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A Winter Project?

Happy Australia Day!!!

Today is of course January 26 our National Holiday, Australia Day. At this time of year many of us are on holiday and go adventuring down to the beach or river. I thought I'd share a few holiday icon snaps on my trip to The Murry River, an icon in its own right. Of course our flag make a great towel too:

Feb 2008 Cobram096

Gum trees and sunshine:

Feb 2008 Cobram080

Thongs (or flip flops as many overseas visitors call them). Here's a tree by the The Murry River where you can nail on an old thong. A true Aussie sculpture:

Feb 2008 Cobram075

Here's a little caravan by the river, wonderful accommodation:

Feb 2008 Cobram014

And the icon no-one goes on holiday without, bug spray!!:

Feb 2008 Cobram040 

So I wish everyone here a wonderful day (full of BBQ's, lamingtons and flag waving) and I hope for all my overseas readers I've given you another little happy snapshot of life here in Australia.

Leanne Beasley xxx


Proactol Australia

Aussie rules !


El árbol no tiene la culpa que no sirvan sus sandalias, nadie debe estar orgulloso de maltratar un árbol de esa manera.

Inger Lise

Wow I which I was in Australien...We got 30-40 cm of snow today...I have digged out twice to day :( I look at your summer photos and dream away.


Wow, how times change and expressions or the English language changes. I forgot how flipflops were once refered to Thongs. I love the Aussie sculpture (tree). Call me Naive, but do you really swim in the rivers? Are there not man eaters in the water? Happy Australia Day from Mesa, AZ USA.

Connie W

When flip-flops were first sold here in the states in the late 50s, they were called thongs. The name changed many years later. I remember we could buy them at the five-and-dime stores for approximately 65 cents a pair. They were such a novelty that we all had to have them.


Love the thong tree..we live in a wonderful country.

Dzintra Ingrid

Hey Leanne...someone asked me on my blog what a lamington was too!!! How cool is that thong tree!!! Hope you had a great day...A great river...the almighty Murray...Dzintra


Hi. Have a wonderful Australia day.
Hope the bugs don't bother your celebration! Ho bugs here but a lot of snow ;-)
I got the greatest parcell in mail to day. Sarah's Pin Cushions from the Pincushions club. I love them. Hugs from Jacob and me :-)


Happy Australia day!!! It'll be a backyard barbie with friends for us tonight too!!!
Joy :o)

Bobbie Lynn

How neat! thanks for sharing.


I have woken up feeling extremely patriotic today - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi! We are having a 'barbie' with some mates tonight, enjoy your celebrations too.
I love the thong tree, did you add yours to it?


It sounds delightful and an equivalent to our 4th of July, but what the heck is a lamington?

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