Oh Where Do I Begin???!!!!!
Houston International Quilt Market...Set Up Day...

Sooooo Biggggg....(But Then Everything Is In Texas!)...

The first thing to hit me in Texas was just how BIG everything is. Now I don't want to sound like the girl from the Hills from Down Under, but "OH WOW!". Firstly, before even arriving at Quilt Market, I found that the buildings were huge, so huge, I could barely get them in my camera lens:

IMG_3642_6914 ps blog 

And when we fitted in some shopping at Galleria, Natalie and I discovered that even the flags are HUGE:

IMG_3526_6981 ps blog 
And (sorry Rosie) I am SO SURE no-one here drives a cute little pink car. They are all HUGE trucks:

IMG_3423_7015 ps blog 

But then, the Yankee Candle shops are HUGE too (Woo Hoo!!!!!!):

IMG_3414_7007 ps blog 
The fabric shops are huge (this was just one asile in a dress making fabric shop, not even a patchwork store! Lucky for my credit card!):

IMG_3428_7019 ps blog 
The highways are HUGE!:

IMG_3911_7093 ps blog 

And then we got to International Quilt Market......:

IMG_3590_6879 ps blog 
THAT was huge.........

Leanne Beasley xxx


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What a tall building it is!

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This is such a beautiful image! Is that what you call Digital Painting? It looks stunning.

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Sew Create It - Jane

Looks like great fun! Hope you had a good time!


Wow that was BIG....



I enjoy reading your blog. It is wonderful to see America through your eyes. I have been to the USA twice and just love it. Wish I could have been to Market. I ordered your magazine yesterday through Under the Mulberry. Can't wait. have a wonderful week. Love from South Africa. xx


it sure is big........would be fun to visit but never to live.......

Anne Heidi

ooohhh you went to the Galleria... I LOVE that place!!! It sure looks like you had a great time in Houston, maybe you'll go back next year- or even Spring Market??


Yup, I was born and raised in Utah and I can remember when things were smaller, but my grand children can't. They can't imagine a home without TV or computers, LOL. Things just seem to KEEP getting bigger here in the US. Is that a good thing??? I just don't know. But I do know that I prefer a little more of the simple life, if we can find it anywhere, LOL! By the way, I am about half way finished with the stitching on my Stitchers Keeper and then I can put it together...wooo hoooo!!! Thanks again, it is such a beautiful stitchery I think I'll have to make more that one. Can't wait for more on Market! Hugs...


Hi Leanne!
It is so fun to see America (Texas especially) through your eyes! What fun!
Meeting you & Natalie & getting to visit with Rosie & all my sweet Australian friends was honestly one of the very best things about Market. I sure hope that you come again!
xo, Bren

May Kristin

Good to hear you had a great time! Yes, everything i huge over there! I remember first time we went to Florida, my oldest daughter(age 10 at that time) said to me: Mamma, everything is so huge here in America. Even the cinnamonrolls are HUGE! LOL!
Enjoy your memories!

Carol Campbell

I was thrilled to find the Australian booth with your designs! My very first purchase at Preview Night at Festival was a subscription to your new magazine Vignettes. And there was your beautifully stitched Stitchers Keeper laying there but the patterns had not arrived. The sweet lady there told me to stop back by in a day or 2 and I did and got that pattern. One of my first questions to her on Preview Night was to ask if you were there as I was hoping to meet you. {very big sigh}. So sorry you could not stay for Preview Night. It would have been a delight for me. Maybe someday........ I would love to come to one of your classes or retreats. Stitching Heaven!
Carol from Texas

leanne beasley


I hada hugely great better than great time!!!!

To: leanneshouse@hotmail.com

Tracee (Quiltkitty) from Perth

as long as you had a hugely good time too Leanne!

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