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And Life Returns To Normal...

I know that you have been wondering where I was, and thankyou so much for being concerned. We had a very sick little Georgia who wound up in hospital for three days. A huge and enormous 'thankyou' to all the amazing staff at The Angliss Hospital for absolutely everything. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful hospital so very close to home. I wish I could thank each of you individually.

Of course I stayed in hospital with Georgia and so that meant I could not go and teach in South Australia at The Patchwork Apple. Jane was incredibly understanding and so were all of you lovely ladies I missed catching up with. I was very torn between my commitment to you and being a Mother. I was grateful when Rosie took the decision out of my hands and decided to fill in for me. So a HUGE thankyou to Rosie.

August 1 2009021

So, my littlest angel is all better now after suspected viral meningitis and life is returning to normal. My heart goes out to any of you with children with an ongoing medical condition, I don't know how you keep up the energy. I only had six days away from designing and only was home to have a quick shower. There was no time to pay bills, get to the supermarket, or any of those daily little tasks that 'must' be done. Hubby and I were just so grateful to be surrounded by family and friends that really helped us.

August 1 2009015

Melinda came and brought me real coffee and colouring books for Georgia, for when she had some better moments, and when Rosie came in it was just good to have a bit of a cry and know she was there. Gail was not far away always asking what I might need. I know there were prayers said by many including my 'other Mum and Dad' that were most certainly heard. Thankyou all, I love you all very much.

August 1 2009008

So with all that over now, I have been frantically trying to catch up. I hope you like these photos of my little (work in progress) project for the 'Under The Mulberry Tree', 'Stitchery of the Month Club'. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be using Rosie's new range of fabric in the project. As many of you know it's been a dream of Rosie's to design fabric since she was in highschool with me. It was so hard to cut into it as it seemed so precious, so I did "measure twice cut once" before I began!

August 1 2009018

I have so much to blog about, you'll be hearing from a bit over the next week!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I will get to all those emails tommorow!



I'm very glad to hear that little Georgia is better now!


I'm so glad that your little princess Georgia is getting better. The new "Block of the month" looks nice, as all the work you make! Hope to meet you in Tromsø in oct./nov. this year...


So glad to hear Georgia is on the mend. We missed you and truly understood you not being @ The Patchwork Apple's gathering. Rosie did a marvellous job. I know she missed you too and was nervous (to begin with) without her buddy by her side.

Karen aka Grammy Mac

Hi leanne, so glad to hear that your daughter is doing better and that things are getting back to normal...what ever that is. Rosie is a true friend to step in and take over for you...she's a true friend and loaded with talent;) Your sneak peek is very exciting...can't wait to see more.


Sending best wishes and prayers for Georgia. Hope she recovers quickly (you included!)

Love the stitching.


Glad to hear your little one is better and things are getting back to normal for you. Loving your new designs and of course Rosies new fabric..that is awesome to have her dream come true. Hope you dont have any more sick times as they are not fun at all.

Helen Tesch

Hi Leanne, just love your blogs. Glad to hear Georgia is well again.
Up here in the north of Qld we don't hear of what's happening down your way. I know the helplessness when your child is sick, knowing there's not much a mother can do except pray and be there for them.

Nell Ward

Leanne, I'm sure there wasn't a mother in the room at the Patchwork Apple who didn't feel their heart go out to you. So glad Georgia is bbetter now. Love that stitchery and it goes so well with Rosalie's beautiful fabrics!

Sue Benson

Was sorry to hear that Georgia has been unwell and been in hospital. Scary for you. But alls well now, thank goodness. Makes you take stock dosen't it. Best wishes to you all. xx Sue


Ohhh.. I am so happy to hear that you precious little Georgia is better... it is sooo awful when our loved ones are sick!!! Take care.. all of you!!!
Love your new stitching..looks beautiful!!! :o)


Hi Leanne. I was so worried about you when There was no news on your blog.So sorry to hear about your daughter. My son, age 11, was also sick this week. There is a lot of Swineflue goiing around here, but luckily he did not have that.There was 19 kids absent from his class.The stitcheries looks lovely. I have started designing some myself.Have a great week. Love

Fran Batten

So glad to hear that Georgia is much better. My 15 yr old daughter did have viral meningitis over 12 months ago and spent ten days in hospital, with me right by her side. It dose'nt matter how old they are you can never leave them when they are so sick. Thank heaven for wonderful friends like your Rosie and Gail. Love to you and your family
Fran Batten

Maree .W

Sorry to hear that Georgia was so Sick...Glad now to hear that she is on the Mend...Rosie is such a Good Friend..Indeed...
Hugs to Georgia.


Many many angel hugs to you and Georgia. It is such an emotional time when you have a small child in hospital. My eldest daughter was in hospital for 8 weeks when she was 6 years old and I lived in with her. ( she is now 25!). Thank heavens for my parents who took care of my youngest at the time. I hope all is well now and that life gets back to some kind of normalcy for you and your family. It certainly makes us realise what is important in our lives. Take care of yourself.


Glad to hear Georgia is better! We were worried.....! Hope you are enjoying working with Rosie's beautiful fabric!

Marie Evans

So happy that georgia is on the mend. there is nothing worse than when our children are sick and helpless.I love your work and can't wait to see what your working on now. take a deep breath and I am sure God is always with you. Hugs, Marie

Paula in NH

I'm sorry to hear your daughter was in the hospital. I hope she's all better soon. I belong to Under The Mulberry's project of the month and I'm excited to see your project.

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

I too am so glad that Georgia is feeling so much better. That must have been horrible to have her in hospital. Good friends are wonderful to have around in these times too... and family! Oohh.... I can't wait till you're doing SOTMC!!! Looks beautiful!!


Bless you all - it, I'm sure was a very anxious time - get better quickly Georgia. Leanne take a deep breath, go (when you get the chance) for a short walk in the crisp winter air and enjoy the blessings you have and those that will come from around the world - you'll be able to 'escape' into your designing soon.


Sorry to hear Georgia has been so terribly ill and happy to hear she‘s doing better.

It’s so important to have our loving and caring friends!

Robyn...... of  'Robyn's Nest '

I'm glad your daughter is on the mend. Our children are so very precious. When they are really ill in hospital there's nothing worse than feeling hopeless, as a mum especially knowing there's absolutely nothing we can do :-( except sit and hope and sit and wait and sit and pray.By the sounds of it your prayers were answered. And Rosalie's fabric is devine; I really hate it when designers tease us the addicted stitchers....... can't wait to see the finished product !


Glad your little one is better have been thinking of you since Sue told me you couldn't be at patchwork apple and thought that you would be inundated with emails. Love the project can't wait for it to arrive hopefully it isn't too many months away.


Hi Leanne, Im very glad to hear that Georgia is on the mend. We really missed you at Xmas in the Hills but Rosie did a marvelous job on your behalf. It was a lovely day. Hope things return to "normal" soon. Cheers Sue


Very happy news to hear that your daughter is home and fully recovered. It must have been so very scary and draining for you. I dont know how those parents who have full time hospital visits cope with seeing their kids so sick either, they must be an emotional wreck at times. I am sure all those crafty ladies enjoyed Rosie's company too and completely understood you not being able to be there.

Siv Hege Arnesen

I am so glad your daughter is better. I myself has a boy with a very bad epilepsy, and my little darling spent two weeks this summer in a coma. I know the grief you have felt. I believe things would be much more difficult if we didn`t have our quilting. I find it is a great way to process difficult emotions.

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