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Things Are Looking Crazy...

As I am progressing along with my own version of 'Let's Design' it is really taking on a wonderful 'crazy patchwork quilt' feel. Of course, my quilt will be a sample for teaching and being able to show those of you coming along to one of the classes just what you can do, a springboard for your own imagination, and your own quilt:


So because my version is for me I'm adding in all my favourite things, like butterflies (what a surprise)! Above, you can see how I've worked one little butterfly with a Satin Stitch body, and below, one with a few Straight Stitches for a body. Trying to think on what some of you might like to embellish your quilts with I've had a play with some tiny glass beads:


Playing is half the fun really, don't you think?:


Then I  found some bigger glass beads that I'd purchased a while ago and, well, now I can't decide!:


So I moved on to adding in some leftover-from-other-projects- bits. Some English paper pieced hexagons:


Like this:


Hope this inspires you and gives you a few ideas. I just have to add in some other bits on the block now.

Also, for those of you wanting to know about the Cosmo embroidery threads I have popped a little album down on the left hand side of the blog with details on where to get them. I am REALLY loving using them and they are well worth the effort of hunting them down.


Leanne Beasley xxx

Anzac Day Long Weekend...

Here in Australia, and also New Zealand, Anzac Day is a day to remember our heroes. Those that went to war to fight for our freedom and the freedom of others. To me it's also a time to remember the heroes that stayed at home, the women and the children who made the sacrifice of not having the man they loved at home, and the fear of him never coming back:


In our family it's a time to remember my Father-In-Law who went to war for his country. This is a photo taken in 1995 at the Anzac Day March in Melbourne. This weekend is a time for me to head out into my little greenhouse and look after the plants of his that I have in there and to remember him as he was when he was still with us:


It's also a time when I will be sitting and stitching and thinking about the women who sat and stitched while their loved ones were away at war. Still today there are women doing this as our world always seems to be at war somewhere.

And, on a lighter note, I just had to share this snapshot of my pussycat on my knee last night while I was stitching. Think she likes my new flannel pyjamas!


Lest we forget,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Playing With The Stash...

I mentioned in my last post that I've been working on 'Let's Design!', a project that I will be sharing with many of you as I go teaching. So I thought that today I'd share a few snapshots with you and let you in on the concept a little bit more.

Your brief is simply to bring along a few supplies and your imagination. I will work with you to design your very own original quilt. Now, don't be scared, I have a basic structure for you to work from and many designs that you can use, you'll be completely in control of how much you'd like your quilt to look like mine or how unique you'd like it:


Maybe you'd like to start putting together some favourite supplies that you have in your stash. Remember that this is your chance to design so bring in the things that you really love. If you have a favourite fat quarter that you've been saving (oh, these are always the hardest to cut into!) then maybe use that as your guide for the colours of the quilt. Maybe you love buttons and would like to incorporate them into your quilt (these are some favourites of mine that Rosie purchased as a gift for me from Houston Texas last year):


I also have this lovely little collection of silk threads made in England that I've been saving for something special. These have also got a lovely memory attached as I purchased them at Quilt Market with my friend Melinda. So I am going to work these into my design:


Another favourite is my collection of threads that I purchased with my friend Gail while in Norway teaching last year. Gail and I went crazy over these lovely threads and came home with a big collection in our suitcases! This will weave another moment of lovely quilting memories into my personal version of the quilt:


So put your thinking caps on ladies and start hunting through your stash for special items and fabrics that you may like to incorporate. Of course there will also be lots of new goodies on sale while we're together to add into your quilt too! It's okay if you want to wait until we're together as well to start collecting for your design:


So I hope I have inspired you and made you a little more excited about our time together...

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I would love you to leave a comment about some of your favourite things you've collected over the years but keep in your stash 'until the time is right to use it'. Do you have a piece of fabric that you just can't cut into?

A Fresh Day...

I'm glad that you're all still out there and back here with me! I have read each and every comment that you've left me from my last post and I am just so grateful. Thankyou.


I have managed to find a little bit of time to be in my garden once again. My hubby has lovingly replaced all the broken glass in my greenhouse after the storms as well as cleaning it out for me. It was so sad to have to get rid of so many of my plants but it was just impossible to get all the bits of glass out of them so they had to go, particularly when I mainly grow things to eat in there!


So last weekend it was off to the nursery and time to plant my Autumn/Winter herbs.


I have also had so much fun getting a new big project ready. I will be telling you lots about this project as I do more of it in the coming weeks. It's kind of a different concept and lots of fun that we can work on together. This project, called 'Let's Design', will be something that I get to work on with those of you coming to see me this year as I move around the world teaching. It will NOT be released for general purchase at any time and so it will be very special for us to share as we meet each other and stitch together:


Which brings me to some very exciting news about where I will be teaching this year. Rosie and I have been invited to join with some of our favourite ladies in New Zealand in June and July this year. (Sneak over to her blog for more information for now). We are both just so excited to be coming over to meet those of you there and enjoy many hours of stitching and laughing and creating memories with you.

So, once again, thanks for staying online with me.


Just had to show you a 'full' photo of a gift that arrived in the mail! Yes, the mail! Yes, in this great condition! As you know I love to receive things in the mail (thankyou Andrew and Sally) and this was a REALLY nice surprise. It is a great Australian business called and makes such a wonderful idea for a heartfelt gift.

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Time Out...

Hello out there to all of you, especially all my regular readers who have been on my journey with me for a long time now. Many of you in blogland have become my dear and valued friends over this period of time. I cannot begin to express to you how much each one of you individualy means to me. Thankyou.


Thankyou to all of you have been wondering where I am and if I'm okay. I know I have let you down in many ways, especially seeing as the tutorials for 'Down In The Garden' are not up yet. I am working on them and wish they were done, my apologies. I beg for your patience.

As we all know, life is never perfect, and I have always made a committment to bring to you the best and most positive aspects that life has to offer. When I am not feeling positive I really struggle to make you feel great too. This is why my notes to you have been, well, absent.

As I go through a difficult personal time I just ask that you know I will be back.

To you, my friends,

Leanne Beasley xxx