Quilting in the USA stocks all issues of Vignette, so if it's issue one you are after, they have that too!

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