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New Family Members...

Runner and Spotty have arrived to live with our little family. With our good friends moving home and nowhere for Runner and Spotty to live we were only too happy to have them move house yesterday and come to live with us:

IMG_6140_8974 ps blog 
And, obviously very comfortable in their new hen home, they even gave me lunch today:

IMG_6157_8949 ps blog 
And it was delicious!

Back to finishing Vignette Issue Two...

Leanne Beasley xxx


Some Exciting News For The Local Girls...

For those of you wanting to further enjoy your issues of Vignette you can come and share four Sundays this year with me at one of my favourite local shops, Foothills Fabric and Threads! Each of the four Sundays will go from 10am to 3pm and will be held as the new issues come out (March, June, Sept, Dec). The first Sunday will be the 6th of March:

IMG_2688_5356 ps blog 
We will be having a relaxing bunch of Sundays (with stitching and good food involved, of course!) working on projects that feature in the magazine. You might like to come along and work on 'Vignette in Stitches', the mystery 'block of the issue' quilt, or maybe you'd like to start the hexagon quilt coming in Issue 2:

IMG_4645_7699 ps blog 
This is a really fun quilt to make and is all handpieced (all the bits you need are stocked at Foothills Fabric and Threads), if you like you can add in the stitchery blocks that I have or keep them plain. The choice is yours, but I will be there to get you started and guide you through to completion:

IMG_5812_8940 ps blog 
So you can choose to come each time and work on an ongoing project from the magazine, a short project, different projects each time, or to do a little handwork and enjoy the stories that go with producing a magazine and my other adventures, as well as enjoying some of the recipes from the issues (first class I will bring my very own organic home made lemonade to enjoy!). Of course each issue has a little cooking and I can tell you the issue two recipes are yummy!:
IMG_5801_8698 ps blog 
(Well, one shouldn't waste good food even if it's for a photo shoot!)

I will also be using one of my favourite new ranges of fabric in this issue, 'Where The Wind Blows' by Melanie from Melly and Me. So, if you're keen to use the same fabrics for the projects that I have you can pick up your fat quarter pack at Foothills:

IMG_1293_4370 ps blog 
If you're interested in joining me, contact Foothills Fabric and Threads for further details (03 9754 6166), or to sign up. Places are LIMITED so book early to avoid disappointment.

I hope I get to see you there!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I will be letting you know shortly where else you can see me this year, there are some really great retreats planned including something very exciting (I see palm trees, white sands, cocktails by the pool, and passports...mmmmm).....


The Year Begins...

Thanks to all of you who wished me well over the Christmas Season, your thoughts are appreciated. Today I am back in the swing of things and so my New Year begins! I did have a lovely summer break and managed to spend lots of time in my garden. I potted up, weeded, and of course, spent lots of time in my greenhouse:

IMG_5620_8573 ps blog 
With all the unseasonal humid weather we're having my greenhouse plants have just about doubled in size in a week!:

IMG_5669_8508 ps blog 
And, as I am always saying to everyone else, I did manage to relax and spend time cutting flowers and just appreciating my little patch of earth. Cutting my favourite garden flowers always adds cheer in my kitchen:

IMG_5641_8533 ps blog 
And while I vacationed at the beach and spent time here at home Perri was very busy with the Vignette blog! She has put in such a huge effort to get it up and running and I hope that you all pop over regularly and also contribute so we can share our journey:

IMG_2668_5339 ps perri 
There will be regular giveaways, lots of photos, and a chance to see what women all around the world are doing with their issues of Vignette! I will show sneak peaks of what's to come and a few other insights into Vignette, such as the fun we have on a photo shoot! I look forward to your contributions!

I spent lots of holiday time sewing 1" hexagons for Issue 2 (these are a separate project to the 'Vignette In Stitches' quilt!:

IMG_4644_7698 ps blog 
More about that soon.

And to everyone in flood stricken Queensland, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Leanne Beasley xxx