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Okay, The One With The Lamp Wins!

So What Does Happen At A Photoshoot?

Well, a good place to start is finished projects. Today's photoshoot was for two new designs, 'Merry and Bright' and 'Tis The Season'. This one is called 'Merry and Bright'. It's a couch quilt (perfect for just decorating or cuddling under or both) (pictured below) and a wall quilt that co-ordinates:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis024

Not bad hanging over the back of Melinda's couch but for the front of a pattern cover I need both the projects:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis014

I couldn't resist photographing the wall quilt lying on the floor in the glow of the warm morning sun (yes, I am easily distracted!):

Jul 09 Merry and Tis036

Easily distracted? Coffee? Yes:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis028

Now we have the two projects together. Like the lamp, but it's irritating me because the wall quilt's not central:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis056

That's better. "It's a wrap!". Hey, who missed that blob of bluetak on the wall? Photoshop:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis050

Hope you had fun 'being' at the photoshoot today! I was thinking of you. Hope you like this project.

Leanne Beasley

P.S. My hubby likes the photo with the lamp better than the one without. Let me know which you prefer in your comment.

P.P.S. Will show you 'Tis The Season' next...



It's even more unanimous now.. keep the lamp. Love the colours. So happy, and christmas-y


Beautiful! Love the colours. I'm afraid that I agree with hubby too though, the lamp makes it look more balanced.

Margaret Davidson

Hi, I like the photo with the lamp in it, it looks more natural I think. But I am very taken with the quilt, and am looking forward to meeting you and stitchin' in the hills this weekend!

Kim Wilson-Hartrick

with the lamp.

jenny miller

hi leanne yes l like the one with the lamp but both are great.
looking forward to seeing them up close,
jenny miller


Your hubby is right - I like the photo with the lamp in it also.

Bobbie Lynn

Your work is fabulous. Love the fabrics you used. Very happy quilt.

Barbara Graham

The lamp adds a warming glow to the picture :) Barb.


i liked the lamp in the photo! made the photo look less 'staged' and more like a home. ;0

Mel g

i love the lamp, it grabs your attention, because the project is off centre, the 1/3 rule........looks very modern and out of home magazine.....also something different....not just pretty


Love the new design leanne. such lovely none traditional christmas colours just up my alley

Patricia Newton

Hi Leanne, I have to agree with your hubby's idea about Lamp makes it look better view! that lovely hubby's heart thought of you. I have two books Romancing the road trip and living the dream. You are my favourite & enjoy to read your blog. (I am deaf) tricia x0

 Jean C.

Yep, your hubby has a good eye! Soooo why are you paying someone who doesn't? Just kidding!
The quilt is great... getting me in the mood to make Christmas stuff! Too many Summer birthday's still though...
Looks like your having fun! Keep up the good work!


The photo with the lamp show more of the quilts as they should be, incorporated into day to day living.

Elizabeth McMahon

I have to agree with your other half. I think there is a better balance with the lamp in the picture.
Just reading these it looks like you're outvoted,lol.


Beautiful beautiful quilts - I too agree with Hubby, definitely the one with the lamp.


The lamp shot! It makes a photo interesting to be slightly off-centered and show a bit of the background. I used to crop old photos (fortunately double prints), but now we all love to ooh and ahhh over our old cars and backgrounds. It tells a story. Great quilting projects too, by the way.


Could this be what we are doing at Patchwork Apple this weekend??!!
I too like the photo with the lamp. See you on Sunday.
Cheers Sue


I think the one with the lamp makes it look more cozy.


Very cute - again! I also like the photo with the lamp...


I like it without the lamp but both are good.

Sue Benson

Wow Leanne, they're absolutely beautiful. I love the square in a square quilt. The red really sets it off. Gotta love the lamp too!! xx Sue

Janine B

I think the one with the lamp but really I just love the quilts. What yummy must be the pink!!!

Maree @ Farmyard Crafts

Oops! I think that everyone has agreed with Mr B! I too think that the lamp adds a touch of home to the picture. BEAUTIFUL quilt and wall quilt!! You love hand quilting don't you?!? I hope one day I love it too!!! ;)

Ruth B

Yes, I like the one with the lamp too! Very cute pattern and the quilting is as lovely as the stitching.

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