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Here I am!

Oh, yes, it has been too long since we last talked! All I can say is, no excuses, I have been in "lockdown" working on my new big project, getting ready for Australian Quilt Market!

My new project involves A LOT of stitchery which I have been loving. It also means lots of time to catch up on all those t.v. programs and movies and, one of my favourites, art documentaries, while sitting and stitching. One of those art shows got me thinking about self portraits.

Here's my version:


To me this represents who I am because a.) I am hiding behind my camera. b.) It shows my red glasses. c.) It exposes all my (almost 40) wrinkles which I love because it shows all the lessons learned in that time and life's experiences. d.) my hair which I have learned to love inspite of the fact that I cannot control it!

Anyway, I'm sharing this because maybe you'd like to have a go at a self portrait or just think about the things that represent you and where you are in your life now (love you to share and leave a comment)!

So, apart from that, I simply have not been able to keep away from my sunny little greenhouse:


Spring is bountiful and inspirational too:


Everyday you can see the seedlings growing at this time of year:


My entire garden is full of inspiration:

Anyway you may have read on Rosie's blog that we are off to teach for The Quilted Crow this weekend!

I am really looking forward to this because last time we went was a wonderful adventure that I really enjoyed. Stay tuned for photos when I return!

Until then,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Note to Lisa: will call you when I return!

P.P.S. Sarah F: I have just added in a Quilter's Journal to my luggage!

P.P.P.S. Will get back to Norway and Rome on future blog entry!

Around Trondheim, Norway...

Trondheim is a very beautiful city of Norway and one that I love very much. I must say, it is a photographer's delight and I just couldn't stop snapping! Streets are decorated all year around:

Norway 2009_1071 

Georgeous bowls of plants grace otherwise empty spots along the streets:

Norway 2009_1031 

There's the very famous waterfront (I'll refrain from showing you ALL the photos I took along here!):

Norway 2009_1075 

Nidaros Catherdral:

Norway 2009_1040 

A wonderful spot to sit and think:

Norway 2009_1045 

Okay, just one more waterfront photo!:

 Norway 2009_1060

Flowers, flowers, flowers:

Norway 2009_0906

And of course there's lots more to show you, so I'll be back soon. Pop over to Gail's blog to see what else we got up to, and Siw's blog, and Solvi's blog, and Stina's blog, and May Kristen's blog...

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. To any of you awaiting an email reply, hang in there, I still have so many to get through and I am in "lock down" finishing my new big project before Australian Quilt Market!



Oh, I just have SO MUCH to tell you about! What an incredible trip Gail Pan and I had to Norway! Meanwhile, since I returned home, I have frantically been working on my next big project, but more about that later. Here's a cute little shot along the Norwegian coast:

Norway 2009_0718 

I'll fill you in over the next little while on our trip to Trondheim in Norway, our filming for Norwegian t.v., our sea voyage on the Norwegian Sea with Hurtigruten (told you to pack sea sickness tablets Gail!), a wonderful time with a great group of ladies in Northern Norway, and a short stop over on the way home in Italy!

Firstly, it was fantastic to return to Siw's wonderful shop in Trondheim, Quiltegarden:

Norway 2009_0999

And catch up with some of the girls that I'd met on my last trip:

Norway 2009_0892 

And of course, Siw herself:

Norway 2009_0492

Meet some new ladies who share the same love of all things sewing that I do:

Norway Rome 2009_1657 

See many amazing views:

Norway 2009_0839

And even get a little bit of stitching done myself at night time!:

Norway 2009_0511 
So I'll be back soon with more...

Leanne Beasley xxx