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As I am sitting finishing off the second issue of Vignette my mind and heart are distracted with thoughts of the approaching cyclone in FNQ (Far North Queensland), particularly Cairns. This is one of my favourite parts of Australia and one of the most beautiful places to visit. Of course, as with many beautiful parts of our country, it also has its dangers and one of these is cyclones.

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So to all of you up there, especially Buttontree Quilts in Cairns and Tinkers Cart in Townsville, I am thinking of you and praying that you and your family, friends, and customers will all be safe. When I look at photos from teaching there in the past it is hard to imagine what you are about to face.

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I am due to teach in Cairns in June and in Townsville in July and I pray that the stories I will hear when I arrive, and share time once again with all you great ladies up there, will be stories of courage and love and not disaster.

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It is being reported on the news that the government has evacuated all the hospitals in Cairns and are about to put the city (where Buttontree Quilts is) into lockdown as Yasi is now a category 5, the most serious of categories.

Now is the calm before the storm but rest assured that we down south, and all over Australia, will be here thinking of you and hoping that you will all be safe once it hits in the upcoming hours.

Leanne Beasley xxx


villa lloret del mar

I too remember the threatening time i spend there in Cairns....During that time i was caught in this cyclone and got some serious injuries in my head and backbone...But the prayers of my parents save me...

vakantiewoning costa brava

My friend Tom was in Cairns during the cyclone...But thank God he luckily survives there,as the army personals help him to get out there...Your post highlights the dangerous moments of that cyclone...


Hi Leanne, Tracy here from Tinkers Cart in Townsville, we are at the shop today, the shop has power but no power at home since 8.30pm wed night, just before Yasi struck. No power means no fridge, fans, phones. We are all ok, it was absolutely terrifying, very destructive winds from 8.30pm wed night to 7am thurs morn and then cat 1 winds all day Thurs, lots of trees down, army came and cleaned up in front of our house yesterday. Looking forward to power at home in the next few days, clean clothes and a cold drink..looking forward to seeing you in July, all the best Tracy

Helen Tesch

Hi Leanne
Thanks for your prayers. We in Mossman are VERY lucky we had only minor damage, minimal power loss, but we have a generator to keep fridge & freezer running. Others around us were not so lucky, some without power for 3/4 days. We are safe and looking out for our friends.
Helen T CU in June in Cairns

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Just hope everybody will be alright

Heather Brown

Thanks everyone. We were one of the lucky ones. The cyclone headed north of us so we got lots of wind, took the tops off trees which we've spent the morning sawing and removing. That'll give us a few weeks work to deal with, but no structural damage.

leanne beasley

Heather, we are all thinking of you. Happy that you sound like you were well prepared. Hope you made it okay through the night. Leanne



All our thoughts are with you all


Hi Leanne, my sister lives in Cairns and I have been on the phone with her a few times today, the poor girl is so scared. She thought Cyclone Larry was big well thi sis even bigger. They have decided to stay in their home and wait out the storm, her husband has lived there all his life so I hope he has it under control. My thought are with everyone in Cairns.

Heather Brown

Hi Leanne and all her followers. We are down in Proserpine so at the southern end of the warning area. Just off the coast at Hamilton Island the wind speed is up to 79km an hour and the cyclone won't hit for another 10 hours. We are all tied down and are happy with preparations. I've got plenty of hand sewing and knitting that I can do, plenty of food water and a generator that will keep fridges and lights going.... Nice to know that people are thinking of us.



Life is like a mystery tour, unfortunately mother nature has her reasons? thought and prayers go out to all in the FNQ area


Leanne, I will be keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers. I don't watch TV so most of the news I get is off the internet and from my online friends so please keep me posted on this storm and the impact it has. OH, I just have to add that the photo of Vignette in Stitches is glorious. Hugs...

jodi meenan

Oh, wow, Leanne! Thanks for sharing that. I'm in the USA, the smallest state in the USA. Please know that I, too, and many of my countrymen and women, I'm sure, are praying for all those in that area! Please keep us posted!


Hugs and prayers for you all!

Be safe



I agree Leanne.... I think everyone in Australia will be thinking and Praying for everyone up in Cairns and Townsville.


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