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Imagine.... Vietnam.

Imagine Button
We are so unbelievably excited to finally release the details of our first "Imagine..." retreat which is being launched in Vietnam from 22nd - 29th October this year!!

In the right side bar you will see the "Imagine... Vietnam" button.  Please click on this to download the complete itinerary and registration information.  

This is a really exciting opportunity for any of you (from any corner of the globe) to join Rosalie Quinlan, Melanie Hurlston and Myself in a week of complete indulgence! Imagine 7 night in an amazing 5 star resort stitching, touring, dining and spending time with other like minded women, while soaking up some of the amazing Vietnamese culture. We hope you will join us!!

We are also very excited to have an amazing Travel Agent Escort, Annette Dal Sasso, coming along with us. All bookings and queries can be directed to her as per the details on the registration form. 


Bunny Tales...

Look who I found on my quilt top (it was lying out on the studio floor) last night!:

IMG_7564_0434 blog 
Of course the bunnies are not meant to come in the house but little Miss Nine year old thought Flopsy co-ordinated really nicely with the quilt:

IMG_7553_0426 blog 
Guess he does. Lucky no accidents were had on the quilt!

Now I must hop off and keep packing to come down to see all you lovely ladies in Tasmania this weekend at The Quilted Crow! Two days of fun!!! Can't wait.

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Thanks for the feedback on the new bags - all comments will be considered. Really appreciate you all taking the time to let us know what you think.


Fresh And Shiny And New!

This is how you have been used to seeing your patterns arrive:

IMG_7507_0388 blog 

As we (when I say 'we' I mean my Distrbutor, Creative Abundance, and us the Designers) are always looking to improve how we do things, especially in the eco-friendly times that we now live in, we have a new way to present our patterns to you that we think is a HUGE improvement. No longer will we be using old fashioned heavy plastic bags but modern and shiny and new FULLY RECYCLABLE much lighter (VERY important for shipping) bags!

So now we are shiny and new! Your patterns will now arrive like this (nice and clear to see the pattern through too):

IMG_7505_0387 blog

Of course, these new bags will filter out over time but many of you may have already seen them. Some stores also like to hang their patterns and so we have these to offer:

IMG_7503_0385 blog 
They simply stick on the back of the pattern and are quite strong.Easy.

Hope you enjoy being part of our new and fresh eco-friendly world!

Leanne Beasley xxx

To see all the Creative Abundance Designers, who are also eco considerate, have a look at the Creative Abundance website!

Hexagon Happiness...

I am so thrilled that so many of you out there are enjoying stitching up 'The Hexagon Quilt'! Now some of you are getting very eager to know more (Part 2 is in the next Issue of Vignette - Issue 3) and keep asking for more information. Well...

IMG_7537_0403 blog 
Here's an idea; replace one of the floral hexagons with a signature block and the year that you started the quilt:

IMG_7536_0402 blog 
My hint for 'getting a look like mine' is simply to be completely random and have fun with your scrap bag. By using your scraps you know that they are all fabrics that you've used in other projects and should probably love:

IMG_7538_0404 blog 
Now this is in the next issue, BUT, so many of you are asking what thread colours to use for the stitchery. Well, I am using all my leftovers, end of skeins, bits of my Cosmo threads (I do have a list of the exact thread numbers - not sure if you will need it - what do you think). Each stitchery hexagon is different. As I went along I simply picked three colours of thread that went with the surrounding hexagons:

IMG_7530_0398 blog 
It was really fun and kept my 'stitching interest' as the quilt progressed. For more information you'll just have to wait until Issue 3!

Leanne Beasley xxx

The Quilted Crow...

I am very excited to be headed back down to beautiful Tasmania to visit with Leonie and Deirdre at The Quilted Crow and see their new home, 'The Old Church', in Hobart. For those of you coming to the 'Gatherings' (one on Saturday the 26th and one on Sunday the 27th March) here's a sneak peak at my project for the day:

IMG_7428_0328 blog 
I have quite a few techniques that I will be working with you on including stitchery, paper piecing, and applique! Of course, I have used my favourite colours of the moment but kept in mind those of you that love 30's fabric and also reproduction fabric. The Quilted Crow stock an amazing collection of these fabrics (and threads to match) so anything goes colour wise and will suit the project I have for you:

IMG_7441_0340 blog 
There are still (just a few) places left so if you would like to join us please contact The Quilted Crow on (03) 6228 3319:

IMG_7392_0294 blog 

I can't wait to get down there and see you all. Rosalie Quinlan will be adventuring down there also, so I am sure that there will be lots of laughter and stories to be had!

Leanne Beasley xxx


It's a public holiday today, but of course, I am still stitching! Next to my sewing chair I have a bowl to put my scraps of threads. When I went to empty it I thought it looked so pretty I had to photograph it to show you:

IMG_7256_0270 blog 

Seriously, how can this be rubbish?

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx



Thoughts and prayers with everyone in Japan.

IMG_2191_5105 blog 
Hoping that all of you at Lecien (manufacturers of Cosmo threads and beautiful fabrics for all of us sewers) are safe, and that your loved ones are safe. Frank and Yumi I am hoping this especially for you.


Leanne Beasley xxx

The Things You Do...

Every morning my 'working day' starts with going through the emails in my inbox. I get real joy when I receive an email from those of you out there who have taken the time to phototgraph the projects that you have been working on and email me. Like:

Solvigs quilt 
Solveig and her beautiful version of 'Down in the Garden'. It was inspired by her childhood and visiting her Grandmother (who recently passed away at 98!) in the country, and of happy times. Have a look at her blog (click on the link by clicking on her name above) and see lots of her beautiful close up photos of the quilt:

Solveigs quilt 

Another 'Down In The Garden' (still a work in progress) is being done by Karen of Patchwork Chicks in the UK. This is a great combination of fabrics:

 Karens ditg

Then there's Sarah who made the 'Remember' noticeboard in Issue 1 of 'Vignette' out of these divine fabrics:

Noticeboard (4) 
It was so exciting when she emailed soon after to let me know that she'd won second prize with it at the local show!:


Another great idea, from Maree, is this block that I created for Homespun magazine, which she turned into a cushion:


I was so excited to see Anthea's fantastic version of the 'Leanne's House Block of the Month Quilt'. Anthea is in Yorkshire, England!:

Leannes house finished crop blog 

Yesterday, while I was teaching at Foothills Fabric and Threads, Willy came along with her version of the 'Remember' noticeboard in blues:

IMG_7134_9739 willys 
She has used Rosalie Quinlan's 'Sweet Broderie' fabric range in beautiful blues (Willy's most favourite colour!). For those of you who been emailing me looking for more 'Sweet Broderie', more has now landed in Australia and the USA, so contact your local patchwork store to purchase. We had a great day yesterday with our quarterly 'Vignette Gathering'. There were hexagons galore! Christine came up with this one (she's a bit of a hexagon expert!) using 'Sweet Broderie':

 IMG_7126_9731 christines

Thanks to those of you who came along, and for sharing such a great day (I was so tired after all our fun I tucked myself into bed at 8pm!)

Keep letting me know what you've been up to,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Please be patient with me as I update my blog (it's a HUGE process). For those of you who have been waiting, the 'Join Me in 2011' is new and lets you know where you can come along and share some great times with me.



I'm So Happy That You're So Happy!

Huge "Thank you" for all the lovely comments and emails from each and everyone of you that is enjoying this:

It seems that you are loving the cover as much as anything else! I'm really thrilled about this because there are sleepless nights over the cover for me. Of course, there is always more than one shot and it's huge fun amongst the stress doing a 'cover shoot':

IMG_4399_7376 blog 
One of the things that I love doing is shooting/photographing the cover of each issue first. To me, the cover should capture the 'feel' of the entire issue as well as make you reeeaaaally want to open that cover to see what's inside. This issue the words on my inspiration board were "Bright and Happy!" (I hope that you get this feeling when you are enjoying your copy):

IMG_4394_7371 blog 
All the flowers and herbs in the vase (actually a flower pot - available at IKEA) are from my garden. I love the look that homegrown flowers have, especially the roses, I don't think you can buy flowers that give you such a cottage homey feel. So yes, when I plant flowers I do have photography in mind!

IMG_4441_7415 blog 
I am a real 'details' girl and am on the hunt for props all the time. The colours have to be perfect and it's great fun hunting for all the bits and pieces in the 'right' colours! These candles were really the perfect colour and it was difficult to choose between the blue:

IMG_4418_7394 ps perri 
...and the green. The blue won, but I did love the green:

IMG_4379_7358 blog 
Now I just know that you'd love to see the cover for next issue but I have to keep it a secret so you can fully enjoy this issue. I will tell you though that the word on my inspiration board for issue three is "Comfort". I am SO BAD at keeping secrets!

Enjoy Issue Two,

Leanne Beasley xxx