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One of my favourite projects last year was designing and working on a set of pin cushions for the Quilt Fabric Delights Pincushion of the Month Club:

Sept 30 2008 Pretty b set and pincushions058

Those of you in the club will have received my pattern by now. I know that a few of the club members are fairly novice sewers so I thought I'd show you a few close up shots to help you. If you're a novice, or there's a new technique in the pattern, it's always nice to see a photo as well as using the pattern as a guide. For many of you adding a Ric Rac trim might be a little tricky:

Sept 30 2008 Pretty b set and pincushions036

So here's a few hints and tips for the pin cushions that have that Ric Rac trim:

1. Cut your Ric Rac with a bit of overhang, like in the below photo.

2. Place your Ric Rac (and pin if you like) just as described in the pattern, and as in the photo below. You want most of the width of Ric Rac facing into the centre of the pin cushion.

3. Sew it on using only an 1/8th of an inch seam allowance. This is so that when you sew the front and back of the pin cushion together using a 1/4 of an inch seam allowance you won't see this seam!

4. Sew right to the overhang exactly as shown here:

Aug 20 08 pincushions002

5. Trim the overhang off now, just like in this photo:

Aug 20 08 pincushions003

I really hope that those of you in the Pin Cushion of the Month Club really enjoy stitching my pattern. I had a lot of fun creating it!

And Remember: Happy is she who spends her time stitching!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Sept 30 2008 Pretty b set and pincushions071 

P.S. Sarah has set up a Flickr group for everyone in the Pin Cushion of the Month Club to share their photos, have a look at her blog entry on the 22nd of January 2009 for more information.



My oh my! So pretty!


Thanks Leanne, Im in the club, but havnt got yours as yet, but love it, cant wait!
If you want Laura's message translated, she says, "There beautiful and she prefers the butterfly one", and the last line she lost me on! Lol


These pincushions are really nice!


sono bellissimi.
il mio preferito è quello con le farfalle

Un abbraccio coloratissimo



yes I love the pincushions.......thanks


Oh these are delicious - I must check out the flicker photos


Leanne these are way cute...and a gal can never have too many pincushions!!!
xo Cath


Thanks Leanne! I am really enjoying stitching the pincushions now, but have been dreading sewing ric rac in a circle shape!!


thanks Leanne - I made your little blue one first and my attempt at the ric rac edging was pitiful! This will be a great help for the others.


thank you for these hints Leanne I must admit I haven't sewn Ric Rac into a circular seam before and was a little daunted about it this really helps!! Even though I haven't made them yet I wanted to say that when I recieved your pattern I was in heaven, just love all the fabrics and trims and just had to play with them on and off for the rest of the day!!!!

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