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To Live Is To Go To Italy...

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to do a lot of travel but really, to live, is to go to Italy. If there is only one place in the world that you must visit it has to be Italy. Her love of everything good cannot help but rub off on you. Laughter, family, friends, incredible food, even better coffee, history, incredible buildings, wonderful clothing and beautiful handbags (just ask Gail!), wonderful friendly people, and great patchwork shops, and also, a wonderful respect for things of a higher calling. I snapped this shot in a street in Florence:

Norway Rome 2009_1099 ps
Much can be learned from the Italians, certainly the appreciation of art and design and a love of higher things. Gail and I took a tour of The Vatican and it was really an incredible trip:

Norway Rome 2009_1464 ps

There was so much art, design, and sculpture, that we did not know what to look at first. I would say, "Gail - look at the ceiling!" and she would reply, "No, look at the floor!" We just kept laughing at ourselves all the time (do you see 'the quilt'?):

Norway Rome 2009_1502 ps 
Florence was amazing and at every turn a new place to admire and soak in the history (watch that step Gail):

Norway Rome 2009_1090 ps 
But Rome is incredible:

Norway Rome 2009_1485 ps

Especially The Vatican:

Norway Rome 2009_1531 ps
And so, racing around Italy, you learn that art is life and life is art:

Norway Rome 2009_1628 ps

Go on, find out. I dare you...

Leanne Beasley xxx

Then There's The Markets...

The streets of Italy are always so inviting. You walk around a corner and there's a cafe, a church, a sewing shop, or a market. My favourite is always the market; full of interesting people and conversations and of course, beautiful fresh produce:

Norway Rome 2009_1261 ps 
I wish I had a kitchen in Rome to whip up some stuffed zucchinni flowers!:

Norway Rome 2009_1271 ps 
Or a delicious apple desert:

Norway Rome 2009_1260 ps 
Oh the produce!:

Norway Rome 2009_1268 ps 
For today we can just dream about being at a market in Rome:

Norway Rome 2009_1266 ps 
Until next time...

Leanne Beasley xxx


Oh The Food...

Of course, Italy is famous for her food! Like the gelati:

Norway Rome 2009_1193 ps 
The most wonderful cheeses:

Norway Rome 2009_1616 ps 
Delicious Panforte:

Norway Rome 2009_1190 ps 

And, of course, the coffee:

Norway Rome 2009_1634 ps 
Then there's the pasta, the pizza, the Gelati Van Man:

Norway Rome 2009_1577 ps 
Oh, Rome.....

Leanne Beasley xxx


Well last time I wrote I was talking about my little stop over in Rome with Gail last year. We had so much fun and I thought I'd share a few snapshots with you for the next few days. The first stop for us just had to be the Trevi Fountain. And yes, we did throw our coins in!:

Norway Rome 2009_1357 ps 

 After a wonderful dinner near the fountain (where the waiter kissed me goodnight!), we went into a small church nearby to light a candle:

Norway Rome 2009_1395 ps 
 Of course, Rome is many things, and one of the most important to me is the food! I love snapping away at menus when I'm travelling (I blow these photos up, frame them, and hang them in my kitchen!):

Norway Rome 2009_1250 ps 

They make great trip memories, especially if you actually ate there and had a great meal:
Norway Rome 2009_1632 ps

Next time...more food!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Sewing To My Heart's Content...

The last few days has seen me busily stitching away, working on, 'Let's Design'. I am just having a ball making this quilt and I am sure that if you're one of the ladies coming to see me teach this year you will have just as much fun. I cannot wait to meet with you all out there:

IMG_8928_2437 ps 
In my version I've added in some small (5") patchwork blocks that are favourites of mine. I am going to add in a little bit of stitchery to these blocks (I just can't resist!):

IMG_8935_2444 ps 
My quilt, that's all cut out now and blocks sewn together, has turned out nice and bright and happy:

IMG_8934_2443 ps 
I have been chatting to Diana in Italy and she's off into Rome next week for QuiltItalia (don't we all wish we were going too!) What fun that would be. This did remind me that last year I showed you very few photos from my Norway trip and the little stop over that Gail and I had on the way home in Rome! So, while I am busy on other projects in the next week or so I shall share some of our great trip photos, beginning with Rome!

Until then...

Leanne Beasley

News News News...

Lots of things to tell you about. Firstly, the retreat that Rosie and I will be teaching at in New South Wales in August for Kim of Jukejema Quilting Barn, is now fully booked. There is however a waiting list if you are desperate. Those of you coming along may like to know that Kim is now stocking all the Cosmo threads so if you'd like to use the same threads for your projects that Rosie and I have, you will be able to:

IMG_8492 ps 
Another adventure that Rosie and I are off on, is to tropical Townsville in June to teach for Tracy of Tinkers Cart. We are in for a fun day of stitching together, and there are still some places available! Tracy has gone to a lot of trouble to source many of the fabrics and other items that Rosie and I will be using in our projects, so girls, you are in for a treat! Tracy also has the full range of Cosmo threads so that will be handy. Tracy can be contacted on 07 4755 2336 or [email protected] :

In our usual jet setting fashion, Rosie and I will return from Townsville and head off the same week to meet many wonderful ladies in beautiful New Zealand. This is an adventure that we are really looking forward to. All you lovely ladies in New Zealand have been great supporters of both me and Rosie since we both began and so we are just so keen to come across for the first time and spend time stitching, laughing and enjoying each other's company with you:IMG_8609 
Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27 we will be spending time with those of you coming to the 'Mid-Winter Christmas' hosted by Lesley from Forget Me Knots in Christchurch. There are still limited places available for these one day workshops and you can book with Lesley on 03 377 5271 or email [email protected] . Lesley has put in a huge effort to ensure Rosie and I have been able to come across and have a wonderful time with you all, so we are keen to get there:

Then the following weekend we head up North in New Zealand to spend an entire weekend at the Oreti Village Resort. This weekend is hosted by Jill from Cottage Flair and Katherine from The Cloth Shop. Jill can be contacted on 07 357 5955 or email [email protected] . Katherine can be contacted on 06 358 1196 or email [email protected] . There are still some places left for this weekend, but they are limited.

Teaching NZ
I think this year is going to be very exciting and I can't wait to meet many of you that I haven't yet met in person. Please bring along show and tell when we meet, if you like, so we get to see your beautiful creations too.

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx