Where Did The Time Go?????


So what have I been working on that has kept me incredibly busy and inspired to the point of bursting for the last 'goodness knows how many' months? A magazine for you! Four issues a year!:

IMG_2695_5362 possible cover 
It is called 'Vignette'. (Yes, the above notice board is in the first issue and uses 'Sweet Broderie by Rosalie Quinlan Designs printed by Lecien as are the below serviettes!)

IMG_2736_5390  ps vignette 
For a very long time I've dreamt of having a regular publication to share all the wonderful things that this world has to offer. Forget the everyday grind and the troubles of the world and pick up something in your hands that inspires you, something that makes you feel good on the inside and gives you just a small escape for a short time while leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired to face the world again. That is what Vignette is.

IMG_2791_5419 ps vignette 
The dictionary definitions of 'vignette' are varied and many. My favourite is the decorating definition of creating a "small engaging scene, view or picture". This is what Vignette will be filled with, a visual delight along with ideas for your creativity, your home, your garden, your kitchen, and so much more!

IMG_2585_5267 ps blog 

My wish for you is that Vignette will inspire and uplift you, and maybe, just maybe, lead you on a path away from the everyday...

Back very soon with more details (especially about the 'Vignette in Stitches' Block of The Month Quilt')!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. To all my wonderful retailers: I hope very much that you will love 'Vignette'. I have also produced it very much with you in mind. Easy to kit projects (including a lovely big queensize "Block of the Month" quilt that is two fat quarter bundles and a few other fabrics - cutting guide in every issue). There are lots of simple but rewarding projects throughout the year that you can get ladies to meet in store for when they pick up their latest issue. My intention is to support all of you wonderful quilt shop owners who have supported me (and in turn, my family) for so many years and give you a magazine exclusive to the patchwork stores. I hope that it also inspires you on a store, and a personal, level. Product details will follow the launch at Australian Quilt Market in my beautiful hometown of Melbourne, on November 20 - not long to wait!

Note to Retailers: Monday 11th October: I have received numerous emails regarding pricing and pre-ordering. Please be aware that NO pricing has been set as yet and this is why we are not taking pre-orders just yet. Of course, as always, my distributor Creative Abundance will keep you updated.


auntie pami

Please let me know as I have a website and do quilt shows in the US. Congrats!


Lovely Leanne, I can't wait!! I hope I can subscribe so that mine appears in my letter box.


Great! Love what you do! Will Vignette be obtainable in Europe?

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Congrats to the winners. Your blog always puts a smile on my face. Love the colors you use. Have a wonderful day.

Carolina H

Hi Leanne!
Congrats! This is just perfect! Love it already, just by your description!
Are we going to be able to buy this magazine in "the country far far away" (= Sweden)?

Sarah Rothe

ooh ooh ooh . . . You have blown me away! So much work that you do! I cannot wait for the magazine. Where could I purchase it? And when? I can't wait. thankyou so much Leanne!


Oh Leanne, this is the most amazing news! Can't imagine how much hard work this has been for you. I know it will be of the highest quality, and immensely inspiring, as your work always is. Warmest congratulations on a fabulous achievement. Kind regards, Ros x


How will we purchase it in the United States ?

Hanne-Kristine in stitches and loops

Love this idea and I have already ordered your magazine.

Wish you all the best


Oh Leanne that is Exciting News...Congratulations & can't wait till I can get the First Issue in my Hot Little Hands...all that Inspiration..Bring it ON!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts

Oh Leanne, that sounds like a wonderful new venture. Can't wait til it's out... I'll be first on the list.

Wilhelmina Velthuysen

I am looking forward to your magizine Leanne. I will put my standing order in at Foothills to ensure that I get a copy.


Best of luck with this new concept! I like your mission as well as you beautiful work.


Congratualtions on such an innovative concept Leanne. I am most interested in the magazine and shall mention it to my quilting group too. Now all we need to do is wait*big sigh*


Congratulations Leanne. A magazine of all your wonderful ideas, that would be great. I have been making journals of what you have been doing and all the lovely projects you design, now all I have to do is buy the magazine, fantastic.

Helen Stubbings

wow, congratulations Leanne, this is the perfect way for you to combine your loves of stitching and photography, I am sure it will be just brilliant- will look forward to seeing it at market..


wow !! I hope I would find it in France !!

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

That's so exciting, Leanne!! I'm not happy about you having another BOM though... I haven't caught up on the other ones yet and my husband is going to start reminding me I don't need another one! ;) Can't wait to hear more about your publication! I assume that Erica will stock them?? Might have to book a copy soon then!


Wow Leanne How exciting... and Congratulations...

Can't wait to read the first issue



Oh Leanne - how thrilling. I really admire your creative energy and vision to bring a dream to life! You have done this in many ways - through your stitching retreats, patterns, books and design inspiration. The best part is you share it to bless others like us. Wonderful!!


How very exciting. This is wonderful news, please let us know when we can subscribe.
Congratulations Leanne.
I can't wait!


Hi Leanne :)
WOW!! What a brilliant idea Vignette is. Congratulations on your creative journey that inspires us all. Will be eagerly awaiting Issue 1.


Congrats Leanne, can't wait to stock this one!!!

Lynette Anderson

Congratulations Leanne, thats so exciting, brilliant in fact. Looking forward to holding the fist copy in my hands, I hope you will sign it for me.

Jo in Tas

Oh this is exciting news, can't wait to see the first edition!

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