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Designing Day in the Studio...

My favourite kind of days are the ones where I get to spend the day in the studio designing. Pencils, fabric, trims at hand, off I go:

June 29 09 Studio017

Of course, nice threads always inspire too:

June 29 09 Studio005

This is a pattern for those of you begging for more doilies and more pincushions! I have designed a pattern that has some lovely circular designs that can be used for pincushions or for small doilies or coasters for your cuppa. Stay tuned. I start stitching tonight!:

June 29 09 Studio004

The earlier part of the day found me in love with these yummy fabrics and a very special project that I am pleased to be a part of. It's top secret (once again!) but let me just say if you have enjoyed the Homespun magazine 'Breast of Friends' quilt this year make sure you keep your subscription running next year!:

June 29 09 Studio019

It's been nice scribbling and drawing today:

June 29 09 Studio016

Playing with trims:

June 29 09 Studio006

And enjoying this yummy little gift on my desk:

June 29 09 Studio013 

Hope your day's been great too,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Hope To See You...

I am heading off now to 'Hand To Heart' on Dorset Road, Ferntree Gully, for a lovely evening of shopping and stitching and girl chat! As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a little project for the evening:

June 09 Little Stitchery008

Rosie and I spent lots of yesterday making up kits with iron-on transfers of both of our designs and some lovely linen (exactly what's pictured here) and bits to complete both our little projects. Anyone who spends $50 (or more!) in the shop will receive a kit with their purchase (frame not included):

June 09 Little Stitchery002

Both Rosie and I will be demonstrating stitchery techniques and are looking forward to having lots of time to just chat and answer any questions you might have too:

June 09 Little Stitchery006

We will be at 'Hand to Heart from 5pm to 9pm today. You can find us there at Shop 3/91 Dorset Road, Ferntree Gully, Victoria. The shop phone number is 9758 8559. Come along and enjoy a glass of mulled wine and some nibbles too.

Don't forget if you'd like to sit and stitch with us to bring your little scissors, embroidery needle, and a smile! Maybe a hoop too!

Better go now...

Leanne Beasley xxx

A Little Bit Country...

Yes, I was away in the lovely country area of Shepparton/Mooroopna last weekend and had a ball! It was two very fun days with the girls from 'Country Thyme Patchwork' and Rosie and Melly and all the great ladies that came along to enjoy the event.

Usually at this point I would have endless photos to show you but my camera decided to die when I got there! It had been playing up for some time and I should have had it fixed much sooner (a stitch in time and all that!).

Back to the here and now I am about to do an evening at 'Heart to Hand' with Rosie next Friday the 26th June (have a look at her blog for all the details on her entry dated June 10). I have been busy designing and stitching this little stitchery:

June 19 09 Butterfly Bouquet004

As Rosie mentioned every person that spends over $50 in the shop will receive for free a little stitchery kit that includes this linen, iron on transfer, and thread to match. We will be spending the night with all the ladies that come along stitching and shopping while enjoying a glass of mulled wine (or fruit punch) and some nibbles. So just bring along an embroidery needle and scissors (and a hoop if you like to use one).

I have left a little space on my design so that you can add in your initials and the year you stitched the project:

 June 19 09 Butterfly Bouquet006

I've popped mine in on my little version:

June 19 09 Butterfly Bouquet007

Lois' shop, 'Hand to Heart', is just lovely:

June 10 2009 Lois' Shop038 

Full of treasures for the home, including the kitchen:

June 10 2009 Lois' Shop002 

As this is one of my favourite places to be in my home I love decorating it and having special things like the yummy tea towels she stocks:

June 10 2009 Lois' Shop005 

Rosie and I and Lois' would love to share half an hour or an entire evening with you, so come along if you can! 

'Hand to Heart' can be found at: Shop 3/91 Dorset Road, Ferntree Gully, Victoria. If you like RSVP to Lois (so she can make sure there will be enough nibbles!)(oh, and mulled wine!) at .

Love to see you there!

The Suitcase Is Packed Again...

Here I am (rather quickly) writing to you this morning as I am just about to leave for Mooroopna (near Shepparton) in Country Victoria. I am so excited about getting to be a part of the annual 'Girl's Day Out' this year. 'Girl's Day Out' is held by the great ladies of 'Country Thyme' who are lots of fun and I am sure there'll be laughs and giggles galore this weekend.

For those of you that will be joining us I have an extra little surprise for you. I will be bringing a 'work in progress' pattern for you to also have a play with. So as well as working on these:

 March 02 2009 Butterflies and Blossom010

You will also have a chance to play with a brand new pattern that I am working on. I think it will be fun to have a play with this all together. I also thought that seeing as this pattern includes some simple needleturn applique you might like to have a go at that. If you would then you might like to bring along some of your scraps of fabric to have a stitch with:

June 12 New Pattern006

The needleturn is a cute little basic heart that will get you started in the right direction if you'd like to have a go:

June 12 New Pattern003

Can't wait to get there girls! Now I'm off to pick up Melly and Rosie...

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Have a look at Rosie's blog for exciting information about an evening we're doing very close to our homes at one of our favourite shops (I'll have more about this early next week!)...

When We Met Frank and Marleen...

The people of Far North Queensland would have to be among the friendliest that I have ever met. Not only were Rosie, Gail and I welcomed whole heartedly by the sewing community, but by the surrounding community as well. Meet Frank and Marleen:

May June 2009 Cairns398

Frank (a neighbour from across the lake where we were teaching) had heard that us girls were coming to town and wanted to make sure (when he heard a couple of us were interested in gardening) that we got to see some of the local plants, including his own magnificent Jade Flower:

May June 2009 Cairns377

When Frank dropped by at the end of the day after we'd finished teaching, and asked us to come and have a look at the spectacular Jade Flower I grabbed my camera and thought I was headed off for a walk. But no, Frank and his lovely wife Marleen, whipped us away in their car and into their own home and garden for a tour! Thanks to Gail who snapped a photo of me with the Jade Flower (it grows like a vine and these flowers hang down):

May June 2009 Cairns376

And more than that Frank had even run off a set of prints for each of us girls of the local 'Barra Bash' held on the local lake each year! Some of the Barramundi are as big as 38 kilos! Yes, all our hubbys were impressed when we came home with the photos (just as well Frank - they wouldn't have believed us otherwise!):

May June 2009 Cairns397

The garden that Frank and Marleen have created is truly a little Eden:

May June 2009 Cairns382 

I love this lone gerbera, the last of the season:

May June 2009 Cairns395

They also have a friendly Willy Wagtail that visits their back porch:

May June 2009 Cairns394

Isn't this stunning!:

May June 2009 Cairns392

This is just one of the varieties of ginger that grows in their garden:

May June 2009 Cairns379 

I hope that you've enjoyed a little tour with Frank and Marleen as much as Rosie, Gail and I did. I certainly won't forget it in a hurry. Thanks so much Frank and Marleen for your incredible hospitality.

Leanne Beasley xxx

Two Wonderful Days of Stitching (Part 2 of The Cairns Trip)...

To me, it's always in the details that make any event extra special and show that the hosts really wanted you to come and enjoy yourself. Just like the very personal touch of roses and linen on the dining tables:

May June 2009 Cairns183

And delicious food (you can just see that magnificent Far North Queensland sunlight shining on the plate too!):

May June 2009 Cairns257

Each lady (including Rosie, Gail and I!) received a handmade ceramic name tag on arrival (perfect to use anytime in the future):

May June 2009 Cairns164

So I wanted to share this photo of me, Colleen, Rosie, Gail, and Kate). Kate and Colleen are the ladies that hosted these special days:

May June 2009 Cairns326

We got to meet wonderful ladies and share lots of sewing tips, laughs and heartfelt stories. I was touched by Sandy's story (photo below) who, when going through Cyclone Larry, she rescued her 'Living The Dream' book (my first book) because it's one of her treasures. It gave me great pleasure to be able to sign it for her:

May June 2009 Cairns166

So in amidst all the fun some learning was done too! I enjoyed teaching Needleturn Applique as it's such a fun technique to learn and opens a whole new world of sewing possibilities:

May June 2009 Cairns163

And yes, I did wear a frangipani in my hair! (Even if it wasn't real! They're not in season at the moment!)LOL:

May June 2009 Cairns181 

Stay tuned for part adventure with Frank and Marleen...

Leanne Beasley xxx

Back In Blogland!

Yes, I am back. I have heard you asking, "Where is she?" and "Why hasn't she done a blog entry?" I had the most amazing time in Cairns, Far North Queensland, and simply couldn't wait to tell you all about it - only to come home to a computer that missed me so much it almost died! Never fear - it went to Dr. Bart, who along with his son, managed to bring her back from near death. So here I am!

Cairns was just so wonderful and I have so much to tell you (and I did take almost 600 photos!) that it will take a few blog entries to fill you in! When we arrived Rosie, Gail and I got to go and visit the beautiful shop of Button Tree Quilts in Cairns.

Here's me, Gail, Kate (one of the owners of Button Tree Quilts, along with Colleen who was busy setting up the retreat when this photo was taken), and Rosie:

May June 2009 Cairns410

Then we went on Skyrail:

May June 2009 Cairns420

Followed by a drive out to Yungaburra up in the Atherton Tablelands. It was one of the most picturesque car trips of my life. Of course Far North Queensland grows much of the sugarcane that our sugar comes from and the fields of sugarcane are a beautiful sight:

May June 2009 Cairns414

There's also all the banana plantations (the bananas are inside the plastic bags for protection and ripening):

May June 2009 Cairns494

And only to arrive in Yungaburra to the most inviting sunset and lots of excited ladies to meet us.

May June 2009 Cairns497

The Button Tree ladies gave us a friendly welcome and even fresh roses beside our beds!

May June 2009 Cairns507

After a beautiful dinner (no-one can cook like the country ladies of Australia) and a nice wine, it was off to bed for all of us in preparation for a wonderful weekend of stitching.

Leanne Beasley xxx