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Okay, The One With The Lamp Wins!

I was so thrilled that you all placed your vote on my last blog entry for the photo you preferred to see on 'Merry and Bright'. I have listened (and boy does hubby think he's clever!) and the 'photo with the lamp' will be appearing on the front cover!

So while we (Melinda and I) were doing a photoshoot for 'Merry and Bright' we also did one for 'Tis The Season', the sister pattern:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis099

I was so inspired by 'Merry and Bright' I just kept going really! I felt it needed a lovely linen Christmas apron to coordinate:

 Jul 09 Merry and Tis083

And a set of serviettes:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis074

And a tablecloth:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis079

We had so much fun setting up for the photos and playing around with Melinda's Grandma's Sewing Dummy:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis063

I hope you like the photo for the pattern cover that I've selected, I think it has that 'home for Christmas' feel:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis065

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are after Hanky Linen (I used the 137cm wide one) you can get it here: at Ballarat Patchwork. They stock the full range, everything from White to Black with green, red and aqua inbetween!

So What Does Happen At A Photoshoot?

Well, a good place to start is finished projects. Today's photoshoot was for two new designs, 'Merry and Bright' and 'Tis The Season'. This one is called 'Merry and Bright'. It's a couch quilt (perfect for just decorating or cuddling under or both) (pictured below) and a wall quilt that co-ordinates:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis024

Not bad hanging over the back of Melinda's couch but for the front of a pattern cover I need both the projects:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis014

I couldn't resist photographing the wall quilt lying on the floor in the glow of the warm morning sun (yes, I am easily distracted!):

Jul 09 Merry and Tis036

Easily distracted? Coffee? Yes:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis028

Now we have the two projects together. Like the lamp, but it's irritating me because the wall quilt's not central:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis056

That's better. "It's a wrap!". Hey, who missed that blob of bluetak on the wall? Photoshop:

Jul 09 Merry and Tis050

Hope you had fun 'being' at the photoshoot today! I was thinking of you. Hope you like this project.

Leanne Beasley

P.S. My hubby likes the photo with the lamp better than the one without. Let me know which you prefer in your comment.

P.P.S. Will show you 'Tis The Season' next...

Renew Your Subscription!

Yes, I do get excited about my 'work'. Today (yes, I missed my Friday deadline) I managed to pop in the mail my contribution to the next amazing Homespun Magazine Block of The Month Quilt:

July 09 Homespun OvCa Quilt Blocks040

Of course I am tempting you with little sneak peeks today of what I have done:

July 09 Homespun OvCa Quilt Blocks026

You may have seen Janelle's sneak peeks on her blog which are very tempting (she hasn't told me what she's done - it is meant to be a secret) and Gail has kept hers under wraps too! We were each given some lovely fabrics, that were inspirational in themselves, a topic, and told that all the money raised goes to a fabulous charity. It's great to be a part of something like this:

July 09 Homespun OvCa Quilt Blocks033

I hope that you're inspired too! To make sure you don't miss out keep your subscription to Homespun Magazine up to date. Homespun are donating all the money raised to a charity (that when revealed I know will be close to the heart of many of you) which is just fantastic.

July 09 Homespun OvCa Quilt Blocks030

My designs for this quilt will not appear anywhere else. I hope that you will be a part of this adventure!

Leanne Beasley xxx

A New Design Completed...

Well it's been stitching stitching stitching here at the moment! I have been loving sewing my new 'Pincushions and Doilies' pattern that I have now finished all the stitching for:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies016

I have made each design a pincushion AND a doiley which make a really nice set together or just as individual pieces. I am hoping that this will be a pattern that you'll use again and again. I think a pincushion is a lovely present to receive (and you can never have enough!) not to mention doilies:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies014

I actually managed to sew on one of my treasures to a few of the pincushions, my green glass buttons. I have had these for years too afraid to use them. Now I can really appreciate them:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies022

And my green glass collection will look great with them!:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies025 

Doilies are great for any spot I think and I just love somewhere nice to keep my 'everyday' jewellery:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies005

I had a lovely email from a lady suggesting that it would be nice to send one of these doilies in the mail to a friend who's going through a hard time (that she can't be with due to distance) along with a pretty mug and some teabags. How cheered up would you feel to receive that in the mail!?:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies018

So doiles or pincushions or both, the choice will be yours! This pattern will be out in the next week or so but I'll keep you updated and of course, there'll be a giveaway!

Hope you like them,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Things Are Happening In The Studio...

I have been busy enjoying stitching this new pattern that should be out in a week or so:

July 7 09 Pincushions etc012

Above you can see one of the pincushions. I have made each little circular design into both a pincushion and a small doiley (which seem to have also become costers during the evening hours in the studio!):

July 7 09 Pincushions etc010

They are the perfect size for your favourite candles (Snickerdoodle or Strawberry Creme Truffle):

July 7 09 Pincushions etc020

Of course, because I never know when to stop (I can hear you laughing Gail) I have added in a small sweet scissor keep too:

July 7 09 Pincushions etc015

Anyway it's 11pm so it's back to a movie and my sewing chair (IKEA of course!):

July 7 09 Pincushions etc008

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. You MUST head over to Rosie's blog to see one of the most exciting things EVER! (Ask your shop to order it in - it will go quickly!)