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Another Wonderful Adventure...

Here I am once again on the eve of another adventure - how exciting! I am heading back to Norway to teach for Siw at Quiltegarden in Trondheim. Not just in Trondheim but also onboard the Hurtigruten Cruise ship on a stitching journey up the coast of Norway into the Arctic Circle! Of course I am very excited to be taking this trip with another Australian Designer, Gail Pan. Gail and I have been friends now for many years, meeting through patchwork. I am sure we will both have many stories for you on our return (no photos of me sleeping on the plane please Gail! LOL):


And seeing as we had to venture through Rome airport to reach Norway, and return home, we decided to have a little stop over on the way home here:


Of course we can hardly sleep with all the excitement of catching up with many ladies from not only Norway but Sweden, England, and Denmark, who will be coming to Norway to catch up with us. While on my adventure I will have to be doing some stitching at night to complete a big project that I have on the go and must have finished before Australian Quilt Market in November:


I am incredibly inspired and will share more of this project with you later ("not more sneak peeks" I can hear you say). Of course I must say that having your best friend's first line of fabric to inspire you, like her divine little house fabric, makes life easy:


This is what I will be stitching:


With these:


So if you are after Rosie's fabric range check your local store, or if you need a little of each of the fabrics in the range (trust me, you do) then try 'Patchwork With Gail B' who has the entire range already in stock, or 'Foothills Fabric and Thread', or 'Under The Mulberry Tree', or 'Quilt Fabric Delights', or...the list goes on.

Anyway I will be home and blogging on the 11th of October so I will chat to you then.

Leanne Beasley xxx



Anne A

Hi I found your link on nicolettes blog..and I wish I had read it before your trip...I have a wonderful blogger friend and yes she lives in Trondheim..I cannot believe it, what a shame.


enjoy your journey.Rome is unique!hugs


Enjoy your journey! I really love your blog -- always a feast for the eyes!

In fact, I love it so much I've given you a Lovely Blog Award over at my humble little blog:

Anne Ida

Have a safe trip! Wish I could meet up with you! I'm sure both you and Gail will have heaps of fun - enjoy!

Mary Ann

Have a wonderful trip, Leanne!
I wish I could come and say hello while you're in Norway, but perhaps the next time you visit Europe!!!
Cheers! Mary Ann in Denmark


I will be thinking about you on that wonderful trip. What an experience! Love the look of the pattern you are doing and look forward to seeing more pics soon. Have fun and keep safe.


Enjoy your trip ladies - and those of you lucky enough to attend a workshop or be on the curise - have a ball


what happens on the plane...stays on the plane...LOL!!!


Have the most wonderful time Leanne. I'll be looking forward to seeing all your beautiful photographs and hearing all about it when you get back.


mmmmmmmmm..mmmmmmmmmm - yuuuuuuuuummeeeeeeee! Can't wait to see the final result. Have fun on your trip..going to the Artic Circle sounds so Christmassy..look forward to seeing the photos from there and Rome.
Bon Voyage! ;o) Wendy B

Julz at Simple Stitches

Have a safe trip!
cheers Julz


Have a safe trip. See you in Trondheim. Klem ;-)


Have a safe trip to Norway both of you :-)
I am sorry I am not able to meet you guys when you come.
Wishing you a wonderful trip and a wonderful stay here.
Take care!


Have enough fun for all of us. I'm jealous!


See you soon... safe journey!!!! :o)))


Have a wonderful time! I already heard from someone in Sweden who will be visiting you. So much fun! Have a great visit to Rome too! Fantastic city.

Gloria J Wellington

Leanne and Gail..have a wonderful time the both of you and... WOW! what great fabric from Rosie. Of course I have miles enough in my stash...but not any like this....mmm... Enjoy yourselves and safe journey! Regards Gloria JW

Connie W

Oh what fun and excitement is in store for you and Gail, sounds fabulous. I love love love those fabrics! Enjoy and keep safe.


Hey Leanne have a safe trip with Gail. I am sure all the lovely ladies will look after you.Enjoy Rome, what a beautiful place.

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