Houston International Quilt Market...Set Up Day...
More Shopping:

Shopping in Houston...

Oh the shopping!!! Seeing as you've been asking what I actually purchased while in Houston I thought that I'd show you a few things (some of them I am saving to show you in the next issue of Vignette!). My favourite fabric purchase was this new range 'Quite Contrary' by 'My Mind's Eye' printed by Riley Blake Designs- sooo delicious!:

IMG_3926_7281 ps blog 
And then I fell in love with the colours of this new range, 'Sunkissed' by 'Sweetwater' printed by Moda. (you must click on Sweetwater to see the photos of the booth at Quilt Market - you will not be surprised to know it won an award!) :

IMG_3920_7276 ps blog 

And this is something new for me that I am enjoying playing with at the moment (you will see more!!!):

IMG_3935_7289 ps blog 
Isn't it so yummy?!!! There's twenty four 6" x 5" slices of woollen yumminess (is that a word? It describes how I feel anyway!!):
IMG_3929_7284 ps blog 
They are hand dyed woollen pieces by Brenda at Acorn Quilt and Gift Company. You can feel the fun and love gone into making them when you meet Brenda:

IMG_3834_7118 ps blog 

And do you think I could resist a pack of eight of these in various colours? Obviously not:

IMG_4025_7226 ps blog 

So tomorrow I will show you a few other little purchases I made in Houston (lucky hubby doesn't read my blog!!!)

Until then,

Leanne xxx


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leanne beasley

Hi Auntie P,

I think you have to wait until youre 40like me - when you no longer care just what people do think! LOL


To: leanneshouse@hotmail.com

Auntie Pami

Isn't Brenda the sweetest? And, that wool, oh my! Riley Blake it so stash worthy! And, the crocheted flowers. I really need a headband. Do you think I could pull it off at my age (39?)? Who cares! It's cute. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.

 beth vandenberg/blauser

WoW just love the fabric, I would have loved going to the show, itn't shopping for fabric just make ya want to touch then all and just trying to decide whick ones your going to get! I'm really liking the sweetwater...


I bet there's plenty of women that are also pleased that their husbands don't read blogs... or collect the mail... ;) Love everything that you bought! Especially the Riley Blake fabrics! The Sweetwater booth is gorgeous! Glad you had a great shopping experience in Houston!


Great choice !!! It's exactly the kind of fabric I love too! I can't wait to see what you will do with it !


Oh Leanne!!
I LOVE.. I SAID LOVE your purchases.. and this is exactly what I have beenwaiting for to come out so I CAN BUY!!! And the wool.. FINALLY... Wool in my kind of colours.. hippety hippety hop... I sure hope they are out for sale now.. say please!!!! :o)
Love the crocheted flowers.. and this is what I love too..so Leanne.. I cant wait to see what you will make of this!! *SMILES*


Oh my goodness...I think 'yumminess' perfectly describes your beautiful treasures. I can't wait to see what you make with them...that is, after you are able to make yourself cut into them. I always have to touch and look at and adore my new fabrics for a while before I can actually cut them. LOL. Hugs...


Haha -- I got those same fabric packs in Houston (eeek! I forgot to mention the Riley Blake on my post) except for the wool -- I totally missed that! I can't wait to see what fun things you do with your fabrics!


Oh so gorgeous! I love it all but the sweetwater fabic looks delish!


Love the fabric And the pink flowers look so good.what will you use them on?
Hugs Mary.


Gorgeous stack of Yummieness..Lucky You.


Wow Leanne,

Just LOVE the fabric...

LOVE the pink flowers too.


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