Getting Ready For The Spring Stitch-In!
Getting Ready!

Three Naughty Girls...

When you are so busy you don't know what to do first  - what do you do? Take a day off and go to IKEA! Yes! Gail and Rosie and I had a ball (as always in IKEA) during the week.Gail and I were particularly excited when we saw the new 'Trondheim' range! Excited because this is where we will be in just over three weeks at Quiltegarden, Siw's beautiful shop where we will be teaching:


Then Gail spotted the 'Tromso'!!! This is the town where the cruise we are teaching on with Quiltegarden ends up!:


Rosie didn't want me to take her photo, but, well, you know me. She has threatened to blog the photo of me asleep on the plane, coming or going to or from somewhere, with my mouth wide open etc. if I put a bad photo of her on here, but I think this is a good one anyway...:


So yes, we had fun and bought just a few little things (LOL!).

And to the ladies coming to GlenHarrow this coming week (almost time!!!) this will also be a chance to try out some Needleturn Applique if you like, as there's just a tiny bit in my project for you:


And I just loved this shot I took in my studio this week (flowers from my garden) on one of my studio benches. It just says 'Spring' and I LOVE Spring! I had to share it with you:


Lots left to do heading up to the Spring Stitch-In that starts this coming Thursday, I'll keep you updated!

Leanne Beasley xxx


annette clark

Oh you "lucky ducks" to be able to wander through and drool at all the things in IKEA...
that is a dream for me...
when oh when are they coming to Tasmania I ask ...I shout... I no avail!!! so i weep again....


I am SO excited about Glenharrow next weekend. Your project looks beautiful. Yipppeeee.


So much fun!!!! The power of quilting friendships. your upcoming program for the week/month sounds like so much fun too........wish I was involved.......aaaahhh well, off to the classroom again today to teach 30 kids their spellings and maths!!!!! sewing...teaching....sewing.... teaching....sewing....????? day!!!
have a great week 'o)

Laila Skauge

I'm sooo looking forward to meet you and Gail in Trondheim. The projects for the class is so beautiful! All of them!!!
Have a creative week :o)
Happy sewing,


That is a good photo of Rosie!

I am so dedicated to Ikea that I moved house so as to be across the road from them! Yep! I can see the blue and yellow sign from my front yard. (And yes, that IS tragic! My son used to tell his friends that they had valet parking for their best customers and I was one of them. Now he tells them that we had to move so I could walk to Ikea. Sad thing is they believe both stories!)

Oh! And the fact that our new house is across the road from Ikea is a coincidence. Really!!!


Ikea Rocks!!

Tanya Holt

HI, that was a fun post and it's a nice photo of Rosie!


How good is IKEA!!!!


Hi Leanne - sooooo looking forward to Glenharrow - looking forward to Needleturn and sitting and stitching all day long with friends! I'll try and remember my Vanuatu photos if you bring yours! See you Thursday!! xx

Rouge Cerise

Hi Leanne
I'm the first today to leave a comment. I'm so proud and happy!!! Enjoy a lot your week-end with best friends and nice ladies in GlenHarrow. It's a shame that my country (Luxembourg) is so far from Australia!! I hope that one day, I could come and meet you.
Best regards
Rouge Cerise

ps : I was yesterday also to Ikea but in Belgium with my mother!!!

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