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Getting Ready For The Spring Stitch-In!

This has to be one of my favourite times of the year - getting ready for the annual Spring Stitch-In that Rosie and I host at GlenHarrow Gardens! We have been off purchasing fabric (what could be more fun?!), bolts and bolts of it:

Aug 31 2009034   

And getting our projects ready (don't ask for more than a little sneak peek!):

Aug 31 2009001   

And kitting up too. My heart goes out (and my back, and my arms, and entire body) to all the shop owners who cut kits day after day - it's REALLY hard work! We have the kits all ready for lovely days of handstitching, including the pleasure of just sitting and stitching because we've cut out your fabric and done your iron-on transfers already!:

Aug 31 2009010

We are almost organised and I will continue to be running to schedule if the power doesn't fail again! We have had HUGE winds in this part of the world and numerous blackouts due to large trees falling on powerlines (I do live in the forest!) Can't think of a better reason to get out those lovely candles! I have a decorating policy in my home that's known as the three F's: Fabric, Flowers, and Flame. Do this and your house will certainly feel like a home!

Aug 31 2009026

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

A New Computer!

At last I have a new computer! I am in LOVE! With a HUGE HUGE thankyou to Melly who not only helped me order what I needed but also set it all up for me! I am really and truly back on board (if you are one of those MANY emails in my inbox I am getting to you!).

 IMG_4007 copy

As you can see I have been occupied in the meantime with a little extra photography. One of my very favourite flowers in Winter is the hellebore and Rosie and I both have quite a collection in our gardens (that we've both managed to add to this year!).


So here's just a couple of yummy photos from Rosie's garden.

Will chat to you tommorow,

Leanne Beasley xxx


Three Winners And My New Logo...

And the three winners are: Carmel, Sue Holland, and Chris. I have emailed each of you asking for your snail mail address so I can pop your patterns in the mail. You will be among the first to see my new pattern covers with my new logo:

 Aug 2009001

Soon I will be heading off to Norway to teach for Siw at Quiltegarden! It's been fun stitching this:

August 18 2009050

This is an applique for one of the projects that we'll be doing if you're one of the ladies coming on the Hurtigruten Cruise Ship! There'll be fun filled days at sea and the first project that I have involves this stitchery. There are still some place left so if you'd like to join me on a sewing cruise up the coast of Norway contact Siw at Quiltegarden:

August 18 2009055

There were so many requests for an extra weekend that Gail and I will be staying on for a few more days in Norway and hosting some lovely days in Trondheim at Siw's beautiful shop! Maybe you're one of the ladies coming from all over Norway, Denmark, England or Sweden! If you are you'll also be receiving this little pattern as a gift from me and Siw:

April 20 09 Flower Sugar036

After all, I'm a roll with pincushions at the moment and I thought that it would be fun for everyone that I get to meet up with to enjoy my current obsession!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Hopefully my new computer will arrive in about 8 days! I can't wait. I have just got this this one up and running (again!). It keeps crashing so please bear with me if you are waiting on email replies etc.

P.P.S. I've added a new stockist for you to enjoy called 'PatternsOnly'!

P.P.P.S. (Can you have that?) The Glenharrow Spring Stitch-In is full for Saturday and Sunday but if you are still trying to decide if you'd like to join us (can't wait to show you some sneak peeks of my project!) we have some places left on Thursday the 10th of September and Friday the 11th of September. It would be our pleasure to share a day with you, not to mention the menu that Rosie and I finalised yesterday with Marg at Glenharrow (if you're coming you're in for a gourmet feast of delights!). If your interested contact Nel on 03 9753 5459.


Back at last (after my computer has been very ill again and at 'computer hospital' since my last blog entry!). The good news is there's two new patterns out (they have been available for around a week so your local shop may have them by now) and I have a giveaway to celebrate with you. I know some of you have been waiting for these. The first one is 'My Favourite Things':

July 09 My Favourite Things023 

There's lots in this pattern to keep you busy. There are four circular designs with full directions for turning each design into a pincushion, doily or both! There's also a cute little scissor keep and a heart shaped pincushion too. I added the heart in as it's a pincushion that I make for myself all the time. It's also a great one to start your daughter's sewing with a cute and useable result at the end:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies028

This pattern would be a good start to get stitching those heartfelt Christmas gifts! Perfect for swaps and Kris Kringles they are fun to stitch, don't take too many supplies, and are light to pop in the post:

July 7 09 Pincushions etc012 

I've called this pattern 'My Favourite Things' because I was struggling to find an appropriate name and Rosie suggested this because she said, "Well they are some of your favourite sewing things!" The doilies are just growing by the minute in my house. I've been using them as doilies, coasters, and just a cute spot to leave a few things on:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies002

The second new pattern is 'Merry and Bright':

Jul 09 Merry and Tis036

There's a wall quilt and a couch quilt too in the pattern:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis056

There's lots of chain stitch and I just loved doing all the redwork chain stitch because I found it so relaxing and enjoyable:

May 27 2009 Merry and Bright001  

Anyway enough from me (can you see I've missed you all and have so much to tell you!). To be in the draw for the pattern giveaway simply leave a comment below about anything (although I would love to know how many of you have started stitching for Christmas) before Monday the 17th of August when I'll draw out 3 winners who will each receive a parcel from me with the two new patterns!

Best of luck,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you can't wait to see if you win and would like to order a pattern or two now see

A Photoshoot And An Invitation...

Oh WOW! What a day! Today was the first day of the photoshoot for Rosie's new book!!! One of the very special locations we always love to use is our beloved GlenHarrow Gardens in Belgrave:

Aug 3 Rosie Book2002

How cute does Rosie's (champagne pink) car look full of prop flowers! (When little Georgie aged 7 saw this photo she wanted to know why Rosie had planted a garden in her car?!LOL!):

Aug 3 Rosie Book2032

Of course I would LOVE to show you some of the great shots we got today but of course there has to be only the dreaded 'sneak peek':

Aug 3 Rosie Book2012

While there Rosie and I were so excited to see all the Spring blooms coming out and it was just building our excitement for the upcoming Annual Glenharrow Spring Stitch-In that we are busy planning for (oh ah, wait until you see the goodie bags, not to mention the menu). We had a tiny sampling of the menu today and you are in for a real treat if you happen to be coming along:

Aug 3 Rosie Book2134

I know that some of you have booked cottages at GlenHarrow and so I just must show you how divine it is in the Winter sunlight:

Aug 3 Rosie Book2063

So if you would like to join us for a day in Spring for a time of pure delight and girl talk, and some sewing of course, you can contact Nel on 03 9758 5879. We still have a few spots left and the dates are Thursday 10th September, Friday 11th September, Saturday 12th September, and Sunday 13th September. Here's a few of us last year (Lisa, Mette, Deb, Me, and Mary):

Oct 09 2008 Glenharrow066

As Rosie and I always say, "This is a day of tradition and of women joining together to share in the pleasure of each others company, while creating things of beauty."

The cost of the day is $165 ($65 deposit when you book) and that includes morning and afternoon tea and a gourmet luncheon, a fully kitted project from both Rosie and me, a 'Stitcher's Giftbag' and a full day's escape to GlenHarrow Gardens where you can sit and stitch in the Atrium or meander through the gardens (but don't get lost, there's acres!).

Rosie and I would love to see you there!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you would like accommodation at any time at GlenHarrow email:

And Life Returns To Normal...

I know that you have been wondering where I was, and thankyou so much for being concerned. We had a very sick little Georgia who wound up in hospital for three days. A huge and enormous 'thankyou' to all the amazing staff at The Angliss Hospital for absolutely everything. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful hospital so very close to home. I wish I could thank each of you individually.

Of course I stayed in hospital with Georgia and so that meant I could not go and teach in South Australia at The Patchwork Apple. Jane was incredibly understanding and so were all of you lovely ladies I missed catching up with. I was very torn between my commitment to you and being a Mother. I was grateful when Rosie took the decision out of my hands and decided to fill in for me. So a HUGE thankyou to Rosie.

August 1 2009021

So, my littlest angel is all better now after suspected viral meningitis and life is returning to normal. My heart goes out to any of you with children with an ongoing medical condition, I don't know how you keep up the energy. I only had six days away from designing and only was home to have a quick shower. There was no time to pay bills, get to the supermarket, or any of those daily little tasks that 'must' be done. Hubby and I were just so grateful to be surrounded by family and friends that really helped us.

August 1 2009015

Melinda came and brought me real coffee and colouring books for Georgia, for when she had some better moments, and when Rosie came in it was just good to have a bit of a cry and know she was there. Gail was not far away always asking what I might need. I know there were prayers said by many including my 'other Mum and Dad' that were most certainly heard. Thankyou all, I love you all very much.

August 1 2009008

So with all that over now, I have been frantically trying to catch up. I hope you like these photos of my little (work in progress) project for the 'Under The Mulberry Tree', 'Stitchery of the Month Club'. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be using Rosie's new range of fabric in the project. As many of you know it's been a dream of Rosie's to design fabric since she was in highschool with me. It was so hard to cut into it as it seemed so precious, so I did "measure twice cut once" before I began!

August 1 2009018

I have so much to blog about, you'll be hearing from a bit over the next week!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I will get to all those emails tommorow!