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Storms and Stitching...

Well I'm sure that many of you know that parts of Melbourne were badly hit by a freak hail storm on the 6th of March. It was a frightening time (especially seeing as my hubby wasn't home but working in Perth on the other side of Australia!). I would have taken photos but at the time I was frantically trying to keep water and HUGE hail stones out of my home!


Thankfully Georgia and I were safe although somewhat exhausted by the end of the weekend. The thing I was most upset about was that my beloved greenhouse was smashed (photo above) and that I had water running down the wall of my studio! I was quick enough to take all the drawings off the studio wall and shift furniture and rugs before they were too damaged. We had a smashed skylight, a leaking skylight and dints in the car, amongst a few other fairly minor damages.


However I feel quite blessed because many homes in neighbouring areas were almost destroyed, not to mention the damage to cars.

Anyway on a lighter note, the tutorials to go with 'Down In The Garden' are well underway and will be up on the blog very soon (keep watching!). There are five main tutorials with lots of hints and tips and closeup photos as well. I think many of you will be thrilled to get tips on all the different embroidery stitches:


I thought that you might like to have a peek at the labels that I ended up popping on the back of 'Down In The Garden':


Of course, I made more than one (and only stopped because of time!):


This is my favourite:


There are lots of label patterns in Block Ten, but I'm sure you're not thinking that far ahead yet!

Leanne Beasley xxx   

Let's Go Away For The Weekend...

Would you love to come away for the weekend with Rosie and me? We could laugh, and tell stories, and of course stitch, and play with fabric, eat and enjoy each others company. I have been planning something for us to do as well: designing together! Where? When? How? I hear you say. Well head over to Lisa's website (and there's also a blog link there for her blog) at Precious Time for all the details. The projects are a bit of a mystery but I can tell you that you will have endless options of what you can do with my project and I will be guiding you and teaching you lots about designing (don't worry, you won't have to draw - I've done all that for you!):


I can tell you that my project that we will be working on has not only consumed my entire studio but my loungeroom floor as well:


So if you have lots of scraps left over like me (or just need another reason to buy more fabric) you might like to join us. Numbers are REALLY limited as this will be an intimate girls weekend away with Rosie and I so you must get in quickly if you'd like to come:


This event has been in the planning for about two years so it's with great excitement I am looking forward to coming up to Queensland (well, who wouldn't be?) and joining you all up there.

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx