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I love December! The anticipation of many celebrations in the next few weeks, all leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This will be a particularly special Christmas Season in my home because both hubby and I have spent much of the year travelling, and so time together with our girls will be even more precious than usual. There could be no better gift.

I am enjoying hand quilting 'Down In The Garden' and it's just as well because I had a little accident while cleaning out gutters in a storm last week and damaged my knee quite badly! (Thanks to Mum and Rosie who have been driving me around!). The silver lining is sitting and quilting:

I have had lots of emails about what threads I have used in 'Down In The Garden'. So in answer, here they are. I used DMC stranded cottons: 844, 996, 321, 602, 604, 701, 703, 472, and 744. I also used Cottage Garden Threads 602 Larkspur:

Gail introduced me to Cottage Garden Threads varigated hand dyed yummy deliciousness just as I was starting to complete the stitchery on 'Down In The Garden'. The Larkspur was the perfect blend of colours to finish off my palette:

You can see it here in one of the blocks. Some of the daisy petals and the circles are done using Larkspur thread:


Of course my latest addiction is Cosmo stranded cottons. I know many of you out there are just as addicted as me. I would have liked to stitch 'Down In The Garden' using these equivalents: 895, 2412, 346, 504, 501, 274, 272, 270, 143 and still used the Cottage Garden Threads 602. There just wasn't the stock in Australia at the time:

I hope this answers some of your questions!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are after purchasing Cottage Garden Threads online (or would just like a peek at the entire yummy range head over to The Thread Studio). If you are a retailer looking to stock Cottage Garden Threads you can contact Pam on [email protected] or (03) 5668 1513.




your stitching is perfect..i wish mine were like that ..i try and i keep trying guess that is the answer...


I noticed your stork scissors; have you tried the scissoroos yet??? Mine were a free gift when I subscribed to Homespun and love using them so much I am considering purchasing more.....


Hi Leanne, Sorry to hear about your injury, hope you recover soon and in the meantime enjoy your hand quilting. I am really looking forward to starting Down in the Garden next year. Cheers Sue

cindy gray

Hope the knee feels better soon, not a good time of the year to be incompacitated but perfect opportunity to be able to sit and sew guilt free!

Kerrie Anderson

Memories of broken knees.... I had a nasty accident in 2005 and was unable to walk for a couple of months due to two broken knees. The result of all this was the beautiful Leannes House quilt I have hanging on my wall. A friend did the 'big' sewing and i did everything else by hand - finished in record time!


Sorry to hear you hurt your knee - but, it does give time to do lots of stitching.

Love that Larkspur color!!!


Looks just beautiful! Have fun quilting "Down in the garden"!!
Hope your knee is feel better soon!
Greetings from the Netherlands!


Hei. Hope you knee are well soon.
I just love your new BOM , it will be soo fun to make it.
Snow hug from Laila


Sorry, to hear about your knee... but I will say ... that out of every bad comes good! To me your good could be quilting your quilt :-)
Thank you for sharing the thread colours used in 'Down in the Garden' ... I have just fallen in love with 'Cosmo' Threads ... can't stitch enough with them :-)
Keep smiling and happy stitching, P

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