Sooooo Biggggg....(But Then Everything Is In Texas!)...
Shopping in Houston...

Houston International Quilt Market...Set Up Day...

The George R. Brown Convention Centre looked big and exciting from the minute I arrived!:

IMG_3583_6875 ps blog 
Then when I walked in I was just overwhelmed! As first timers, Natalie and I were just so enjoying the process (and she does love a good photo opportunity like me!) that we were even taking photos of set up day!:

IMG_3622_6901 ps blog 

I think what I found the most amazing on set up day was how the booth holders (like Melly) go from a few metal poles on a concrete floor:

IMG_3545_6998 ps blog 
To something like this:

IMG_3649_6920 ps blog 
Even the food hall was big (and beautifully American in all these colours!):

IMG_3615_6895 ps blog 

There was also Schoolhouse on Set Up Day, which are lectures and classes to attend. Here's Rosie talking about her new line of fabric:

IMG_3605_6890 ps blog 
The evening was time for Sample Spree, where there's an opportunity to purchase the latest-not-instore-just-yet lines of fabric and other new and exciting things:

IMG_3698_6956 ps blog 
Yes, we were excited! (By the way this wasn't all Natalie's fabric!)

And after all that excitement I needed a:

IMG_3703_6959 ps blog 

Leanne Beasley xxx


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Natalie Lymer

hahaha - love your post Leanne, oh look there's a photo of me being silly, again. How good was sample spree? *squeal*


Thanks for taking us to Houston, Leanne. Love the trip! Anymore photos to share. Love to see more.

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Wow I would LOVE to check out sample spree... It looks so much fun.



Love all the pics & you can Tell Natalie was Excited!!.Looking forward to seeing More...


Great pictures Leanne...but Natalie is looking for all the world like she THINKS all that fabric is hers, LOL. She has the greatest smile, it is contagious, even over the computer screen, LOL. Hugs...


Love Dr.Pepper too..:O)))
Seem that you had an adventure in USA... and fun one!! :o)

Anne Heidi

FUN! And of course we'd love to see your loot!

Joy :o)

Looks like you had the BEST time over there :o). I'd just love to go one day ;o). Dying to see what you bought!!!!
JOy :o)


Loving your photos of your travelling experiences. Keep them coming!

Genny Frazer

Show us what you bought, we are all dying to see it!

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