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Quilt Cleaning...

The question, "What's the best way to clean my wall quilts?" is one I get asked regularly. How I used to do it is to use the upholstery brush on my vacuum cleaner and be VERY careful (I know some ladies add in a layer of fly-screen before they vacuum as well). Now I have discovered a much quicker option - my IKEA sticky brush:

Yes, I am sure it's not really called an 'IKEA Sticky Brush' and apparently you can buy them in supermarkets everywhere but, well, you know how I feel about IKEA! So anyway I find that it picks up all the dust, fur, threads, etc, REALLY well without damaging the embroidery threads. So that's my handy hint for the day!:


The 'brush' (I guess it's really a roller) is made of layers of sticky paper that you roll over your fabric and simply tear away when it's full of fluff and nonsense and then you have a new layer to keep rolling and collecting with!

How do you clean your wall quilts? Do you simply not bother? How do you clean your bed quilts? Do you make quilt cleaning an event? Love to know! Leave a comment...

And I just have to show you a few snaps of Rosie's beautiful Summer Garden (taken while doing the photo shoot for 'Down In The Garden'):


She's always keen to show you photos of the biggest weeds (LOL) but really her garden is just divine:

Do you love the beautiful white lily? I gave Rosie a whole collection of lily bulbs (including the pink ones above) for her 40th and we planted some of them together - what fun. Here's her gorgeous jewel coloured purple penstemon:

 So really she's a bit of a gardener (not that she'd admit it) and her garden's just beautiful!

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

A BiG DaY At LeaNNe's HouSe...(Whoo Hooo!)

Today was a BIG day at our house! First there was a lot of nervous tension until the VTAC results came out in the papers - and then lots of celebrating! My big girl (as seen below on her Uncles motorbike on Christmas day at her Aunty's home) has a place in the course that she really wanted to get into (and, okay, I was kind of cheering from the sidelines) - a degree in Interior Design!!!!

My buddy for watching all the makeover shows on t.v., helping me pick fabrics for quilts, enjoying my colour wheel as much as me, is headed for a career in design!!! Yes, I am SO EXCITED!!!

So earlier in the day she managed to snap a photo of me in my pyjamas sewing on the binding of 'Down In The Garden':

This is certainly one of the major advantages of working from home (no need for those corporate suits of the old days!).

So the binding is on!:

I have used the same fabric as some of the butterflies. I can tell you, many bindings were cut before I actually decided on this one. I'm happy (well I have to be, it's all sewn on now!):

So congratulations to my big girl! Not only have you completed VCE (Year 12) you have a course ahead of you that I know you will excel in. Watch out for Allycia Beasley Interior Design in the future ( oh, go on, let me enjoy it for the day!).

Leanne Beasley xxx

Life Is A Celebration...

Out at last - the NEW Block of The Month Quilt, Life Is A Celebration', from Australian Homespun magazine! I was thrilled when this arrived in the mail this morning:


I have four small contributions to the quilt which I am quite excited about (you have to wait to see the other three because part of the fun of this quilt is that it's a mystery quilt!). Don't miss out on your issues if you wish to be part of all the fun - get a subscription to Homespun.

Profits raised go to Ovarian Cancer Australia so this is a very important quilt. As you sit and stitch I hope you remember that you too are helping other women, as we all work together to try and raise awareness, and also assists with treatment programs:


Of course life here is as hectic as always. While attempting to be the 'Working Mother' during school holidays I find myself easily distracted by fabulous craft projects invented by Georgia, such as 'The Snow Kingdom Diorama':

You will be happy to know that 'Down In The Garden' is almost finished being hand quilted (yes, all instructions for hand quilting are in Block 10) and the binding is about to go on. I couldn't resist a photo or two of some flowers from my garden on top of the quilt after I'd picked them and popped them in one of my favourite jugs: 


I am really happy that this quilt is almost ready to hand over to you to start on. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed working on it (and some of my wonderful friends who helped me with the stitching - more on that soon). I hope you will enjoy it as much as me:


Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Rest assured that I read each and every comment you each leave (thankyou, I appreciate them all). I have discovered today that no-one has been receiving my replies due to a Hotmail/Typepad communication glitch. I am in the process of changing over to a new email address with Bigpond so this will solve the problem. When I know it's working correctly I will change and give you my new address. If you have a question for me please email me rather than leave a comment so I can reply to you.


Welcome To Twenty Ten...

A brand New Year ahead! I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season and managed to get a break during that time. Thankyou to all of you have let me know that you've missed my regular blogging and I am sure you understand that it was my family's turn for some of my time and attention over the last few weeks.

After such a wonderfully busy year I have caught up on some reading (on my delicious outdoor daybed - my favourite Christmas present from hubby):

Managed to squeeze in some 'girl time' with Rosie. We have of course escaped up to GlenHarrow and sat on the porch sewing and sipping ice drinks:

I'm sure those of you who have joined us over the years at GlenHarrow can appreciate how incredibly relaxing it is at GlenHarrow over the Holiday period. I can assure you there's nothing better that sitting with a friend on the porch there quilting:

It was great to catch up with family, especially to see my littlest getting to share ice-cream with her cousin on a hot summer day:


We visited an amazing place called 'Lavandula' which is well worth a visit:

So I have been busy relaxing and am now ready for a huge and exciting year ahead. I have so many exciting projects planned that I simply cannot wait to share with you.

But before I get to them I know you're anxiously awaiting the release of the patterns for 'Down In The Garden'. They are almost done, but as you know, I won't be releasing them until I am 100% happy with them and can rest assured you will enjoy them. So in the next week or so they will be finalised and then they will be off to be printed. You will have them before you know it (well, by the end of January anyway!). I will keep you updated, so stay tuned.