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I was really happy to receive an email from Robyn, a regular reader here and fellow garden lover, with a few photos of her hellebores that are out now in her garden. I was so inspired by her beautiful shots I popped out into my own garden to grab a few snaps myself, of my own hellebores:

IMG_1213_4310 ps blog 

What I most love about hellebores is how divine they are in the depths of winter. While it's just so cold in these parts at the moment the garden is full of spots of beauty where the hellebores pop up:

IMG_1218_4313 ps blog

You may recognise these flowers from some of my past stitchery designs, they are a long standing favourite of mine:

IMG_1195_4296 ps blog

It was very kind of Robyn to put me onto Post Office Farm Nursery who do a mail order service for hellebores! If you feel inclined to pop a few in your own garden (they love a cold winter and a shady spot, they make a magnificent display under big old trees) maybe you might like to have a look at Post Office Farm Nursery yourself:

IMG_1209_4306 ps blog 

Thanks for this blog post's inspiration Robyn!

Leanne Beasley xxx


landscape architect sydney

Hey! We just love to look at the flowers and take delight in the fact that we had a lot to do with those lovely blossoms. Flowers brighten our landscaping and our homes' interiors. I really like hellebores very much. There is a plenty of this sort of flowers in my garden also. Beautiful photos Leanne!


Beautiful photos Leanne! They look lovely..I think I have a couple, but they aren't blooming!

Jan Richards

I too love the hellebores here in my garden in Nelson which is at the top of New Zealands South Island. They give me twice the joy because not only do you get their lovely flowers but they're followed by amazing seed heads :)
Jan R (NZ)


I love Hellebores and I've done fairly well with them. Planted in mosty shade on the northside of the garden is their favorite spot.
I love the photos you have here....just beautiful!
Enjoy your weekend, susie


Amo estas flores son hermosas!!!!

alice i

What gorgeous photos. I envy your cold weather. It is so hot and dry here that nothing wants to grow. L,A-

Michele P

Oh, they are just beautiful Leanne!
I too have Hellebores in my garden. I live in NZ, just north of Christchurch, and they seem to love our heavy frosts. Enjoy your weekend.

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