Where Did The Time Go?????
Sooooo Biggggg....(But Then Everything Is In Texas!)...

Oh Where Do I Begin???!!!!!

Can you feel my excitement? (Okay I may have had a few too many coffees this morning in an attempt to beat the jetlag). Really, I am still on such a high after returning from the most wonderful time at International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas, USA!!!:

IMG_3504_6968 ps blog 
I am completely in love with the USA and was overwhelmed with just how incredibly friendly and helpful everyone was. Quilt Market was amazing and inspired me to no end! Of course I will be blogging everyday to let you know all about that, but today I wanted to show you some of my USA photos like the school bus (and I thought they only used them in the movies!):

IMG_3411_7005 ps blog 
And the food!!!! Oh the taco salad (who even knew there was such a thing?). I was very perplexed about the brown corn chips until Rosie explained that in the USA corn chips are made with many different types of corn - even purple!:

IMG_3444_7031 ps blog 
And the amazing homes!:

IMG_3458_7040 ps blog 
Of course many were decorated for Halloween:

IMG_3467_7046 ps blog 
Not to mention the shopping (I think my credit card may be resting for a while now!). Here's Rosie, Nel, and Melly outside one of our favourite shops (just how long is too long to spend in one single makeup shop?):

IMG_3440_7027 ps blog 

In the USA you don't even have to go to the Doctor for your flu shot - you can go to Target!!!:

IMG_3536_6991 ps blog 
God bless America:

IMG_3385_7075 ps blog 
Until next time yawl,

Leanne Beasley xxx




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People there must be really proud!

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It was wonderful to meet you and Natalie at the Lecien schoolhouse. My friend Nancy and I were so excited. I have a photo of you that's going on my blog tonight.

Mary Johnson

I am so glad to have met you in Houston FINALLY! I hope you decied to come back again SOON!


Leanne, I leave for my first trip to America in 10 days. First time o/s in 15 years- leaving husband and 8 and 10 year old behind. Nervous and excited. Thanks for sharing your great time. I am a touch more excited now!
Any other tips, send them my way! xx

Sue Benson

So I guess ya'll be going back next year?? Glad you had a fabulous time. Can't wait for more photos and stories. xx Sue
P.s. What's in a Taco Salad?


Leanne, I am so, so, glad you had a great time while you were here. Isn't it funny what we take for granted? I rode a school bus when I was young (I'm 60 now) and now my grandchildren ride them. I thought they used them everywhere, maybe just looked different! Taco salads...aren't they the greatest? I have to admit, that even though I was born and raised in the US, I hesitated the first time I saw a purple tortilla chip on my plate...thought it was just for decoration, LOL! I can't wait to see your next post. OH, about the amount of time to spend in a make up shop...well, due to Scleroderma I no longer wear it but when I did, hey, I stayed in the shop as long as it took, LOL! Hugs...

Patti Smith

You are soooo cute! I'm born and raised in the USA and did not realize anyone could get so excited about school buses (except 4 yr. old children preparing for kindergarten) and taco salad. The things we take for granted!! Love your post and blog. Love the way you spelled "yawl"!! It's actually ya'll, but I think I will use your spelling from here on out. Blessings, Patti (USA)


You are so adorable!

I hope to visit your beautiful country one day.


this is a very funny post to read....I got a great morning laugh..Glad you had fun:)


Welcome home.... glad you had a wonderful time.


Joy :o)

What fun!!!!! I'm going to enjoy reading about the Quilt Market .... keep it coming :o)!!!
Joy :o)


Thanks for some Great Pics..Glad you had a Great Time & it was Successful for You...looking forward to seeing lots more of what you Girl's got up too..

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