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Stitching At The Waters Edge...

Here I am home again after a wonderful weekend of being a guest Designer at Waterslea in Nowra in New South Wales! I just had to show you this photo first because to me it summed up the great weekend of stitching in a relaxed environment (these ladies were stitching by the firplace) with like minded stitching friends:

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4572 ps blog 
Kim, from Jukejema Quilting Barn, put on her third annual retreat and created a wonderful time for all of us. Of course, amongst all that, we found a few minutes to snap some shots and here I am with Kim and Rosalie:

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4529 ps blog 
It was great to catch up with familiar faces and meet lots of lovely new ladies too. And for those of you out there in blogland that are regulars, you may recognise Sandy N!:

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4516 ps blog 
Waterslea was just divine and so sunny for a Winter's retreat. The cabins and the gardens are beautiful and a pleasure to enjoy:

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4500 ps blog 
There were sunny times to sit outside and stitch:

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4545 ps blog 
And a lovely big room to sit and sew in:

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4584 ps blog 
I was teaching 'Let's Design' and lots of the ladies had fun creating designs and playing with fabric over the weekend:

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4518 ps blog 
We all just had such a great time:

Aug 2010 Jukejema_4588 ps blog 
Thanks ladies for sharing such a memorable weekend in sunny Nowra!

Leanne Beasley xxx

The Suitcase Is (Almost) Packed Again...

And I am SO EXCITED!!! (well, honestly, I'd be more excited if it wasn't almost midnight and I still had to pack my clothes!). Of course the important things are packed: all my quilts and teaching samples and the iron-on stitchery designs I have just for all the girls coming this weekend:

IMG_1427_4481 ps blog 

I think we are all in for a wonderful girly weekend (yes, the ENTIRE weekend!) full of stitching and laughter and show and tell (always one of my favourite things) at The Waters Edge Retreat in incredibly beautiful Nowra, New South Wales, Australia.

I am going to enjoy spending time with the ladies working on my 'Let's Design' quilt and helping them with their own designs:

IMG_1425_4479 ps blog

So if you are one of the ladies coming this weekend don't forget to pack your pencils and paper in anticipation of making lots of your own notes (and designs!) to go along with mine:

IMG_1428_4482 ps blog

Rosie and I are really looking forward to this workshop that Kim, of Jukejema Quilting Barn, has been putting on for a few years now. It is going to be great to catch up with new ladies and spend time with old friends!!

Is that my suitcase I hear calling me???....

Leanne Beasley xxx

(Note to Rosie: Don't fret: I have packed the anti static spray! LOL)

Immerse Yourself...

Exciting times today! Rosie, Melly, and I have been busy bees working on all the things we will have for you to stitch at 'Immerse Yourself In Stitching':

IMG_1262_4343 ps blog

We have also been working out all the finer details of the day/s which has been like planning a party and just heaps of fun. So if your are coming along, I hope you are filled with as much excited anticipation as us!

IMG_1285_4362 ps blog

Never fear if your favourite colours are a little more 'traditional country' than what we have selected, there are yummy traditional substitutes!

Shortly you will receive a letter with directions and what to bring (and so on) so you are fully prepared for a day of indulgence!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you haven't booked (but wanted to) at the time of writing this post there was 1 place remaining on Saturday the 18th of September and 8 places on Sunday the 19th. Please click on the IMMERSE button at the top right of the blog for further details.

Patchwork of News...

Of course THE most exciting thing this last week has been Rosalie's latest range of fabric arriving on her doorstep! She has finally managed to start cutting into it (after a few days of serious fabric fondeling!). I didn't think I could love a range more than her last one but this is really delicious:

IMG_8762_2342 ps
I can't wait until she shows you what's on her studio wall that she's working on because it's just irresistable!

And on another note, I managed to do lots of stitching this week as I sat with someone while they were in hospital for a few days (I know that I am always going on about having a project on the go that you can grab as you walk out the door on the way to the hospital or doctors - this week I am glad I took some of my own advice!) So I completed my project for Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delights for the Charm Club that she has coming up. She said I could give you a little sneak peek:

IMG_1235_4327 ps blog
Having all that 'sitting' time I also managed to hand quilt the project which I think really adds to it's charm and '30's look'.

And some more good news for those of you who are as much in love with the Cosmo threads as I am. The ENTIRE range is now in stock at Under The Mulberry Tree (there goes all my pocket money!):

IMG_1226_4319 ps blog
Also I am happy to announce another new store for you to spend your pocket money, 'Cookies and Cream Craft' who describes her store as 'Deliciously Inspiring' (my kind of description!). She has lots of great things in stock and more on the way so keep your eyes open for what Sandy has.

And I know I have had quite a few emails this week from ladies still wanting to join up to do 'Down In The Garden'. So I have done a little phone around and 'Under The Mulberry Tree' still has a few spots left as well as 'Tinkers Cart' in beautiful Townsville (I would recommend a trip up there to collect your kit - LOL!):

IMG_8125 ps blog 

This week in my travels (well, hunting around for fabric in Rosie's studio) I found this treat:

IMG_1236_4328 ps blog 

My littlest daughter is doing 'Different Faces, Different Places' at school this term so I plan to have some fun with this 1/2 meter!:

IMG_1237_4329 ps blog

And so, before you ask, it's by Alexander Henry and the range is called "you and me" and is just so cute and so colourful to make a quilt, library bag, pillowcases for a kids room, cushions for a kids room or even curtains:

IMG_1238_4330 ps blog 

And, just as I am always going on about, have a look at the colour circles to help you pick any embroidery threads that you might want to match to the fabric.

So, that's the update from me here, and I'll be back for a chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx