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Hi Zelda...

To all of you, including Zelda, who have been asking, "Where is she?", here I am! Sorry to be so remiss in catching up with you but I am working on all sorts of projects for you for the year (maybe years!) ahead.

One of the little things that I have been doing is making quilt labels for the back of 'Down In The Garden'. Of course, I always have problems stopping at one of anything so when (eventually) you reach Block 10 you will find two pattern pages of labels you may like to add to your quilt:


I hope that you enjoy adding the final touch to your own version when the time comes. You know how I feel about labels and I am (of course) adding a few to the back of my quilt:


Seeing as many of my friends helped so much with the stitchery on 'Down In The Garden' I have given them credit and stitched them into the history of my quilt:


And, I have been playing about with a wonderful new range of fabric from Lecien, 'Old New Fabric Collection 30's'. You are going to see LOTS of this fabric in the projects that I have been working on. The range is really fantastic and when you start putting the fabrics together you feel like a 30's woman playing with her stash of the day!:

Anyway, I have been thinking of you all even if I haven't been writing as much as I'd like to and I promise I will be back soon!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. For those of you awaiting 'Down In The Garden' the patterns will be heading instore this week and next, but PLEASE allow the shop you have ordered from time to cut kits and mail out to you. I have been in close contact with many of the stores running this as a Block Of The Month and I can assure you they have put a HUGE amount of work into selecting fabrics and making sure you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the anticipation of something lovely arriving in your postbox!

Pleeeeaaasssee Be Patient Just A Bit Longer...

All The 'Down In The Garden' patterns (covers/shopguide etc..) are almost done! I know that I fuss and bother over each one but to me as I am writing and drawing each pattern I am thinking of each of you as if I am writing you a letter with instruction on how to make the quilt that I have made:


In my mind I have every piece of feedback that you've all given me and especially how you love to have all the extra 'hints, tips, and ideas' as you are putting your own quilt together. So I have added in lots of these for you:


So on all my 'art work' pages I hope that you will enjoy the little extras I have added in for you. These pages are for you to add your own scribbles to as well. So, for example, if you choose to use a red fabric where I have used blue, simply cross out my 'blue' and write in 'red'. These pages are also the finished sizes of your blocks and are a great place to stick your fabric swatches and threads and make any notes you might want to. I know lots of ladies who use these sheets to pin their 'mini blocks' to as they stitch each block:


Anyway, I am feeling in need of some colour so here's some roses from my garden:


Maybe you'd like the same screensaver that I have today which is this:


Have a wonderful day...

Leanne Beasley xxx