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The 'To Do List' Doesn't Seem To Be Getting Any Smaller...

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for me, there's just so much to get done! Yesterday saw me cutting like crazy. I cut out all the fabric to make up the kits for my project at the Glen Harrow Stitch-In that's only a short time away now. (Yes, I'd love to show you photos but Rosie has me sworn to secrecy!) It's one of those tasks that when you look at the bolts of fabric you think, "This shouldn't take too long" and then at eleven p.m. you think, "Oh boy! That took ages!"

Then this morning was perfect photography weather (I've been waiting sooooo long!). I photographed my new 'Library Lesson' pattern (more info and a giveaway on this soon):

Sept 30 2008 Library Bags017 

I hope this pattern will inspire some of the blog readers who haven't tried sewing yet - it's the perfect beginners pattern. I know some of you haven't ever sewn a bag but would like to try it, this could be the pattern for you:

Sept 30 2008 Library Bags006

I also photographed the front cover for 'Sarah's Pincushions', the pattern that is my contribution to Sarah's Pincushion of the Month Club. Of course while I had the good camera out I couldn't resist a few close ups:

Sept 30 2008 Pretty b set and pincushions055

And I had to snap a few shots of the project that I have been working on for the Honeysuckle Cottage Christmas Club. I can only show one sneak peek:

Sept 30 2008 Pretty b set and pincushions022

Okay, maybe two:

Sept 30 2008 Pretty b set and pincushions033

I can't wait to show this pattern in the full because it's my favourite Christmas pattern that I've ever done! I'm having so much fun stitching it (and I couldn't stop so I added in two little bonus projects that match!).

I also rephotographed the cover for 'Waiting for Santa', my latest Christmas Stocking pattern because I wasn't happy with what I'd photographed before. This why I hadn't released that pattern until now, with the new photo it should be out early next week, I'll keep you updated.

And this was just the morning!

Anyway I haven't forgotten the topics you asked me to cover: Party Pillowcases and Mum's Birthday Quilt, these will be covered shortly!

Off to tuck myself under one of my quilts for the night,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I still get a lot of requests for my DVD from overseas. I know this issue of Homespun is difficult to come by but Kim at Honeysuckle Cottage has just received a shipment of the reprinted DVD so contact her if you're still after one, she ships anywhere in the world.

Aprons Galore and Some Cake!

Of all the things I love about my work (and there are many!) my favourite is getting to see what other people do with the patterns I design. Today I had a few really nice emails with photos attached. One was from Amanda  who I knew had been working on an apron and I love her version! Go over to her blog, Seabreeze Quilts, for a peek and the story that goes with it.

Last post I mentioned the apron class that I'm teaching. That booked out really quickly so I'm doing another one on Sunday the 23rd of November from 10am to 3pm. Light lunch is included. Contact Foothills Fabric and Threads for more details on (03) 9754 6166:

Apron Strings July 08006

It's school holidays here at the moment so life has been extra busy (I do love a bit of extra company during the day though) and doubly busy because we've been celebrating my Georgia's 7th birthday! She had a sleepover party and we got to have a lot of fun with that theme. I made a cake (with a quilt on it of course) and finally found a good use for those thousands of tiny Barbie pieces that seem to lie around the house all the time:

Sept 10 2008 Georgias bday012

I also whipped up a nice pillowcase for each of the girls that came to the sleepover and they got quite a thrill out of it (which was really nice from 7 year olds). Must take a photo to show you.

Must hurry now, I'm off to celebrate my Mum's birthday in a few hours and I'm still sewing the binding on her quilt (what's new!).

Leanne Beasley xxx

Come And Make An Apron With Me...

I have had quite a few ladies ask if we could do my latest pattern, 'Apron Strings' as a class at Foothills Fabric and Threads in Tecoma (before Christmas to get ahead on the presents)! So here it is:

Apron Strings July 08103

The class will be held on Saturday the 29th of November from 10am -3pm. A yummy light lunch will be included (not to mention lots of girl chatter and giggles!). On the day we will complete the basic apron first using just two of your favourite fabrics and maybe a little bit of trim:

Apron Strings July 08028

I will also show you how to personalise a pocket for yourself or as a gift (we might have a go at a Christmas design too!):

Apron Strings July 08026

Maybe you'd like to start on a stitchery pocket before the end of the day:

Apron Strings July 08024

If you'd like the same fabrics as I've used there's lots in stock at the shop! And seeing as Foothills Fabric and Threads stock the full range of D.M.C. threads there won't be any trouble matching thread colours to fabrics if you'd like something a little different. They also have a huge stock of Christmas fabrics so this might inspire you too.

Just beware, you will not be able to stop at just one apron! I've made so many now (great presents) that I've lost count!

To book contact Foothills Fabric and Threads in Tecoma, Victoria on 03 9754 6166. Numbers will be limited so that we can all have room for our sewing machines too!

Love to share a day with you sewing,

Leanne Beasley

In My Hoop at the Moment...

The 'Birds of Happiness' Quilt in progress:

Sept 16 08 Happiness Birds020 

Which is on my favourite Stitching Chair (yes, it's a POANG from my favourite store - IKEA)...

Sept 16 08 Happiness Birds026 

I decided that I needed a stitch that would stand out a little more than my traditional Back Stitch (my favourite) so I'm having a go with Chain Stitch which is really working for the leaves and the branches of the tree. It's also quite an easy stitch and lots of fun:

Sept 16 08 Happiness Birds013 

Sept 16 08 Happiness Birds009 

Will keep you in the  hoop loop...

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you have a blog why not share a photo of your Stitching Chair this week, or maybe what's in your hoop! Leave a link with your comment so people can come over to your blog for a peek!

P.P.S. I have just added another online store to my list of shop links. Have a look at

Some Inspiration...

Probably the question I get asked the most is, "What inspires you?". Well today I thought I'd share my inspiration of the morning, and maybe you'll even get a giggle from what inspired my latest design.

It started when I spotted the blossom in my garden (for the millionth time) and decided that I REALLY must photograph it TODAY before I lost the opportunity of the start of Spring:

September 12 2008 inspiration018 

With lots of deadlines to meet the last thing I needed was to be inspired and spend the morning on a new design! But hey, when the moment strikes you have to go with it or it will be gone.

I have had 'the birds of happiness' on my design wall for sometime now (look out for them in other new designs that I have coming up). It started with them on some blank A3 paper:

September 12 2008 inspiration008

To which I added a few branches, inspired by my blossom in the garden.

I was further inspired when I received a lovely card from Carol in NSW and she included the most divine piece of fabric (the white spotty piece)(BIG 'thankyou' Carol):

September 12 2008 inspiration031 

Of course when I started seeing what would look nice with the spot from Carol I added fabric and thread and decided that this would be the start of the 'birds of happiness quilt'. Then I spotted the 1 Krone on my studio desk (a little souvenier from Norway):

September 12 2008 inspiration010 

Which inspired me to add to the 'birds of happiness' small circles using the fabric from Carol and the circle of the coin as a template! (You see, I said you'd giggle when you found out what inspires me!).

Hope you got a giggle!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Maybe some of the girls from Norway know if the little bird on the coin means anything special? The coin has such a beautiful design and it is one of my treasures.

September 12 2008 inspiration014

The Wonderful Things...

I was making 'Honey Joys' tonight and it just made all those wonderful cooking memories of childhood come flooding back:

Sept 2008 Fathers Day C2008 

Like 'Western Star' butter:

Sept 2008 Fathers Day C2005 

Do you still use that wonderful trustworthy farmhouse 'Western Star' because your Mum did? I do!

And I used the very last bit of my 'Nundle Honey' up:

Sept 2008 Fathers Day C2003 

This was a gift from Kerry when I was teaching for her. The honey is made from bees on her farm. It was the most delicious honey and every time we used it Georgia said, "Tell me where it came from again Mummy". So I think that the 'Nundle Honey' will be part of her lovely six year old childhood memories for some time.

What childhood cooking memories do you have? Do you still use products because your Mum did?

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Here's Melinda's recipe for Honey Joys (thanks Mel, they worked!!!!)

Melt 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 tablespoon sugar over low heat. Mix in 3 cups of cornflakes and spoon into patty papers. Bake in a moderate oven for 5 minutes.

Yes Gail, I Made Five!

Okay, the joke is that everytime I start something lately I get so excited that I can't just stop at one. Every time I start talking about my next project, be it Christmas Stockings or Pin Cushions,Gail says, "And how many are you going to make (giggle giggle)?" Here's the latest, my new set of pincushions that I chatted about the other day:

Sept 4 2008 Pincushion Collection016

I couldn't stop at one because then there was this fabric that I just knew needed a different version of that little butterfly on it:

Sept 4 2008 Pincushion Collection017

And then, well, I thought that this would co-ordinate really well:

Sept 4 2008 Pincushion Collection014

And then, well, I thought that it would be nice to include an applique pincushion:

Sept 4 2008 Pincushion Collection012

And I wanted a beginner's pincushion, in case someone was new to stitching or just wanted to make a whole lot for presents, so I added in one with the prettiest pale blue floral fabric in the range:

Sept 4 2008 Pincushion Collection003

So yes, I made five. Not one, not two, but five.


Leanne Beasley xxx

Note: If you'd like more information about this pattern, see my last post.

Spring is Here!

Finally Spring is here, right here in the studio! I just couldn't resist this gorgeous bunch of flowers at the supermarket today for my studio:

Sept 08 Spring!004

Always influenced by colour I knew they would match my current project just beautifully (a good excuse to buy flowers!):

Sept 08 Spring!008 

What I'm very excited about is this lovely set of five pincushions (I'll show them all to you in the next few days) that I've designed for Sarah's Pin Cushion of the Month at  Quilt Fabric Delights:

Sept 08 Spring!006 

The designs are very Spring and very pretty:

 Sept 08 Spring!007

Just like the studio now! I LOVE Spring:

Sept 08 Spring!005

I hope if you're in this hemisphere of the world that Spring will bring lots of colour to you too!

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Pop over to Quilt Fabric Delights if you'd like to find out more about the Pincushion of the Month and see Sarah packing the orders! While you're at it have a peek at Gigi's blog, Pinks and Needles, because every month with your pincushion kit you'll get a topper from Gigi. If any of you have seen them in real life they are real collector's items in themselves. Be warned, her creations are very tempting!