Imagine.... Vietnam.
Sunshine In The Early Morning...

It's Been Too Long....

But here I am now! Life is as hectic (just how I like it) and really non-stop as usual! Thought I better keep you updated with what's been going on. The Hexagon Quilt is about to be photographed for Issue 3 of Vignette:

IMG_7890_1806 blog 
The Comfort Quilt is right in the middle of binding, getting ready to be photographed for Issue 3 of Vignette (this is a BIG quilt that's perfect for a queen size bed):

IMG_7886_1804 blog 
And I am frantic with trying to complete the other projects in Issue 3 by my photoshoot deadline on Friday/Saturday of THIS WEEK!!! (Lots of late nights). Love to show you more photos but you will have to wait!

Rosie, Melly, and I have been so excited that lots of you have booked in to come and visit Vietnam with us. We will be doing some stitching here during our trip, yes, RIGHT here!!!!!:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2199_0680 blogg 
I cannot tell you how excited I am that I am heading back to Vietnam and taking some of you out there along with me. This is a trip that I have done before and it's going to be wonderful to have lots of stitchers joining me and Melly and Rosie as we host this trip, along with Annette from Port Travel.

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P1420_1298 blog 
Vietnam is an incredible land of colour, fragrance, amazing landscapes, smiling faces and friendly welcomes, but best of all a land full of rich stitching history and intriguing textile stories that we will get to be a part of, and I can assure you, will be become a part of you:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2331_0829 blog 
We have so many great things on the itinerary (you can check this out by clicking on the button on the left hand side - Imagine....Vietnam 2011) that I am bursting at the seams to enjoy with you fellow stitchers. As you can see we will even get a chance to do some stitching (of all kinds!) with the local women (yes, this is me):

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2108_0569 blog 
A few of you have emailed me asking if you can still book in while Annette from Port Travel is on a trip and the answer is yes. The only thing is if you wish to add on to the trip we are doing, Annette would ask that you send in your registration form asap, and then she will contact you on her return for your further personal arrangements.

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2326_0811 blog 
I would LOVE to tell you what the projects I am doing on the retreat are (you KNOW how bad I am at keeping secrets) but Rosie and Melly have made me swear to keep my projects a surprise! (maybe I could let out a little photo or two of sneak peeks soon?).

Also, Rosie and I had the MOST AMAZING time in Tasmania with The Quilted Crow Girls (and got all inspired by their wonderful collection of fabrics). I want to show you all my photos from our two retreats there but I am so mean you will have to wait for Issue 3 of Vignette. I will give you a sneak peek though:

IMG_7725_1583 blog 
If you want to see the beautiful patterns and projects that The Quilted Crows have on offer you can catch up with them at AQC in Melbourne from April 14-17. Or, my choice would be to go and have a weekend in Tasi and visit them there!:

IMG_7601_1678 blog 
As you can see I am just as happy and excited as usual and will be back soon with more for you! Can't wait to give you a few photos from my upcoming photoshoot for Issue 3 of Vignette!

Until then,

Leanne Beasley xxx


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pictures are so warm and amaizing views I really nice to read your post now I need to go for holidays:)

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Great pictures and this palm I was in vietnam recently they doing great stuff over there thank you for this post I hope people will read


Hope everything is going really well with the photo shoot. We already know the magazine will be a feast for all senses and also immensely inspiring, can't wait to get a hold of my copy!


OOPS...meant to ask when the third issue of Vignette will be coming out? Hugs...


Leanne, I was so delighted when I dropped into a (kind of local) quilt shop today and there were two full sets of patterns each for both "Leanne's House" and "Journey of a Quilter" !!! They saw them in Houston and said they fell in love with your work. I couldn't afford the set but I just thought you would love to know that Village Dry Goods in Brigham City, Utah is now carrying your designs. I was over the moon excited. I live a ways from Brigham but my hubby had taken me to dinner for my Birthday today and asked if I would like to stop there as it is my favorite shop. Who would have said no??? LOL. When I told him about the patterns he asked me why I didn't pick up the first two or three and get the others later. Well, I'm a dork, I didn't think of it. So next time I'm up that way, I hope they still have them. Hugs...


I've just started The Hexagon Quilt and I love it. My aim is to make at least two blocks each day after I come home from work :)


Hello Leanne.... I would LOVE to go to Vietnam... but I am going on a cruise in January 2011 with the family... I don't think I can do both... must ask the husband.

LOVE the hexagon quilt...



The hexie quilt is just too too pretty, love it. I'm still working on hand-piecing GFG hexie blocks the "old fashioned" way, not using the English paper piecing way, and I have only 3 more to piece, YAY, and then I'll be ready for the path. I've changed my mind 3 or 4 times on the path fabric and once again I've decided what I have is not to my liking so I'm looking for something else again. This quilt has been a long time coming and I will be pleased when I have a flimsy to quilt.
I love your posts, as usual. Have a safe and wonderful visit to Vietnam.

Heather Brown

Amazing.... I wish I had the time to do it all but each part of my life is chockablock full as I'm sure that yours was full of bowls...yes lawn bowls....another of my passions....and today we took some big scalps hopefully winning enough to put us into the finals next week. Hexagons look great, I'm working on mine but never enough time.

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