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Garden Lovers...

I was really happy to receive an email from Robyn, a regular reader here and fellow garden lover, with a few photos of her hellebores that are out now in her garden. I was so inspired by her beautiful shots I popped out into my own garden to grab a few snaps myself, of my own hellebores:

IMG_1213_4310 ps blog 

What I most love about hellebores is how divine they are in the depths of winter. While it's just so cold in these parts at the moment the garden is full of spots of beauty where the hellebores pop up:

IMG_1218_4313 ps blog

You may recognise these flowers from some of my past stitchery designs, they are a long standing favourite of mine:

IMG_1195_4296 ps blog

It was very kind of Robyn to put me onto Post Office Farm Nursery who do a mail order service for hellebores! If you feel inclined to pop a few in your own garden (they love a cold winter and a shady spot, they make a magnificent display under big old trees) maybe you might like to have a look at Post Office Farm Nursery yourself:

IMG_1209_4306 ps blog 

Thanks for this blog post's inspiration Robyn!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Quilt Washing, Tablecloth Washing, Washing, Washing, Washing....

Why do so much of our lives seem to be filled up with washing? Today I've done clothes washing, floor washing, and so much more! I did also get to do my favourite kind of washing - Quilt Washing! Everyone in my house has had the flu for the last few weeks so there's been lots of quilts dragged around and snuggled up in and in need of a wash NOW! And because I know you're thinking it, this is what I use to wash my quilts with:

IMG_1187_4266 ps blog 

I've also had my little nephew for a visit and so that meant lots of tablecloth washing! (Thank you Rosie for doing PVC covered fabric! LOL):

IMG_1179_4291 ps blog 
But, of course, there's been LOTS of stitching going on too! Is it okay to say that I actually haven't minded having the flu because it's meant snuggling up with my stitching for days!?! I am almost finished stitching my project for the Charm Club that Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delights will be running:

Ps blog 

Yes, I would LOVE to show you more but I must just give a little tiny sneak peek!

Until Next Time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I am going to put up some photo albums on the blog of my recent teaching in New Zealand and also Townsville. That way, if you were at the retreats you can copy the photos for yourself if you wish!

P.P.S. I should mention that Qwash is available at all good local patchwork stores. If they don't have it in stock and you'd like them to get it in, just ask!

Here, There, Everywhere, And Now Back Home!

As the saying goes there's no place like home. But I must say (and I still have more to tell you) that Townsville is pretty lovely when you're not at home:

IMG_0519_3611 ps blog 
Needless to say New Zealand is also pretty fantastic (even from the window of the plane!):

IMG_0849_3978 ps blog 
Most importantly I need to let you know (or remind you if you've been reading Melly and Rosie's blogs) that the very first 'Immerse Yourself In Stitching' retreat is being held in September (click on the link on the top right hand side of my blog for more info) which is just so exciting (wait until you see what we have in store for you!).

And also very importantly, Under The Mulberry Tree has now released an extra 20 (it was 50 but I've been a bit slow at blogging - ahhhh!) kits of 'Down In The Garden'. The fabrics in the monthly kit you will receive if you sign up are pretty much the same as mine. Your finished quilt will look like mine does!

Of course if you'd like to stitch 'Down In The Garden' in your own fabrics and simply receive a pattern a month you can choose to do that to. I just have to show you this version that I was overwhelmed with in New Zealand:

IMG_0606_4217 ps blog 
Lots of hand dyed fabrics and  an amazing choice of colours! I'm sure that you'll also be impressed to know that it was completed in only about four months! That's amazing!

Anyway, I must keep on going with the deadlines I am rushing to meet but I will be back soon with more adventures!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Thanks Melly for popping the little link button thingo (what is the correct term for that thing?) on my blog for 'Immerse Yourself in Stitching'- I would be in computer wasteland all alone if it wasn't for your guidance!