Welcome To Twenty Ten...
A BiG DaY At LeaNNe's HouSe...(Whoo Hooo!)

Life Is A Celebration...

Out at last - the NEW Block of The Month Quilt, Life Is A Celebration', from Australian Homespun magazine! I was thrilled when this arrived in the mail this morning:


I have four small contributions to the quilt which I am quite excited about (you have to wait to see the other three because part of the fun of this quilt is that it's a mystery quilt!). Don't miss out on your issues if you wish to be part of all the fun - get a subscription to Homespun.

Profits raised go to Ovarian Cancer Australia so this is a very important quilt. As you sit and stitch I hope you remember that you too are helping other women, as we all work together to try and raise awareness, and also assists with treatment programs:


Of course life here is as hectic as always. While attempting to be the 'Working Mother' during school holidays I find myself easily distracted by fabulous craft projects invented by Georgia, such as 'The Snow Kingdom Diorama':

You will be happy to know that 'Down In The Garden' is almost finished being hand quilted (yes, all instructions for hand quilting are in Block 10) and the binding is about to go on. I couldn't resist a photo or two of some flowers from my garden on top of the quilt after I'd picked them and popped them in one of my favourite jugs: 


I am really happy that this quilt is almost ready to hand over to you to start on. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed working on it (and some of my wonderful friends who helped me with the stitching - more on that soon). I hope you will enjoy it as much as me:


Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Rest assured that I read each and every comment you each leave (thankyou, I appreciate them all). I have discovered today that no-one has been receiving my replies due to a Hotmail/Typepad communication glitch. I am in the process of changing over to a new email address with Bigpond so this will solve the problem. When I know it's working correctly I will change and give you my new address. If you have a question for me please email me rather than leave a comment so I can reply to you.



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great post life Is A Celebration I feel this every day :)


Hi, I've just ordered the new issue of the Homespun Magazine to join the new bom!
I hope I can finish The "breast of friends" soon to start the new one!

Leigh McCredden

Happy New Year Leanne, Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2010. Your quilt looks gorgeous and I look forward to seeing the finished display.Wishing you a wonderful year, regards Leigh


Hi Leanne,

Well I'm so excited about 2010 that I just have to write! A friend introduced me to your work and blog late last year, and have been waiting in anticipation for Down in the Garden, but knowing I should really be making something special for my 5 year old this year... and then I logged on and saw this entry about the Life is a Celebration mystery quilt. I went straight up and bought Australian Homespun, my daughter and I oohed and ahhed over the fabrics and snippets of design given and now I have two projects!
So 'Down in the Garden' for me, and 'Life is a Celebration' for my daughter Alyse - oh and had to order 'Those I Love' for my entrance way, so three projects this year!

Thanks Leanne for your beautiful work!


Ooh how exciting about the projects in the magazine (whichI do subscribe to) looking forward to getting my copy, but it always comes a few weeks later as I am in the UK......and so exciting to see a little more of Down in the Garden....I will be getting this BOM through Buttonberry in the UK and can't wait.....and am thrilled that you have added the hand quilting into Block 10.....I sooo can't wait for this to start arriving in my mailbox every month

Laila Skauge

Happy New Year, Leanne, and congratulations on the release! The quilt is lookig just gorgeous, as always :o) Hope to get the magazines with the patterns.
Happy stitching :o)

Jantine Urban

I can't wait to see it in full glory! SO please keep quilting ;-).



I CAN'T WAIT!!! I have order the patterns and have the material ready and waiting...

Sandy N


what a beautiful celebration of life your quilt is! I really like the softness of the colors you used.


Love from Texas! ~bonnie

leanne beasley

Hi Bec,

Iwill do a blog about this shortly but until then I can tell you that www.underthemulberrytree.com and www.quiltfabricdelights.com.au are runninga Down In The Garden BOTM with fabric and threads that areas close as possible to mine. I also know The Tinkers Cart (where I will be teaching with Rosie this year) is alsotaking part (07 4755 2336) and also A Stitch In Time (08 8271 1945)here in Australia, with kits.

Best wishes to everyone taking part in the online swap - hope you have loads of fun with it - sounds great!

Leanne x

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A beautiful quilt! Could you let me know (or everyone) which shops will be running this as a BOM???
Thanks so much. Bec xxx
PS I am with a group of Aussie stitchers that gather online and we are do a number of swaps throughout the year - the first swap this year is to make something by you!


Lovely post Leanne!
I am looking forward to receive my Homespun magazine always :-)
Today I stitched the label you made for my Leanne's House BOM quilt. It has been on my wall since Trysil, even if the quilt has been done for a long time now.
I think I might make the same quilt one more time in the future. I like it very much :-)

Lynley Skelton, Napier NZ

Hi Leanne, what a pretty quilt. I can see I'm going to have a very busy year stitching in 2010. Happy New Year and keep up the beautiful work.

Bobbie Lynn

What a beautiful quilt and I love the bright colors. Looks like a fun quilt to do.
Have a great day!


Your "Down in the Garden" BOM looks like it will be a "drop everything else" project!!! I'm looking forward! ~karen


Oh I can't wait to start on my Homespun ' mystery quilt'I love the freshness of it.... and love your block....Georgia's quite an artist (like her mum hey)
Hugs Dawn x x


I'm soo looking forward to "Down in the Garden" . Hope it will find it's way to Sweden soon. Just love it! Kind regards

Michele P

Hi Leanne from NZ! Your stitching is exquisite, and I love your garden theme. Looking forward to the release of your pattern here.


Leanne I just loved your Homespun block.. I have it traced out already to stitch! and your new quilt is just beautiful..


Down in the Garden looks like it will be very beautiful. I just got my Homespun mag too and I can't wait to get started on the BOM!


Hi Leanne, can't wait to start this quilt have my name down with Sarah to receive the patterns. I have ordered a big swag of Heather Bailey's new fabric range which I think will go nicely with your quilt because I have to make mine different. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Sharon L F

Hi Leanne,
I Had an issue leaving comments on typepad blogs and a friend of mine with typepad cannot leave a comment on my blogspot blog. So these issues can be quite annoying. I solved my problem by signing into typepad, but that means no one I do that to would have an idea I had a blog :) Ah well!

BTW, your quilt looks fabulous, the vase of floweres compliment it perfectly.

Hugs, Sharon

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