December Arrives...
Santa's Almost Here...

I Have Been...

Quilting my quilt....(and writing the patterns!)(the pink thread is basting)...


Playing with my nephew in the park...

 Watching the strawberries grow in my greenhouse...

And discovering new little flowers in my garden...

And working on an exciting new concept that I cannot wait to share with you (I am sure this photo will throw you, but you will see this beautiful china again)...


And getting the Christmas decorations out...

I love December...

Leanne Beasley xxx 

What have you been doing in December?




I have enjoy reading your blog and I LOVE all of your new designs. Thanks. I hope you have a great Christmas.

Sandy N


Trimmings are up, pressy's ready, food in fridge, all I need now is time to enjoy. You have a wonderful Christmas Leanne and thank you for a year of inspiration. Cheers.


just want to say happy chrissy to you and yours.. it is such a pleasure to drop by from time to time and soak up your are such a tallent thanks for 2009

Mama Monique

Well, sewing a new project. Never done it before, but really love doing it. I also have to make me my last peace of stitchery from Ellen's Country Calendar Quilt.

How weird to see short trousers and strawberrys in december. We have snow and icicles (?) in ouw outside world ;o)

Have yourself a great time!

Greets from Holland.

brittany j

Your work is incredible. I just started to teach myself embroidery and it's so hard! You make it look so easy and it's so perfect! No one here does anything by hand anymore so there aren't any classes. I'm going to kep trying though, your pictures are motivation to me!

Renai Chamoun

Cannot wait till your new quilt patterns come out, i have one on pre order! December for me is getting ready and organised for a boxing day lunch, all the family is coming to Geelong to our place. We just moved here so it will be our first Christmas in Geelong! Weeding the garden, making pavlovas...yum!!

Nay from Nays Place

5 weeks after my birthday its xmas (and this year was a special one) Christmas seems like a continuation of my birthday...yeah sometimes I like that I feel it can be all about me. Out come the decorations and each year the kids and I make the wrapping paper (brown paper and xmas stamps) and decorations (last year felt decortions and this year patty pan wreaths) Haved love the sneak peeks (not fair) and thankyou for enticing us and making us want more. Hope the girls enjoy your undivided attention and with 3 children myself I know how hard it is to get spare time. Thankyou and enjoy christmas and the new years.

Lisa R

Everytime I see a photo of your quilt, I get itchy to start it!!! Can't wait to hear more of how your exciting news is developing....and hoping your knee is on the mend....


Oh Love the pics Leanne.. I am very unorganised, and to top it off, I am now bedridden until ""???""" I have torn my kneecap! Lovely...
December??? well I stress out, last minute stuffs, and of course I put off finishing off the dancing costumes/christmas shopping/spring cleaning so its all gone pearshaped in the EXTREME!!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

(who is trying to breathe deeply)


I'm sure you've been told this a million times...your stitching is divine. The birds are beautiful!
I like your nephews shorts and that strawberry looks delicious!


I love that old china and I love that your dekkies are Ikea's finest! I have been stitching and going to graduations and awards days (All that year 12 stuff) and getting ready for Christmas. It has been a good month so far!


I love December as is my birthday what is not to love! I have been working..stitching...hanging out with friends (more of that this weekend for my birthday BBQ)..helping my son prepare to move into his very own, brand new house....(that is making sure he takes all his stuff ...LOLOL)..working a bit more....and stitching ....also waiting for the patterns for your new quilt!! ....because I have so much spare time...LOL

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