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Sewing, Sewing, Sewing....

My (Betty) Bernina has had a right old workout these last few weeks! She has helped me with this project, a notice board, all part of a  MUCH bigger project:

IMG_2561_5248 ps blog 
And sewing 'Shoo Fly' blocks into the little wee hours of the morning:

IMG_2593_5273 ps blog 
Then turning them into a really BIG project:

IMG_2580_5262 ps blog 

More about all this later...back to Betty Bernina...

Leanne Beasley xxx


In The Studio...

Working on part of my next HUGE project (so much fun!). And as I cannot keep a secret I know that some of you out there already know what I am up to! So those of you that have been following me on my new Facebook page (thankyou Cheryl!) will know that I have been up at all hours making LOTS of Shoo-Fly blocks:

IMG_2325_5149 ps blog

From the above you can see that I have used a fat quarter bundle of my favourite essential fabrics: Lecien Basics:

IMG_2327_5151 ps blog 
And a fat quarter bundle of Rosalie Quinlan's new range from Lecien, 'Sweet Broderie':

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4557 ps blog 
Sorry that I have to be so secretive but I shall be back with more shortly!

Leanne Beasley xxx

See you on Facebook!

Sunday at Immerse...

After a staying the night at Immerse in a beautiful room we were up and ready for another exciting day:

IMG_2194_5108 ps blog 
There is nothing like seeing women stitching together and laughing together and enjoying a day like this:

IMG_2218_4984 ps blog 
Show and Tell was inspirational! I was thrilled to see Helen's completed 'Journey Of A Quilter'. Her colours are so warm and comforting:

IMG_2241_5002 ps blog 
Lots of time to stitch by the afternoon sunshine and enjoy a latte:

IMG_2254_5013 ps blog 
Time to relax:

IMG_2260_5019 ps blog 
Here are the projects that we had at Immerse. Each one came fully kitted and I hope that some of you enjoyed using some new products for the first time. So many of you fell in love with the Cosmo threads and Parlan it was very exciting that we gave you an opportunity to try them out.

IMG_2095_5020 ps blog 
My project is now available as a pattern for those of you who didn't make it to Immerse this year (yes, we will probably do it again next year!) so pop over to your favourite patchwork store and get your copy of my pattern, 'Stitcher's Keeper' if you like.

So now I have my 'big project' to complete and I will be back shortly to tell you about that!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Saturday at Immerse...

Rosie, Melly, Erica, and I were really excited that so many ladies that came travelled so far to be with us at Immerse! We had ladies from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, South Australia, New South Wales, and even from Western Australia! It was really fantastic to have Janelle (I'm sure many of you follow her in blogland) all the way from Perth in Western Australia:
IMG_2180_5094 ps blog 
She even came with one of her divine handbags that matched her outfit! (If you go to Janelle's site you can order your own - I am now the very proud owner of this handbag shown!):

IMG_2162_5078 ps blog 
Of course, Show and Tell is alway one the highlights of any retreat and I have to share some more with you. This was a really beautiful version of 'Down In The Garden' using Rosie's first range of fabric and 30's fabrics:

IMG_2126_5045 ps blog 
Vicki made this amazing quilt with all her Mum's grandchildren's drawings on it. Each grandchild made a drawing and Vicki embroidered over the drawing to make it permanent. There were lots of 'ohhhs and ahhhs' when this came out for Show and Tell'. The centre of the quilt has all their names on a Dresden Plate block:

IMG_2136_5055 ps blog 
Julie came with her beautiful version of Rosie's 'Bo-Peep' quilt:

IMG_2147_5064 ps blog 
Wendy's version of my 'Journey Of A Quilter' was so soft and pastel and inspiring:

IMG_2143_5062 ps blog 
So after a pleasant morning of stitching and chatting and morning tea and enjoying Show and Tell there was time for a glass of wine and some lunch:

IMG_2167_5081 ps blog 

IMG_2176_5090 ps blog 
Baby mushroom stuffed with brie and spring onions...mmmmm:

IMG_2177_5091 ps blog 
After lunch (and more yummy food at afternoon tea - how great was the panacotta!?!) there was time for chatting and stitching:

IMG_2172_5086 ps bliog 
And even wandering through the Spring gardens at Immerse:

IMG_2188_5102 ps blog 
I hope that those of you that joined us REALLY enjoyed our time together. I cannot think of anything better than spending a day with like minded women sitting and stitching...

Leanne Beasley xxx




Friday was the day that Rosie, Melly, and I set up for 'Immerse Yourself In Stitching', along with Erica from 'Under The Mulberry Tree':

IMG_2085_5128 ps blog 
When we arrived at 'Immerse' it looked like this:

IMG_2087_5130 ps blog 
So we turned it into this:

IMG_2092_5134 ps blog 
It's always fun setting up our displays of our work and seeing it all together:

IMG_2103_5027 ps blog 
I really enjoyed creating a project for the retreat, with simply spending a day sitting and stitching, in mind:

IMG_2002_4907 ps blog 
So I created a 'Stitcher's Keeper'. Somewhere to pop in your hoop and scissors , needles and threads while you work on a project:

IMG_1997_4902 ps blog 
I will be back to tell you more tomorrow. If you can't wait until then, pop over to Rosie's Blog and Melly's Blog to see more photos. If you are one of the ladies that came on the weekend and have photos on your blog, please leave a link so we can all see each other photos!

Leanne Beasley xxx



What An Exciting Day!...

Today has been very exciting! There's been more than 200 gift bags to put together:

IMG_2024_4921 ps blog 

My favourite part of the day was packing the Cosmo threads! They look like little bags of rainbows:

IMG_2057_4950 ps blog 
Melinda, of Around The Block Quilting, came and helped us pack:

IMG_2059_4951 ps blog 
As well as Gail Pan, From Gail Pan Designs:

IMG_2061_4953 ps blog 
What great friends we have!

Of course the photo of the day for me is my Papparazzi shot of Melly getting out of her car the day her new fabric arrived in the warehouse! Whoo Hoo how exciting:

IMG_2043_4937 ps blog 
I am in so much trouble when she sees I've blogged this photo!

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx


It's almost time for 'Immerse Yourself In Stitching', a retreat that Rosie, Melly, and I will be hosting this weekend. There are lots of little finishing touches we are working on this week (okay - lots of big ones too! Melly was heard to refer to this coming week as "Immerse Yourself In Panic"!), including name tags. I am having great fun making these and I love trying to pick a fabric to match the personality of the ladies names I recognise: 

IMG_2003_4908 ps blog 
Almost ready to pack the Stitcher's Gift Bags (that's what we'll be doing tomorrow!). All the treats have arrived for the gift bags and our patterns are ready to pop in too:

IMG_2009_4910 ps blog 
And I have almost finished my project for the Bagalicious Club:

IMG_2007_4909 ps blog 
Now should you be one of the ladies coming for a wonderful time this weekend PLEASE do not forget to pack your 'Show and Tell'! I have heard that there are quite a few of you out there frantically quilting and binding (Melinda G!) and basically hurridly finishing a project to share with everyone. It doesn't have to be a quilt, bring a bag, a framed picture, a scrapbook, anything you'd like to 'Show and Tell' and allow others to enjoy seeing. (Megan C - I would love to see that 'Olivia quilt' if you can fit it in carry-on!).

Yes, you can see I am very excited and cannot wait for the weekend!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Playing with Colour and Light...

Today I played with the sunshine and some green...

IMG_1878_4821 ps blog 
And some blue...

IMG_1889_4830 ps blog 
And some pink...

IMG_1924_4850 ps blog 

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Before you ask, all background fabrics (except the small blue gingham) are from the new Rosalie Quinlan range by Lecien, 'Sweet Broderie' available soon! (If you would like to win some in her giveaway head over to her blog right now!)The small blue gingham is also from Lecien. The stitchery in the blue picture is part of my project for Bagalicious, a bag club by Quilt Fabric Delights(more photos on that soon!)...


I'm In Lockdown...

"Lockdown" is an affectionate term that Rosie, Melly, and I have when we are so busy we need to be cut off from whatever is happening in the outside world or we simply shall not meet our deadlines! This means nothing is done except what we are working on, unless it is vital to staying alive, ie: eating, showering, taking the kids to the bus stop to go to school, etc.

IMG_1744_4704 ps blog 
It is, of course, also a wonderful reason not to waste any time on ironing, complex cooking, or any other household task that can possibly be avoided! So today, I thought I'd better catch up with you and just share a few photos of what's happening in "lockdown"! I am so excited about Rosie's new fabric range that I just cannot stop working in it!:

IMG_1751_4708 ps blog 
There's also the new 'Flowersugar' Floral Collection (also printed by Lecien) that I am completely in love with. If you are keen to get your hands on some of these fabrics contact your local patchwork shop and let them know so they can get in early with their orders before these fabrics are released soon: 

IMG_1736_4787 ps blog 
I have a HUGE surprise coming up on why I am in "lockdown". Don't ask me, I cannot tell you why just yet! I don't mean to tease you but I do so want you to be pleasantly surprised when I tell you what I am up to. It is something that I have been working on for some time. Keep tuned! These projects are all involved!

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I have something else to tell you soon, here's a clue:

IMG_1834_4775 ps blog