Friday's Spring Stitch-In...
More From Saturday's Spring Stitch-In...

The Glen Harrow Spring Stitch-In Today...

What a great day! We were all set up and just patiently waiting for all the ladies to arrive:

Sept 09 GH Saturday_0269

Then it was into a wonderful day of stitching:

Sept 09 GH Saturday_0328

And laughing:

Sept 09 GH Saturday_0306

Lots of GREAT Show and Tell and GREAT food and even some Melbourne sunshine! I will attempt to give you some more photos later but off to celebrate with some of the girls from interstate for dinner!

Back tomorrow (at the latest),

Leanne Beasley xxx


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Hi Leanne,

The Stitch-In seems to be a wonderful event! I would enjoy being able to attend. I am unaware of any embroidery stitch-in event like this in Texas. Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to attend yours. Everyone seemed to just have such a wonderful time. Enjoy your day! P.S. I am working on the Butterfly Gardne and have finished two blocks so far - just lovely.


Thank you so much Leanne for a wonderful day of stitching on Saturday. The generous sharing of knowledge by Rosalie and yourself was greatly appreciated and the food was awesome! I am already planning to attend next year!
Kathryn :)


This looks like so much fun! So well organized. I read about it on Lyn's Bluebird blog. Lovely. Look forward to see more pictures (O:


Am so jealous - my mad friend Cheryl and I would have LOVED to come down for this year's stitching event - but the date just couldn't be worked around. Maybe next year?? Am glad it was such a great time and will keep dreaming of the time we will make it...

Lisa  Heller

To Leanne,
I just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed Glen Harrow on Thursday. Both you and Rosalie were so generous with your knowledge and time it was just great. So well organized and such a relaxed atmosphere a credit to all involved. Looking foward to next year. Lisa


We had the best day on Thursday Leanne - it was just fabulous and well worth the big trip down! We managed to fit in some shopping before nearly missing the plane home!! Thanks again to you and Rosalie for a spectacular (but a bit chilly) day on Thursday - we loved it! And will definitely be back next year! xx


Thank you Leanne for giving us a sneak peek, I can imagine it would be a wonderful atmosphere at Glenharrow....I'd love to be there one day.


Thank you for a wonderful day. We arrived back in Warrnambool Sunday afternoon having had a terrific weekend. Looking forward to finished off our projects. We have already planned a day together in October to make sure we get them done. Thank you, thank you thank you.


I had such a great time on Saturday.I thought the venue was the BEST. We felt relaxed and comfortable the whole day Thankyou Leanne Rosalie and crew. ......
Can I sign up now for next year?


Hi Leanne
I was very excited to be at your stitching day on Friday. I had a lovely day, loved the kits and goodies.Thank you to you and Rosalie for all the thought and effort you put into these days.


Oh my gosh...that's Smileykylie! How lovely to see a stitching friend on your blog today...but how sad you are all so far away! Would love to see what's in those goodie bags, they look divine! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos :)


I love that we can 'be there' via your blog...not as good as actually being there but....almost!!
thanks Leanne. Sleep tight
;o) Wendy B

Kim Ross

I love the siccors attached to a pin. I hope they dont mind if I seal their idea. I am forever losing my scissors. I am dying to peek in one of those kit bags too, lol Looks like tons of fun!!


Oh! What a wonderful day! I would
like so much to be there.


I so wish it was closer to the U. S. Looks like so much fun.

Cheryl from Brisbane Australia

Just arrived back home in Brisbane after a wonderful day (Thursday) at Glen Harrow, and visits to many patchwok shops. Thank you for all your hard work in making it a fabulous day. I'll be reliving it for quite some time!


It is so much fun to see what you are all up to day by day at the stitch-in! Almost as good as being there?! Thanks for sharing the fun with us.


I'm so happy and exhausted at the same time :) What a wonderful day we had, thank you so much Leanne for all the work you, Rosie and team put into making it so special.

Hugs :)Kylie


I love the action shot of smileykylie :) The kit bags look great & the Rosie fabric table runners look gorgeous. I'm glad the possum didn't get up to mischief this year...
Janelle xx

Shiree Johnston

looks like you all had such fun, who knows, one day may get over there to join you!


oh - that's my scissors and stitchery! Thanks for a lovely day Leanne - we had a great time :)


Boo hoo !!! Why Melbourne is so far from France ????


¡Que afortunadas sois! ¡Cúanto me gustaría poder asistir a un encuentro como este!
Felicidades a todas.

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