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Time For Basting...

The last few days have seen me busy finishing off my new Block of The Month Quilt, 'Down In The Garden'. Once again Rosie and I found ourselves basting:

We have been basting quilts together on this kitchen table for more than twenty years! This table was Rosie's Mum's and it's been passed down to her now. Thanks to Rosie's hubby for snapping a few shots of us basting:

Rosie and I also popped over to one of our favourite shops, Patchwork with Gail B, today. I just couldn't resist some more of the PVC coated fabric for my kitchen table:

It's fantastic because it just wipes clean but looks divine as well.

For those of you after Cosmo threads Gail B's has a range of them in as well. As with all new and exciting products they take time to arrive here so the range is limited until more stock arrives:


Leanne Beasley xxx

Australian Quilt Market...

Australian Quilt Market was fantastic! It was wonderful to catch up with so many customers and see all the delicious new products that are coming out too. I felt very proud to be part of what has become a very well organised and significant event on the Australian Quilt Calendar:

IMG_6763 ps 
I was so excited to actually have my quilt (well, quilt top) complete and hanging up for display. I did mention last time I wrote to you that I was on a deadline. Well, I didn't quite make it and had to phone and say, "Can you just leave me 53" of display space please!? I'll be there to hang it as soon as I finish the borders!" So I guess I did make it:

IMG_6830 ps 

I have of course used lots of Rosie's yummy Grandmother's Flower Garden fabrics by Lecien and lots of my other favourites like Flower Garden and Basics. I hope that you enjoy adding your own name when you stitch this quilt, as  you can see here in Block 8. In Block 2 there's a spot for the year that you complete the quilt, (suggestion: leave that blank until you complete Block 9! LOL):

I just had to use the delicious 'Green House' for the borders:

I must rush off now as I have to make up a quilt back, race down and buy some cotton batting, and baste! As I put the finishing touches to each pattern over the next little while (the patterns will out in a few weeks) during the working day, I shall be sitting and hand quilting at night time. I have a lot of fun ahead of me and I shall keep you up to date!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Still Down In The Garden...

Let me begin by saying "thanks" for all the lovely comments about my new Block of The Month Quilt, Down In The Garden. I am having so much fun stitching it (yes, I am still stitching and it's set up day for Australian Quilt Market tommorow!). Today I played with making the chrysanthemum blocks (picked because of the name to go with my quilt):

I also finished off all the remaining stitchery that had to be completed.

Now it's a long night ahead as I applique down the chrysanthemums, sew the blocks together, and add the borders! Oh, I am such a deadline girl!

I have until about 10am tomorrow morning to complete the top and take it over to Rosie's before she leaves for set up in Melbourne.

It will be a very fun weekend with quite a few of us staying in Melbourne on Friday and Saturday night. I was thinking 'pyjama party' but now I'm thinking 'I'll be able to sleep!' because my quilt will be finished!

Stay tuned!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Down In The Garden...

Those of you that visit my blog regularly know that I like pottering around in my garden (okay, I love pottering around in my garden)! It's my main source of inspiration, and my main source of peace.  So, whether you have a passion for gardening like me, just love to potter from time to time, or just enjoy being in a garden, my new Block Of The Month Quilt, 'Down In The Garden', was designed with you in mind:

I have drawn from the inspiration in my green house (don't you love my new pink strawberry flower!!!):


And from my greenhouse to my watering can collection, you can come on a garden journey with me while stitching this quilt:

Even the herbs get a look in (my very green basil there behind the regular white flowered strawberry):

From blossom to daisies there's loads of flowers in this quilt (and heaps of stitchery!):


Well, it's back to frantic stitching now (right after I run out to the greenhouse and water!). I have only a few days before Australian Quilt Market and I haven't finished stitching the entire quilt myself yet!

I will show you more than a few sneak peeks over the coming days and will let you know what fabrics and threads, etc. that I have used.

Hope you like it!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Two of my favourite stores will be running a Block Of The Month pattern and kit with almost exactly the same fabrics as my original. They are and And a little hint, I have used Rosie's fabrics in the quilt and both these stores have them in stock!

The Quilted Crow...

What a wonderful time Rosie and I had on the weekend visiting the ladies of Tasmania with Leonie and Deirdre from The Quilted Crow (and some lovely ladies that flew in from interstate too!):

We shared an inspirational day of hand sewing:

The Quilted Crow ladies always host a day full of exciting little details to be enjoyed, like personalised scrapbooked nametags (I've kept mine for future use!):

IMG_6367_1976 ps 
I have to show you just how inviting the hall looked even before everyone arrived:

IMG_6390_1997 ps 
 And it was time to catch up with lots of ladies! You might recognise Helen, Rosie, Me, Jo, or Sarah!:

We also stayed in the most beautiful and inviting B&B, Mrs Currie's House, in Richmond:

I think you all know how I love details and this B&B is full of thoughtful details, like fresh flowers on each breakfast table:

Pop on over to Rosie's blog for some more photos...and Helen's, and Jo's, and Sarah's, and...

Leanne Beasley xxx