Quilt Cleaning...
Hi Zelda...

Pleeeeaaasssee Be Patient Just A Bit Longer...

All The 'Down In The Garden' patterns (covers/shopguide etc..) are almost done! I know that I fuss and bother over each one but to me as I am writing and drawing each pattern I am thinking of each of you as if I am writing you a letter with instruction on how to make the quilt that I have made:


In my mind I have every piece of feedback that you've all given me and especially how you love to have all the extra 'hints, tips, and ideas' as you are putting your own quilt together. So I have added in lots of these for you:


So on all my 'art work' pages I hope that you will enjoy the little extras I have added in for you. These pages are for you to add your own scribbles to as well. So, for example, if you choose to use a red fabric where I have used blue, simply cross out my 'blue' and write in 'red'. These pages are also the finished sizes of your blocks and are a great place to stick your fabric swatches and threads and make any notes you might want to. I know lots of ladies who use these sheets to pin their 'mini blocks' to as they stitch each block:


Anyway, I am feeling in need of some colour so here's some roses from my garden:


Maybe you'd like the same screensaver that I have today which is this:


Have a wonderful day...

Leanne Beasley xxx



Looking forward............, karen


I am missing you in my blogworld....what are you doiing??? have a nice day. from a very hot Cape Town, wishing it was winter and cold.

Sharni Crossett

Looking forward to "Down in the Garden", it looks great, your work is always inspirational and the colours you have used in this quilt have definitely won me over...can't wait!! Cheers Sharni:)


I´m so much looking forward to start this lovely project. And thank you for sharing the lovely roses with us.
Kindest regards


Good things are worth waiting for!

Shirley Flavell

I too thought your beautiful roses might be Graham Thomas. I have them climbing over a white trellis wall outside the room I do my sewing in and really love them. They look superb in the red vase. I am so looking forward to getting your new pattern when it comes out here in N.Z. The quilt looks fabulous and will love doing the stitchery.I really enjoy your "diary" thanks Leanne.


The roses are so pretty! I wish I could grow them like that - the aphids love the too much I'm afraid!
You look like you've thought of everything with the pattern, I'm sure it will be fantastic!

Hanne-Kristine in stitches and loops

Dear Leanne, Yes I`m patient and joyful. Thank you for beautiful photos. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. I have signed on at QFD, and they will send me my first block when you release the patterns. I have a lot off other sewing to do in the meantime... Your Roses are sooo beautiful, outside our windows you`ll find only snow.... Hug Hanne-Kristine


gorgeous roses........I am sure the pattern will be available when your DONE........people can just be patient..........lol

Robyn...... of  'Robyn's Nest '

Can't wait for the pattern to be released.....by the way are the roses Graham Thomas (my favorite)


Still waiting patently, you know "who waits for someting good .... and so on. ;-)


Remember that the hard work you put in to making sure the patterns are 100% right is much appreciated by everyone who buys them - and the little tips and ideas just make the project creation journey more pleasurable.


Also looking forward to being able to order the patterns. Could you please give us an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) so that I can diarise to contact one of your pattern stockists to purchase the patterns. Have done Butterfly Garden and Leannes House and loved making those. This one looks a little more complex but incredibly stunning.

Farmyard Crafts

Yay!! I promise I'm waiting very patiently... my husband is going to be cranky that I've signed up with Erica for another BOM! ;) I should finish all the others I have here too!! I'm very excited about your new BOM!

Sarah F

Looking forward to starting the quilt Leanne! The way you write your patterns, add in the little extra hints, tips and lables are such a lovely personal touch!
x Sarah
I now have the patterns listed on my website for sale, for pre-orders... with a freebie!


It shows that you take so much time and care with your craft. Thanks for the sunshiny flowers :)

Sue H.


Thanks so much for the time, effort and energy you put into your patterns. They end of being more like a correspondence between friends than mere patterns . . .

What a fantastic photo of your roses - thanks so much for sharing a little bit of your world today.

Regards, Sue

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