Australian Quilt Market...
December Arrives...

Time For Basting...

The last few days have seen me busy finishing off my new Block of The Month Quilt, 'Down In The Garden'. Once again Rosie and I found ourselves basting:

We have been basting quilts together on this kitchen table for more than twenty years! This table was Rosie's Mum's and it's been passed down to her now. Thanks to Rosie's hubby for snapping a few shots of us basting:

Rosie and I also popped over to one of our favourite shops, Patchwork with Gail B, today. I just couldn't resist some more of the PVC coated fabric for my kitchen table:

It's fantastic because it just wipes clean but looks divine as well.

For those of you after Cosmo threads Gail B's has a range of them in as well. As with all new and exciting products they take time to arrive here so the range is limited until more stock arrives:


Leanne Beasley xxx


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Mary Ann

What a beautiful pic of the two of you!! And the quilt's pretty awesome, too!! ;o)

Gill Dempster

That quilt looks amazing. I have finished Leannes Garden and now want to do this one. I believe we have a mutual friend Ruthie (of Ruth's Quilt). Keep designing.

Sarah F

WOW! Your quilt is SO beautiful! Have fun quilting it!
x Sarah
PS: your new table cloth looks fantastic

Brenda Kula

I smile every time I see that phenomenal quilt! And now I'm smiling because of that very cute tablecloth. I have to find some of those!


Hiya Leanne,
you two don't look old enough to have been basting quilts togehter for that long-what an amazing friendship!!!& stunning quilt....
I love the idea of using Rosies PVC fabric as a table cloth,brilliant idea-I've been wanting to get some & now I have an idea for
Hugs Catherine xx


Well, am loving that quilt, have already put my name down to do it! Also love tablecloth of Rosie's houses fabrics, as well as your Red Bakelite cannisters and the Depression Glass... sigh... swoon...

Rachel D.

There's nothing like sharing a passion with a friend.


Thanks for watching you and Rosalin basting your "Down in the garden"-quilt. It looks so great!
And such very cute fabric for on your kitchen table....
You always use Cosmo threads for your stitching? I still use the well-known DMC threads. Think I'm going to look where Cosmo is available on this side of the globe....
Have fun! And greetings from the Netherlands.


wow! you guys certainly have a wonderful tradition happening there. i bet it would feel just SO wrong to baste a quilt alone, after 20 years of doing it together. your quilt looks gorgeous, and you 2 look so happy!
julie :)

Tanya Holt

Lovely to have a basting friend! You new table cloth looks great


Hi Leanne,
It's Sam here from Gail B's. The PVC fabric looks fabulous as the table cloth!! Really bright and cheery. And I LOVE your new quilt. Wow, it looks gorgeous.


It is good to see a pic of you both basting the quilt. I wish I had a table to baste on, as I was crawling around my wooden floor basting a wallhanging quilt today.

Thanks for the info about the Cosmo threads, I have been eagerly awaiting their arrival here in Australia.

Table cloth is lovely! You have just given me an idea.

And just have to say I looooove that new quilt Leanne!!!

Kylie Filmer

love the roses leanne,i can just imagine the smell that they bring to the room.Gorgeous.You are so lucky to have a great friend in rosie,time goes a lttle quicker when there's someone to chat to.Have fun

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