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A New Design Completed...

Well it's been stitching stitching stitching here at the moment! I have been loving sewing my new 'Pincushions and Doilies' pattern that I have now finished all the stitching for:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies016

I have made each design a pincushion AND a doiley which make a really nice set together or just as individual pieces. I am hoping that this will be a pattern that you'll use again and again. I think a pincushion is a lovely present to receive (and you can never have enough!) not to mention doilies:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies014

I actually managed to sew on one of my treasures to a few of the pincushions, my green glass buttons. I have had these for years too afraid to use them. Now I can really appreciate them:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies022

And my green glass collection will look great with them!:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies025 

Doilies are great for any spot I think and I just love somewhere nice to keep my 'everyday' jewellery:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies005

I had a lovely email from a lady suggesting that it would be nice to send one of these doilies in the mail to a friend who's going through a hard time (that she can't be with due to distance) along with a pretty mug and some teabags. How cheered up would you feel to receive that in the mail!?:

July 9 09 Pincushions and Doilies018

So doiles or pincushions or both, the choice will be yours! This pattern will be out in the next week or so but I'll keep you updated and of course, there'll be a giveaway!

Hope you like them,

Leanne Beasley xxx


bedroom furniture

great man :D

Anna Margrét

Everything you design is wonderful and obviously from the heart - thank you! I really look forward to making some of your lovely small things

Carrie P.

You just have a knack for making the cutest things. I love the yellow pincushion. I have some glass beads. Great way to use them. Then you get to look at them all the time as you are sewing.


Love the colours, very cute. I also love them!!!

Bobbie Lynn

Great! let us know how I can purchase the pattern. Can't wait.

Dzintra Ingrid

These are so pretty...isn't it lovely that they are back now...not that they ever really went away. Just gorgeous♥x


I like them so much! The addition of the rickrack is spectacular. I'd love to have these all over the house.


Greetings from Finland! I enjoy visiting your blog now and then, you are so skilful. Beautiful pincushions you have designed this time.I might do some for presents...Have a nice summer ( or is it winter there downunder?!)Best regards, Päivi

Renee E

That green gingham is GREAT!!! I love these!!


As always, you have come up with something special. Double the fun I say! What a fantastic idea. I am looking forward to the release of these patterns. They will make fantastic gifts and be a joy to stitch.


These are gorgeous Leanne - look forward to stitching them when the patterns are available! x


Just lovely as usual Leanne. They look so fresh and I love your green glass button. I too have a collection of old buttons and I always hestitate to use them, saving them for goodness knows what!


they are all sooo beautiful, can't wait to start one or two or.....?


Beautiful Leanne. I am such a sucker for gingham too!

Fran Batten

Like them..... oh Leanne i love them what can i say you do the most wonderful designs. I have made two of the other pin cushions for a friend in Melbourne and she just loves them. Keep the designs coming and a BIG thank you for your lovely work for all happy stitchers out there :-)


Leanne these are just beautiful as always. I have been lucky enough to be given some doilies using your "Nundle" pattern as a gift and I love them, just looking at them spread around the room adds smiles. I think I am going to use your pincushion pattern and make some coasters for a gift.


Love it!


Julz at Simple Stitches

What a great idea pincushions and doileys (thought I was old fashioned in that one else seems to use them anymore)
cheers Julz

Maree .W

They will make a Beautiful Gift...Lovely Work as usual...

Carmie Anderson

They are beautiful. You are an inspiration!


You do beautiful work.

Vicki W

Super cute!


Oh they are so pretty Leanne and as always your sewing is just lovely. I love the colours and everything you have chosen to make these.


Love, love, love them!!!

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