It's Been Too Long....
A Successful Photoshoot...

Sunshine In The Early Morning...

Packing up everything to head off into the countryside overnight for the final photoshoot for Issue 3 of Vignette. Still, I couldn't resist a few shots of the sunshine streaming through my kitchen window from the forest this morning:

IMG_7971_1812 blog 
Living in the forest you really appreciate a sunny Autumn morning (rather than the misty foggy type that usually abound). Of course the props and projects for Issue 3 were nearby so I let them take in some sunshine too:

IMG_7975_1814 blog 
Little bird:

IMG_7981_1817 blog 
And nest:

IMG_7984_1820 blog 
Tomorrow morning I will be up before the sunrises in country Victoria to try and capture the first light there. There is nothing as good for photography as first light. I also think it stirs up a certain photographic artist inside you, to attempt to even try and capture it.

Fingers crossed for clear skies...

Leanne Beasley xxx



Cindy Nixdorff

Just picked up Issue one and two of Vignette at my LQS (Traditional Pastimes). I absolutly love them!! The photos are beautiful and I can wait to try out the recipes and get started on the patterns....looking forward to number three!!

Heather Brown

Lovely cool nights here in the tropics but we are getting beautiful sunny days. Such a awesome time of the year but then all year is wonderful. Every day that we get to do what we feel like doing is incredible....and when the work that we do feels right with ourselves, then whether it be work or play, we feel fulfilled. Looking forward to seeing Issue 3. So glad that you are trying to put them out more often.... It takes the two months and probably more.... I'll still be working with these projects in original and variated ways for years to come.

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Like your cup so much :D It's weird that is autumn for you and here where I am is spring and wait for blossom flowers and sunny days.

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I love the first6 picture. That cup is so cute.


Leanne... Just love reading your blog and LOVE the photos...

Looking forward to issue 3.



Hope you had your wonderful morning taking glourious photos... Which I long to see...:0)
Thanks for the little peeks...:0)

Bonnie Flint

Just bought my first copy of Vignette at AQC and love it. (Issue 2) . Is it possible to get a copy of the first issue ?



I have to agree with you Leanne mornings are so wonderful when playing with your camera.


Funny to think it's autumn for you and we are waiting for first sun and flowers here !!!


Good luck for your photo shoot! Can't wait to see some sneak peeks!!

Heather Brown

I also find that early morning light and late late afternoon give me the best results also. Full light seems to wash out the colours a little.... enjoy what you have to do and also do a few just for your own enjoyment. I'm still working on what I'm doing and have started the hexagon quilt for when I have little space and time.

Sheryl Scholte

how exciting Leanne cant wait for no 3,lol


Beautiful, Leanne! You are quite the photographer. Maybe that's one of the reasons I love "Vignette" so much. The pictures are just gorgeous! (not to mention the awesome patterns and recipes!)


Love the little sneaky peak of whats to come...can't wait for the next V, got my order in waiting ..LOL..keep warm...I just love the crispness of the first light on an Autumn morn. Have fun..
Hugs Dawn x x x

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