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Vignette Issue 2...

Leaving the warehouse today and reaching your local patchwork store in the next few days:

We are still receiving a lot of enquiries about Issue One, and yes, it is still available. So it is not too late to jump onboard and start the 'Vignette In Stitches' quilt (Block One: Issue One, Blocks Two & Three: Issue Two):

IMG_6321_9121 blog 
I hope that you will love Issue Two and that it gives you hours of pleasure; be it from just reading through the magazine, or indulging in a new project, like the 'Spring Blossom Quilt & Cushions' in the 'Keep It Simple. Make It Quick' section, featuring 'Where The Wind Blows', the latest delicious range of fabric by Melanie Hurlston of Melly and Me:

IMG_6471_9257 blog 
Maybe after that you'll need a yummy desert to indulge in, like the Raspberry Crumble recipe featured:

IMG_5789_8686 blog 
Why not try some hand piecing with the complete photographic step-by-step guide to making 'The Hexagon Quilt' (a sneak peek):

IMG_4640_7696 blog 
And come and visit a family of baby birds in my garden:

IMG_6075_8708 blog

Not to mention a visit to International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas, USA; the story behind the purchase of an antique quilt, ways to enjoy and display children's artwork and creations, and I have to leave a few surprises!

IMG_6285_9057 blog 
If your local patchwork store is just too far away, try one of the great online stores like: Cookies and Cream Craft (AU - ships worldwide), Under The Mulberry Tree (AU- ships worldwide) , Patchworks Plus (AU), Happiness Is Quilting (USA), Quilt Fabric Delights (AU - ships worldwide), Quiltegarden (Norway), Coast and Country Crafts and Quilts (UK), and in New Zealand , to name just a few!

IMG_4647_7701  blog 
For those of you wanting to know more details about the retreat that Rosie, Melly and I will be holding titled 'Imagine...Vietnam' - all is about to be revealed. Some of you have already contacted us determined not to miss out, don't worry, your names are 'on the list'. We are in the last stages of finalising what is going to be a once in a lifetime trip, and we are all so excited we can hardly sleep. More on that soon!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Also, to let you know, Lesley of Forget Me Knots in Christchurch is safe ,as is Fiona of Our thoughts are still with everyone in New Zealand and those that have family and loved ones there.

 IMPORTANT UPDATE: I have just spoken with Tracy at Tinkers Cart in beautiful Townsville and she would like to let you know that she still has 'Sweet Broderie' in stock, 'Lecien Basics', 'Cosmo' Threads all used in the 'Vignette In Stitches' Quilt - so you can stitch one exactly the same as mine. Of course, she has 'Vignette', Issue One and Issue Two as well. Also, I will be teaching there in July with Rosalie Quinlan so you will be able to see all the 'Vignette' projects in real life with me.



New Zealand...

Of course all of us are in shock and our hearts aching, for the people of Christchurch and surrounding suburbs, and all of New Zealand. When I turned on the t.v. late yesterday afternoon I could not believe the vision. The loss of life simply dreadful.

IMG_0718_4039 blog 
Last June when Rosalie and I were in Christchurch teaching for Lesley of 'Forget me Knots' we took some extra time to explore Christchurch. We simply loved it. Both of us were touched by the amazing Cathedral. Today I want to share some of my photos of that, who knows what will remain of it. At the time I though this (on one of the Catherdral walls) was really moving, more so now:

IMG_0726_4046 blog 
Amazing stained glass windows:

IMG_0743_4062 blog 
A beautiful mosaic wall:

IMG_0749_4068 blog 
I am hoping that Lesley and her family are okay and Fiona from Fiona Marie and her loved ones are also okay. The list goes on. All of you wonderful ladies that I met last year and enjoyed sewing and laughing and being with, my prayers and thoughts are with you and those you work with and care for.

IMG_0734_4054 blog 
All of us are thinking of you.

IMG_0715_4036 blog 

Leanne Beasley xxx



Stillness...In All The Rush

For me setting the table at night means a little bit of stillness in amongst the rush. I think I have reached the conclusion that the rush isn't going to stop, so finding brief moments of lovliness is bliss. Tonight I set the table with the runner and serviettes (napkins for you Texas ladies!!!) from Issue One of Vignette:

IMG_6629_9381 blog 
Many of you are still asking me if and where you can purchase Issue One and the answer is easy: your local patchwork store or try (worldwide delivery), , , etc...

IMG_6622_9378 blog

I wish I could tell you all about my day today (I am bursting with excitement) but Rosie and Melly would just strangle me. Today the three of us went on a little planning adventure! That planning involves the passports that I mentioned in an earlier blog entry. Hmmm, what can I say? If you decide to join us in this incredible adventure you will get to experience a wonderful place that I have been to before and completely fell in love with. Oh I have to stop....they'll just kill me! So let's change the subject!

IMG_6600_9372 blog 
If you plan on getting your copy of Vignette Issue Two (out in March) you might like to start with a fat quarter pack of Melly's delicious 'Where The Wind Blows' fabric. I cannot tell you how inspired I am with it. I have used the fat quarter bundle to make some feather stuffed cushions, a quilt (I hope even the beginner will attempt), and something to help you with all the kids' artwork from it:

IMG_6488_9269 blog 
If you need a fat quarter bundle, they are instock at all good patchwork stores Australia wide. If you need fabric by the meter (trust me, you will) head to your local patchwork store or make a special trip to Patchwork with Gail B on Canterbury Road in Bayswater (she has the ENTIRE range!).

Oh, I wish I could tell you...but they'd kill me! It's a great place with amazing culture, a huge textile culture, so inspiring....

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Hint: You need a visa! Oh, they are going to kill me. I so can't keep a secret.....



New Pattern Out Now!

A new pattern out today, 'Sweet Love and Kisses' Gift Bags:

IMG_2007_4909 ps blog 
I had a lot of fun with this pattern and I hope that you might too. There are 6 little gift bags, each measuring 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" (14cm x 19cm):

IMG_3007_6472 cropped ps blog 
The pattern includes six different, but simple, gift bag designs to make for many different occassions. My favourite is using these designs for giving tickets and gift vouchers. To me it turns a gift that may seem 'easy' into something really thoughtful and personal, especially a gift voucher:

IMG_2978_6453 ps blog

Of course, you know that I love the idea of you using designs from my patterns in all different ways so that you can make the most of the patterns you purchase. Why not stitch the floral heart onto a romantic pair of pillowcases? Or stitch it and frame it up with the date you met, or your wedding date:

IMG_1890_4831 ps blog 
If you love that idea and need your pattern quickly (you could stitch it over the weekend) they are in stock already at Quilt Fabric Delights and Under The Mulberry Tree.

Many of you in the USA are also keen to purchase from the USA so contact Laura at Happiness Is...Quilting (isn't it just!!!) as she is keen to help you out.

Until next time (by which time I hope to have finished cleaning up my flooded garage and studio!!),

Leanne Beasley xxx



Cyclone Yasi Approaches...

As I am sitting finishing off the second issue of Vignette my mind and heart are distracted with thoughts of the approaching cyclone in FNQ (Far North Queensland), particularly Cairns. This is one of my favourite parts of Australia and one of the most beautiful places to visit. Of course, as with many beautiful parts of our country, it also has its dangers and one of these is cyclones.

IMG_6287_9059 ps blog 
So to all of you up there, especially Buttontree Quilts in Cairns and Tinkers Cart in Townsville, I am thinking of you and praying that you and your family, friends, and customers will all be safe. When I look at photos from teaching there in the past it is hard to imagine what you are about to face.

IMG_0519_3611 ps blog 
I am due to teach in Cairns in June and in Townsville in July and I pray that the stories I will hear when I arrive, and share time once again with all you great ladies up there, will be stories of courage and love and not disaster.

IMG_0516_3609 ps blog 
It is being reported on the news that the government has evacuated all the hospitals in Cairns and are about to put the city (where Buttontree Quilts is) into lockdown as Yasi is now a category 5, the most serious of categories.

Now is the calm before the storm but rest assured that we down south, and all over Australia, will be here thinking of you and hoping that you will all be safe once it hits in the upcoming hours.

Leanne Beasley xxx