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The Suitcase Is (Almost) Packed Again...

And I am SO EXCITED!!! (well, honestly, I'd be more excited if it wasn't almost midnight and I still had to pack my clothes!). Of course the important things are packed: all my quilts and teaching samples and the iron-on stitchery designs I have just for all the girls coming this weekend:

IMG_1427_4481 ps blog 

I think we are all in for a wonderful girly weekend (yes, the ENTIRE weekend!) full of stitching and laughter and show and tell (always one of my favourite things) at The Waters Edge Retreat in incredibly beautiful Nowra, New South Wales, Australia.

I am going to enjoy spending time with the ladies working on my 'Let's Design' quilt and helping them with their own designs:

IMG_1425_4479 ps blog

So if you are one of the ladies coming this weekend don't forget to pack your pencils and paper in anticipation of making lots of your own notes (and designs!) to go along with mine:

IMG_1428_4482 ps blog

Rosie and I are really looking forward to this workshop that Kim, of Jukejema Quilting Barn, has been putting on for a few years now. It is going to be great to catch up with new ladies and spend time with old friends!!

Is that my suitcase I hear calling me???....

Leanne Beasley xxx

(Note to Rosie: Don't fret: I have packed the anti static spray! LOL)



Wow, can you please show us this at Immerse? It looks gorgeous and i love the thought of having a personalised quilt!


It was a great weekend! It was great to see and hear how you design your quilts....



Have lots of fun girls.. still envy of the girls at the retreat...:O))))


I am such a novice, but boy they look so scrumptious.....can you buy like a small project or something to sew like your little bird.....i would love to have a go but have absolutely NO IDEA where to even start:)


Have a wonderfull weekend;-)


Wishing you a wonderful weekend - and yes, I am sooooooooooooo jealous!!


Yay!! I'm coming to this retreat I'm so excited!!! Designs look great!!! Can't wait!! See you soon......

Beth Blauser

Your web site is so wonderful, I just love coming here and looking around getting ideas. thanks for all your shares.

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