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Fresh And Shiny And New!

This is how you have been used to seeing your patterns arrive:

IMG_7507_0388 blog 

As we (when I say 'we' I mean my Distrbutor, Creative Abundance, and us the Designers) are always looking to improve how we do things, especially in the eco-friendly times that we now live in, we have a new way to present our patterns to you that we think is a HUGE improvement. No longer will we be using old fashioned heavy plastic bags but modern and shiny and new FULLY RECYCLABLE much lighter (VERY important for shipping) bags!

So now we are shiny and new! Your patterns will now arrive like this (nice and clear to see the pattern through too):

IMG_7505_0387 blog

Of course, these new bags will filter out over time but many of you may have already seen them. Some stores also like to hang their patterns and so we have these to offer:

IMG_7503_0385 blog 
They simply stick on the back of the pattern and are quite strong.Easy.

Hope you enjoy being part of our new and fresh eco-friendly world!

Leanne Beasley xxx

To see all the Creative Abundance Designers, who are also eco considerate, have a look at the Creative Abundance website!


janine b

when you say recyclable bag does that mean that it will just end up disintegrating over time?
one day it'll be there and next time just a mess of fragmentented plastic?


If they are the ones with the adhesive strip on the back, well, I am sorry to say, I don't like them. I have one pattern ( from another designer) I was trying to get out of the pack, the adhesive strip stuck to the photo on the front and took a big stripe of the photo away. This also meant that the strip was no longer adhesive. Certainly not a bag I want to keep my patterns in long term, especially with the risk of ruining the insides with the strip.

Heather Brown

Hi Leanne, I agree with Chookyblue. I have my patterns in and out all the time. When I was in the shop, often had customers who wanted to have a closer look, those bags with the adhesive seal, just don't cut the mustard.... The adhesive also gets knocked around with people taking patterns in and out of displays....I'll have the zip lock bags any day.


oh Leanne I am not sure.............are those the newer bags that split etc.........rip easy......they have the adhesive seal
.....can't put your pattern back into them.......

..I have all mine in the "heavy thick bags" I am pulling my patterns in and out all the time..........they are great....don't rip etc.......my patterns are protected..........and all kept together......

...the new ones would be better for overseas but not sure I am keen....and they look clearer....will wait and see but not sure I like them.........

hope you wanted feedback both ways...........


great idea, love the new look.

Janelle Wind

Thanks so much Leanne for this blog post, it is lovely to see how our patterns are being presented now. Thank you x Janelle


Another lovely pattern. Thank you! Blessings.


What a great idea....


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