In The Studio...

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing....

My (Betty) Bernina has had a right old workout these last few weeks! She has helped me with this project, a notice board, all part of a  MUCH bigger project:

IMG_2561_5248 ps blog 
And sewing 'Shoo Fly' blocks into the little wee hours of the morning:

IMG_2593_5273 ps blog 
Then turning them into a really BIG project:

IMG_2580_5262 ps blog 

More about all this later...back to Betty Bernina...

Leanne Beasley xxx



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Anna Banks

Hi Leanne,
My favourite sewing tool is a chopstick. The wooden type we get for free when we order Chinese take-away. I can't eat with them, but they sure do help me sew. It helps me push bulky areas through the machine when sewing/quilting, when I'm coming to the end of a seam I use it to guide the fabric. I use it to push out the seam when I turn something & can use with my paper piecing to "iron" those small seams. It seems I always have a chopstick in my hand when I'm sewing. I give them to all of my quilting friends, who in turn, look at me just a little but funny :0)

Ruby Bundy

All your designs are so elegant--love them all. If only I could win the lottery and have all my work done for me!!!
I believe that my favorite sewing tool is now my little featherweight sewing machine. I have collected 4 of them so my two daughters can each have one. I have a black one I use for all my classes and a white one for display. (Sorry Bernina--I still love you but too bulky to take along!)

Sarah F

Lots of lovely goodness there Leanne! It is all looking wonderful!
x Sarah


I am loving the mug too... Watching in anticipation!

janine b


Are you going to completely re-cover your couch with those little shoo-fly's???

Karen C

more more more, show more

Nicola Foreman

Oh I just love these fabrics - they are so bright and cheerful!! Oooh a secret BIG project - could this be another book??? Oh I do hope so.... :)

Susan Pierce

hi Leanne,

My Bernina is called Bernie and she is my most treasured friend. I was once asked, what would be the first thing you would grab if your house was on fire? My answer was Bernie. Its nice to know someone else has a named there sewing machine. I love the work you do and thank you for the advise on the labels they went down a treat at our area day. hugs Susan (Liverpool England)


What a tease, love the sneak peek of the memo board, cant wait to see it all!


What would we do without our Bernina's! thanks for the weee peek at what you are up to.

Robyn of 'Robyns Nest'

Your new project looks lovely & the fabric is 'Spring fresh'........and I can't believe how pretty your shopping list is I usually just use the back of an old envelope!


What a tease! Can't wait to see what you're making. Hey, I like your new profile picture, Leanne. Looks great!


Wow Leanne.... Another beautiful project.... very cute.

Can't wait to see the big picture.



I adore my Bernina. She's a sweetheart.

Beth Blauser

this is fun but its also like hanging a carrot in front of a bunny, you want a bite! oh!!too bad.. you have to wait...


Another book I hope!!??


Love the little peeks of pure happiness.. SWEET..:O))


You've got my fabric taste buds watering! Can't wait to see what it is!

May Britt

Looking forward to see what it is :)
But the little I can see looks great

ellen prendergast

Sooo cant wait for this!! Am in awe of your creativity Leanne x

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