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Full Steam Ahead...

There's just so much to tell you I really don't know where to begin! One of the most exciting things I've been up to is finishing this project (okay, tonight I just have to sew on the binding!):

May 27 2009 Merry and Bright001

Can't show you too much but I can tell you that it's the project we'll be working on if you're coming to 'Christmas In The Hills' hosted by Jane from 'The Patchwork Apple' in South Australia. For more information you can contact Jane. It is a 'Christmas in July' theme and Rosie and I are just so excited because we both love Christmas!:

May 27 2009 Merry and Bright004

Friday morning me sees me once again on a plane (does anyone have extra Tami Flu vaccine?) and heading to meet the ladies of Cairns and Northern Queensland to have a wonderful time sitting and sewing this:

May 5 2009 Butterfly Bouquet etc018

Rosie, Gail and I (I hear the giggling and the chatting already!) are headed up to visit 'Button Tree Quilts' and the ladies of Northern Queensland for a tropical weekend of girltime and sewing (yes, I have already packed my camera!). I will be teaching needleturn applique (lucky I don't need my glasses for that because the weather there is so beautiful and hot and humid they will probably just keep falling off!) and lots of stitchery:

April 21 09 Flowersugar and blossom013

And more exciting news (especially if you feel like you can never quite get to where I'm teaching) is that I am one of the designers in the 'Under The Mulberry Tree', 'Stitchery of The Month Club'. I was so excited to be asked to be a part of this because I just love anything that involves a lovely parcel in the mail that you get to anticpate each month.

'Under The Mulberry Tree' is one store that I never hesitate to recommend because I know they ship the same day they receive your order and they stock all of my patterns and books online. I can't show you the designs that I have done (yet) but if you love my work I think you'll love these!

Saving one of the best until last:

Oslo to Paris Oct 2007 C2211

Yes, I am headed back to visit one of my very favourite countries in the world - NORWAY! Gail and I are leaving (yet again!) on a plane to Norway in late September to have a wonderful time in Trondheim with Siw and the ladies from Quiltegarden.

After a few days in Trondheim we will be teaching on a cruise up the coast of Northern Norway! I have so many wonderful memories of my last trip to Norway and I think about all the great ladies I shared time with there everyday because on my desk is this great mug they gave me:

May 27 2009 Merry and Bright009

I was so touched because it showed that they really knew me. It says, "These shoes are killing me, they must look fabulous!"

There will be some room left in my bag for shoes on every trip I take! Oh, and fabric, and new kinds of thread, and handbags, and well, more fabric...

Back on Tuesday...

Leanne Beasley xxx

The Colours and Friendship of Vanuatu...

Vanuatu is a land of colour, beautiful tropical colour. Bouganvilia flowers on the beach:

Vanuatu May 2009368

Hibiscus flowers on every table you can imagine (and in my hair everyday!):

Vanuatu May 2009535 

Wonderful dancing by all ages welcoming us as vistors and telling the age old stories of their land:

Vanuatu May 2009207

The colour of flippers on the beach:

Vanuatu May 2009061

Wonderful tropical flowers at the market in Port Vila:

Vanuatu May 2009542

Local dresses of the brightest happiest colours (yes, I did buy one!):

Vanuatu May 2009456

More wonderful local dancing:

Vanuatu May 2009316

And the colours of fresh fresh fruit:

Vanuatu May 2009486

A great place to wander with my camera and share with you.

Leanne Beasley xxx

Back Home From Vanuatu...

Well there was a lot of time spent by the pool! We stayed on Iririki Island and the balmy late afternoon was perfect for 'Happy Hour' by the pool. Of course I had to enjoy the 'Iririki Sunset' (how can you resist a cocktail with a hibiscus in it?!):

Vanuatu May 2009142

This was the other view of the Iririki sunset:

Vanuatu May 2009134

Iririki is a beautiful tiny island that is a complete retreat and I can highly recommend it:

Vanuatu May 2009286

There's lots of places to spend time just being and simply enjoying being alive:

Vanuatu May 2009494 

This was the view from breakfast (which, of course, I didn't have to cook myself!):

Vanuatu May 2009003

It's nice to go away but it certainly is nice to come home too. 

Next I will share some pictures of the colours of Vanuatu - a place full of tropical colours!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Have a look at Fiona's blog 'Peaceful Threads'. We ran into each other at the airport on the way into Vanuatu. The world is a small place! Fiona and I had met before at a retreat that I'd taught at. It was great to catch up!

Another Wonderful Adventure...

These are once again out on my kitchen table:

May 8 Mothers Day at school024

But not for long because today I am off on (yes, lucky me) another adventure! My collection of Lonely Planet Guides is growing! Oh, and they have a great magazine now too!:

May 8 Mothers Day at school017

The travel journal is made (woo hoo!):

May 8 Mothers Day at school019

I used a Paperchase journal (from Borders) with a see through plastic cover that I have simply doubled sided taped a piece of travel brochure onto:

May 8 Mothers Day at school020  

I found some little plain white tabs that I've marked 'Day One' etc and I'll add one of these in each day.

Best be off now (that's all I've packed so far) because Mum and Dad will be here soon to stay and look after everything!

Back in a week,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I love kikki-K products and one of my favourites is the travel document wallet in the first photo. If you travel a lot this is a great thing to travel with and also makes a great gift for someone special that travels.

Up North...

I absolutely completely utterly LOVE Northern Australia! I haven't been up north for about four years. There's about 3000kms between where I live and where the north is. Yes, in many parts of the world this would be countries away! Last time I was up North I visited Broome:

Darwin broome may 2005 365

Which is always especially magical at sunset:

Darwin broome may 2005 117

And you see things you never see anywhere else in Australia:

Darwin broome may 2005 168

And the environment is always in your thoughts, not just when you go to the supermarket with your canvas bags:

Darwin broome may 2005 092

So why am I telling you all this? Because I am off again soon on a wonderful adventure up North to visit with lots of ladies in Cairns. One of my favourite stores, Button Tree Quilts in Cairns, is holding two stitching days!

I am so excited because the days are going to be held at Yungaburra, on the Atherton Tablelands, in Queensland. I have NEVER been to Cairns before and have heard so many wonderful things about it, and especially the people there.

Everyday I am sure you will see me with a frangipani in my hair:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P1099 

Yes, there are a few spots left (maybe only Sunday?) to come and join in the fun. I will be joined by Rosalie Quinlan and Gail Pan (so there will be lots of stories I'm sure about all our travels together).

The event will take place on Saturday and Sunday the 30th and 31st of May (only a few weeks away!). If you would like more details contact Kate and Colleen on (07) 4041 1613.

Here's a sneek peek of my project for the day:

May 7 09 New Flash015 

I am really looking forward to sharing some hints and tips on needleturn applique, as well as stitchery, with the ladies who attend. There will be lots of time left for chatting and giggling I'm sure!

Leanne Beasley xxx

A Few Photos For Those Who Need Them...

Today I'm posting some photos of the projects that I recently took to Quilt Fabric Delights in South Australia:

March 02 2009 Butterflies and Blossom062

There were three little projects, each a doily. One to do on the day and two to take home and enjoy. I know some ladies were having such a good time they forgot to snap a few photos for themselves! Should you be one of those ladies please feel free to use these photos here.

In the above photo you can see the 'Blossom Doily' and below you can see a close up of the 'Spring Garden Doily'. This photo gives a nice close up shot of the stitchery details. I have used Satin Stitch (as per the pattern) for the tulip flowers but you could also outline them in Back Stitch and then fill them in in Back Stitch if you prefer.

March 02 2009 Butterflies and Blossom003

Here's the 'Butterfly Doily'. You can zoom in on your computer to see close up details:

Feb 19 09 Butterflies & Blossom007   

All three together!

March 02 2009 Butterflies and Blossom044

Those of you that follow my blog and my designs will know just how much I love fresh flowers (yes, especially tulips!) and I have a house full of them always (lucky I have a big garden!). So this is a bit of a selfish project because I wanted some doilies around with my own 'look' on them. I have made some up already just using yummy fabrics too (ie: no stitchery). This is a nice gift idea for a treasured friend. It's also not a bad idea for fetes and markets as well:

March 02 2009 Butterflies and Blossom068

As you know I love to think of you all out there using patterns more than once and adapting them to suit yourself.

I will also be enjoying these designs shortly at Country Thyme at their annual 'Girl's Day Out'. If you have any questions about the event just click on the above links for more information and you can chat to the girls there.

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I will be putting up my list of classes (again) where you can catch up with me! I did take this off the blog for awhile but it is coming back!

My Oldest UFO...

A huge "Happy Anniversary" to my wonderful husband today! Here's what he wrote on our wedding quilt ten years ago today:

May 1 2009003 

As you can clearly see it is STILL a UFO! Maybe one day it will get sewn together!

I still love my beautiful Mariana Hardwick silk wedding dress:

May 1 2009016

Who did up all those buttons down the back on the big day ten years ago?

May 1 2009006

My best friend of course! Here's Rosie and I ten years ago today (I had contact lenses then!):

May 1 2009014

So mostly I want to thank my wonderful husband for giving me the opportunity to make my dream come true of having my own business as a Designer and to continue to allow it to happen. As with many small businesses there are many sacrifices to be made.

Of course early on in the business was the financial struggle (the days of hoping there would be enough credit on the credit card when you get to the supermarket checkout!). Now we have the continual struggle of being 'ships that pass in the night' as we both travel so much for our work. This week has been typical with me arriving home from South Australia around midnight Sunday night and hubby flying out to Queensland at 5am on Monday! He also understands that sewing continually is actually necessary (even on holidays!).

So thankyou hubby for being so incredible and loving me inspite of all those needles in the side of the couch!

Leanne Beasley xxx