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A Winter Project?

We're in the middle of a heatwave here in Victoria, Australia, at present and it's a doosie! As most of you know the work for magazines has to be designed and stitched about six months ahead of getting that magzine in your hands. This means stitching Winter projects in Summer.

Jan 29 09 At Home Stitching018

So yesterday found me finishing off some quilting and adding the binding to a Winter project for Homespun magazine! I can tell you there is no way to quilt or bind comfortably without having a quilt laying on your body! LOL. I just kept thinking about those of you over in the USA who are having the opposite of our extreme weather in those freezing conditions, especially in the Ohio area.

Jan 29 09 At Home Stitching019

It's so hot here that the power companies have been turning off the power to prevent a huge breakdown of the system. So that means that there's no computer (hence why I'm doing my blog entry very early today in case I'm one of the areas that gets turned off), no sewing machine, and no lights in the studio. Good chance to catch up on that stack of quilting magazines! So as I promised, a little more information on the 'Breast of Friends' quilt in the current issue of Homespun:

Loxton July 2008002

I was pretty thrilled to be asked to participate in this project along with Rosalie Quinlan, Anni Downs, Bronwyn Hayes, Natalie Lymer, Amanda Browning, Lynette Anderson-O'Rourke, Natalie Bird, June Gilchrist, and Belinda Betts.

It's pretty exciting that the original quilt will be auctioned by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, hopefully in Pink Ribbon Month this year. I will keep you updated. Even though the completed quilt can't be revealed yet I am sure you'll love the finished project. Maybe it will become a piece of history in Australia's Quilting story. Each block is signed by the designer that designed and stitched that block/s:

Loxton July 2008005

A few of you have asked about the fabrics used in the quilt. They are 'In the Pink' (the second range) by J. Leutenegger Pty. Ltd. (mixed in with a few fabrics from each designers personal stash). I know there has been a degree of difficulty in getting hold of them but you can try 'Patchwork with Gail B.' as they have been trying very hard to get all the fabrics for this quilt together. They are one of my local shops and can be contacted at gail@patchworkwithgailb.com or on (03) 9729 3635 and are located at 202 Canterbury Road Bayswater in Victoria.

Anyway back to my quilt washing day! The best thing about a 43 degree day!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Have a peek at Missymack's blog (27th January) to see her version of the 'Breast of Friends' quilt in divine blues and creams. It's also appliqued with blanket stitch and looks just lovely - you'll be inspired.

P.P.S. If you need a kit or would like to join a class for the quilt (if you live in Tasmania) have a look at Calico Crossroads, blog and shop. Lots of information there.


Kim Howe

I just love your patterns. I am on the last block of Journey of a Quilter and have just found the new couch companion pattern. Thank you for such lovely designs!

Rebecca Layton

I love the doiley, 'Sweet Christmas Dreams'! It is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of the handiwork my dear grandmother from Norway used to have around her home which I have such fond and dear memories of visiting. I joined a Redwork club in my small Idaho town and work on projects such as these to remind me of her. Christmas was always a special time with holiday decorations being homemade and exquisite such as this doiley. Now with the passing of my mother last November, I find myself searching for needlework such as this. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent.

breast enhancement

i m really enjoying these comments. lolz.

Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Leanne! Maybe you need to come to Toowoomba to stitch your winter project - we've had overcast weather as a result of the cyclone up north and temps have been in the low to mid 20's - what happened to my summer?!?! :0) And I love your block for the Breast of Friends quilt - a friend from OS has asked me to send her a copy too!! It's now on my list of things to do!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

simone de klerk

Hi Leanne, I love your work! I was wondering, what kind of thread did you use for the quilting? The white trhread doesn't look like the 'normal' quilting thread.
Your weather conditions are an item on our Dutch news! Imagining us having had the coldest January since 10 years.
Have a nice day! Simone

Kim Wilson-Hartrick

Hi Leanne, whilst I was doing the fabric frolic last week I noticed that foothills did infact have some the fabric used in the Homespun BOM. Not sure if they have any left now. My girlfriend, my sister in law and myself are all going to do it and look forward to receiving our next issue to get the next lot of blocks.


italian quilt contest, unbelieveble pics before contest time line

Stella Whittingham

Hi Leanne, Looking forward to seeing your winter project in Homespun

May Kristin

Svish svush... Some cooling air has been sent your way! Can you feel it?
Love what I see... I think I need to subscribe to Homespun, there's too many lovely projects inside!
And the Breast of Friends quilt is gorgeous!


I love the lettering on the quilt block! All the quilts I've seen that you have done, Leanne, somewhere on them has the same unique lettering. Can anyone who purchases this pattern end up with lettering that looks that nice? Have you ever posted on your lettering? I would be interested in how you do it.

Barbara Graham

Hi Leanne,
I'm also doing the BOM with the Vicki and Sam and a few other girls on the Homespun forum.I'm using pinks,browns and peach and soft greens for mine and also blanket stitching the applique.I'm absolutely loving the blocks.
I've had the power turned off twice in two days for around 4 hours each time.Did not find this amusing at all in this heat.Keep up the great work.Barb


Can't imagine such heat. When I lived in Chile we had power outages every day due to a drought and a shortage in electriciy. I remember sitting in a pitch black room and still teaching an English class! It made for some fun lessons.


Can’t imagine the heat overthere! Good luck with staying cool!
We‘re having night-frost and lovely sunny days... for now!

I love Missymack’s blue version of the BOM!!


Hi Leanne and I am loving this BOM from Homespun also. There is a few of us who are doing the BOM now and we are all discussing this on the Homespun forum. I am doing it in the pink tones and am loving seeing it in the different colours like Sam's. Cant wait for next months Homespun magazine for the next blocks. Thanks for your lovely block and I can imagine how thrilled you were to be asked to be a part of this fabulous BOM.
I look forward to your winter project in the magazine too.


You sure have it warm now... wow!!!It must be reall odd sitting and thinking of winter and have it like that... but maybe its a good thing...it might cool you off some...:o)
Otherwise just take a trip to the freezer... stick in your head...and thats how it is at my place...lol... I sure could need some sun and warm days... ;o)
Leanne.. I just love your little winter peeks... :o)

May Britt

This BOM looks so great. THink I have to look for this magazine (order from australia) because there is not possible to get it in Norway.


Hi Leanne! Thank you for the link to my blog- was a nice suprise! I really enjoyed stitching your block, even in this shocking heat. It's currently 44.7 here (yarra valley) and our air conditioner isn't coping. Am hoping our power doesn't go out either!
The winter quilt looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished!

Connie W

Down Under you're all sweltering and we're freezing up here in the USA. The bitter cold has left us with some slightly warmer temps but we've been hard hit with ice and snow. Maybe somewhere, someone is having the middle-ground weather that's not too hot, not too cold.
Your project looks so lovely.


The Breast of Friendship quilt is going to be gorgeous!! I have my kit ready to go and will start as soon as I finish another block for another BOM I am doing. Pauline from Calico Crossroads http://calicocrossroads.blogspot.com/ is selling the kits if your readers want to know and they are the same fabrics!
x Sarah


Hi Leanne, I felt sure it would be cooler where you live in the hills....Its 43-44 here and its not nice. Love the Breast of Friends quilt, with all you great designers involved it will be fabulous. Look forward to this "Winter" project, the colours are gorgeous.


It looks lovely!


Leanne, I wish we could have some of your heat! I am definitely not a winter person, but I sure live in a place where we get it pretty bad. I would love to know what is the issue of the Australian Homespun Magazine that it will be in?? I would love to get a copy when it comes out. I know I would have to order it online, because book resellers here do not stock that magazine.


Can you tell me what thread you use to quilt you items? I have not done any for many years and do not remember what I used back then.

Love your blog.


Hi Leanne! How crazy is the weather? Hope you're not melting away down there. The council men are watering the bitumen up here to cool it down. The tar is literally melting & flowing down the gutters!! Congratulations on the Breast of Friends quilt. It will truly be something very special. I love your birds & swirls block. Stay cool & hoping for you that you don't lose your power. Best wishes, Ros.

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