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Wishing For Spring...

How long until Spring? I cannot wait! All I can think about is how lovely last Spring was and what we have to look forward to:

Glenharrow - October 2006 003

Of course one of my very favourite things about Spring is the 'Spring Stitch-In' that Rosalie and I hold at GlenHarrow Gardens each year. We have both already been planning for months and now we are getting very excited that it's not far away. Many of you have received information from us in the mail and are already looking forward to joining us here:

Glenharrow - October 2006 191

One of the things we enjoy the most is inviting you all into our very special place that we love to retreat to ourselves when we need time away from the everyday:

Apring Stitch In Sat 25 Aug 2007017

For anyone that might be interested in joining us this year the dates are: Friday October 10th, Saturday October 11th, and Sunday October 12th. There are a few spots left on the Friday and on the Saturday, however Sunday is fully booked.

Apring Stitch In Sat 25 Aug 2007090

It is a day of pure indulgence including sumptuous morning and afternoon teas and a gourmet luncheon, two fully kitted projects one designed by Rosalie and one designed by me (oh, we can't wait to show you!), a wonderful giftbag (wish we could show you that too but it will be a nice surprise!), and of course a lovely day with lots of like minded women joining together stitching and giggling at GlenHarrow Gardens:

Glenharrow d2 26aug07103

The fully inclusive price is $150 (with a $50 deposit upon booking). If you would like more information or would like to secure a place please phone Nel on (03) 9753 5459.

Rosie and I would love to share a beautiful day with you and simply enjoy your company!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. GlenHarrow is my all time favourite place to photograph and so if you sneak a peek at their website you might recognise a few of my personal favourite photos that I've snapped there.

A Wonderful Adventure in Nowra, Part Two:

With so much to tell you I just couldn't fit it all into one post so I thought I'd fill you in on a few other great bits of our weekend teaching in Nowra. We got to go and visit Kim's shop, Jukejema Quilting Barn:

August 2008 Jukejema116

Which is full of delicious fabric (yes, I added to my stash once again!):

August 2008 Jukejema115

On the way 'home' from the shop Kim stopped for Gail and I (perhaps it was all that "Oh look at that view" from our backseat!) to take some shots of this beautiful view as we drove into the retreat late afternoon:

August 2008 Jukejema123

Earlier in the day I'd been busy snapping some beautiful local flora at the retreat:

August 2008 Jukejema104 

August 2008 Jukejema106

I'm sure you'll understand how beautiful this place was (tucked in between the hills and the Shoalhaven River) when you see where we sat for morning tea each day:

 August 2008 Jukejema029

At our dinner on the Saturday night the tables were beautifully set with native flowers from the garden:

August 2008 Jukejema058

August 2008 Jukejema057

Not only did we enjoy the dinner, look at the dessert:

Aug 2008 Jukejema001

I always love Show and Tell (and so does Rosie!). Here's Rosie and Kim with a divine version of Rosie's 'Love Is..' quilt:

August 2008 Jukejema077

And at the very last moment of the retreat when we'd packed up and were sadly heading off to the airport we stepped outside to be greeted by this:

August 2008 Jukejema019_edited-1

Yes, it was the perfect finish!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. While I was in New South Wales it did snow at my home! We only get snow a few days in the year so it's pretty special. So I didn't miss out Miss Georgia (6) made me a mini snowman and put him in the freezer for me!

A Wonderful Adventure in Nowra, Part One:

Here I am on Monday afternoon writing this to you, full of great memories from a weekend away. I've been off teaching in Nowra, New South Wales, for Kim from Jukejema Quilting Barn. Of course I was joined by a few friends and here we all are left to right: Gail Pan, Rosalie Quinlan, Kim, Me, and Viv Robinson:

August 2008 Jukejema004_edited-1

We had the most fantastic venue:

August 2008 Jukejema102

A typical Australian retreat with magnificent views and plenty of places for the ladies to go wandering and enjoy the serenity:

August 2008 Jukejema092

Here's a snapshot of all of us who got to be a part of the weekend:

August 2008 Jukejema002

There was lots of sewing to be done (inbetween all the laughing):

August 2008 Jukejema011

New friends to be made:

August 2008 Jukejema044

And old ones to be enjoyed:

August 2008 Jukejema043

Enjoying every moment of having a great room to sew in while the sun just streamed through the windows:

August 2008 Jukejema046

We had super cabins to stay in that were nice and close to the sewing room:

August 2008 Jukejema024

And I will share more with you next time because there's lots left to tell!

Until then,

Leanne Beasley xxx

In Homespun and a Solution to 'The Mystery'...

I was very excited when Gail rang me today and told me my bag was on the front cover of Australian Homespun magazine:

August 2008 In Homespun001_edited-1

I was even more excited when I opened up the pages to see what a lovely presentation the magzine had done of my bags:

August 2008 In Homespun005_edited-2

Here they are (in my backyard hanging on my lemon tree) before they left for Sydney to the magazine to be photographed:

Butterfly Bags for Homespun052

Of course Homespun only asked for one bag but I just couldn't resist making more than one in these divine fabrics:

Butterfly Bags for Homespun025

The range is 'Durham Quilt Collection' by Lecien and is in store right now!

Butterfly Bags for Homespun031

If you'd like to order them to make a bag they are in stock at Foothills Fabric and Threads, my local quilt shop:

Butterfly Bags for Homespun025

I hope you like the bags especially designed for all of you out there doing my 'Butterfly Garden' quilt, or simply if you're someone who just loves butterflies.

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. (Jump up and down and yippee out loud) Thankyou SO MUCH to everyone who left a clue or two that led me to find the artist of my painting (see last post). Adele Kipping studied art and music in Europe and made her career in these fields before becoming a writer full time (she is a well know Australian poet). I found a wonderful website called 'Friendly Street Poets' that confirmed all the different clues you all left.

P.P.S. Off on another road trip to Nowra in New South Wales with Gail, Rosie and Viv Robinson for the weekend. I will be up at 3am on Friday morning to head into the airport. There will be a lot of giggling on Friday I am sure as none of us has quite recovered from our last road trip (we are still laughing). Maybe Gail can make some zucchini slice for the trip?! LOL.

P.P.P.S. Rosie, Can you bring some tomato chutney to go with that zucchini slice?


Things Collected Along the Way...

One of the best things about a road trip is what you collect along the way! I just couldn't resist this lovely new range of fabric at Almond Grove Craft called 'Portobello Road' by RJR Fabrics. It was calling my name, really it was:

August 5 2008 Alex and Loxton001

And Tricia stocks the full range of King Tut Threads! So a few of those had to come home too:

August 5 2008 Alex and Loxton002

But my favourite road trip find was at a divine antique store in Mildura - an original painting. Rosie and I spotted it just sitting against a counter frameless and unpriced. Well, I do love a bargain and at $25.00 I think I got one!

August 5 2008 Alex and Loxton007

After I'd purchased it Rosie and I realised that there was a signature in the bottom right hand corner:

August 5 2008 Alex and Loxton004

We think it's signed 'Adele Kipping' with an accent on the first e. It's a little hard to read. Let me tell you we had all sorts of tales figured out in our imaginations of who she might be, betweeen leaving Mildura and arriving in Loxton! Of course Rosie's just sure that she's someone famous and this is a secret painting she painted for her lover and then the antique shop lady bought it from his deceased estate! What can I say, it was a LOONNNG trip:

August 5 2008 Alex and Loxton008

Anyway, we've Googled the name and come up with very little. Any ideas? Love to hear them!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Back From a Great Road Trip to Loxton...

For five days last week Viv, Rosie, Gail, and I headed off interstate to visit Almond Grove Craft in Loxton, South Australia. Here we are at the Loxton pub for dinner on the Saturday night:

Loxton by Gail July 2008 086

It was a huge challenge attempting to fit four designers, their quilts and other samples, clothes and cameras in one vehicle, but we made it (even if Gail did have to hold everything in the back while we hunted for anything along the way!):

Loxton July 2008055

After being on the road for 12 hours it was great to get to Loxton to see Tricia (owner of Almond Grove Craft) and Liz (who works with Tricia):

Loxton July 2008052

Classes started on Friday and did we have fun! Although class was meant to be from 10 'til 4 nobody wanted to stop! On Friday we kept sewing until someone pointed out it was almost 7 at night! Of course Tricia always makes sure everyone is well fed and never thirsty! Maybe those lovely local wines coming out after 4 just encouraged us to relax and keep enjoying ourselves (LOL):

Loxton July 2008044

My project for the weekend was the 'Loxton Vines Quilt' focusing on colour choice and raw edge applique. There were some fantastic colour combinations and I had just as much fun helping the ladies pick fabric as they did! Here's one of my favourites for the weekend:

Loxton July 2008039 

It was also great getting to catch up with some of our favourite bloggers, like Leanne. Check out Leanne's blog for great shots of our long weekend:

Loxton by Gail July 2008 136

Of course we also caught up with Lorraine, Dawn, and Amanda. Here's Lorraine in my class on the Friday:

Loxton by Gail July 2008 014 

Here's Dawn (in green) with Rosie painting Dawn's doll's shoes on for her:

Loxton July 2008043

I'd love to end this post off with one of the many photos that I snapped when we went back to Tricia's home for a girl's night of 'Singstar' (can someone please tell Singstar that two microphones just ISN'T enough) and margaritas. I'm tempted, but Gail and Rosie have threatened me within an inch of my life if I do so here's a nice snaphot on our way home to Melbourne instead:

Loxton July 2008013

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who made the weekend so much fun that we didn't want to come home.

Leanne Beasley xxx