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Fun to be Had...

It's that time again - packing! I've done it so many times I have no idea why I still can't fit all those clothes into my suitcase! Oh yes I do, too many quilts and other bits! Other bits like lots of my journals. I know that many of you ladies coming to Loxton have asked me if I can talk about my journals and albums over our long weekend together. Well, yes!


I think it will be good fun if you can actually journal on the weekend and go home and just glue in a few photos to complete your journal. So, if you're one of the lucky ladies to be coming to Almond Grove Craft over the long weekend (there isn't actually an official long weekend, we're just turning it into one) and you'd like to create a journal bring along a visual diary (an A4 size one is ideal), some glue or tape, a pencil or pen to journal and a pair of scissors (think you might have already packed those).


Then, we can create journals! It will be a great place to write all those tips from me, Rosie, Gail and Viv that you'll get over our weekend together:


A place to make notes and add in favourite fabrics:


And of course a place to keep those snapshots of what we get up to:


And where we stay:


If you'd like to join in just grab a visual diary from a newsagent on the way, or Kmart or BigW or an office supplies store or art store. It doesn't need to be an expensive one, look for one around the $8 mark and that will do. Bring your camera on the weekend and snap away. I'll have lots of hints and tips on how to make journalling fun and quick and cheap and you'll go home with something you love - I promise!

Now back to trying to squeeze that extra quilt in my bag, okay, okay, I mean that extra block of chocolate!

See you on Thursday night girls!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. The photos are of a journal I created in February when my friend Melinda and I went to AQC. I completed the journal over the weekend and simply stuck in the photos when I came home and had them developed.

P.P.S. Better show you what we'll be stitching, the 'Loxton Vines Quilt':

Loxton Vines Quilt006

This was a fun photo shoot with Rosie, her hubby Neil, and pussy cat!

P.P.P.S Note to Gail: Don't forget to leave room in your suitcase for the Loxton shoe shop sale!

Friday in the Studio...

Well life here is pleasantly paced today. A day of finishing sewing on some binding. I love having the excuse to sit infront of daytime t.v. (oohhh, I get to watch Oprah!) and just stitch. I've been putting the binding on the 'Loxton Vines Quilt'. My friend Melinda did an AMAZING job of quilting it:

July 08 Loxton Vines Quilt006

With it dark and raining outside there's no better way to spend the day than stitch. With no possibility of this rain stopping and me photographing the completely finished quilt I can stitch at a normal pace.

July 08 Loxton Vines Quilt007

I picked a yummy 'Urban Chicks by Moda' stripe to bind this quilt:

July 08 Loxton Vines Quilt010

Better go and keep stitching now...

July 08 Loxton Vines Quilt011

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Apron Strings and Other Things...

You may have read on Rosie's blog that we will soon be off on a couple of road trips again! Well I have been doing a bit of photography today for the trip to New South Wales where I will be teaching my latest design called 'Apron Strings':

Apron Strings July 08022  

There's three different versions of the apron in the pattern. One has a floral stitchery pocket (the pink one), one has a plain pocket (the white one), and one has a pocket that you can make your own(the green one)! Or you can make it without the pocket.

Apron Strings July 08103

Along with Rosie, I will also be teaching with Gail Pan, and Viv Robinson. It's going to be a lovely weekend of stitching and just great girl chatter and fun really. Some ladies may choose to work on the stitchery pocket for the apron, or have a lot of fun designing their own personal pocket with me. The pattern includes a full alphabet so anything can be written on the pocket:

Apron Strings July 08076

The weekend is hand sewing based but I hope some of the ladies bring along their machines so maybe we can stitch a bit on Saturday night and maybe complete an apron or two!

Apron Strings July 08113

I haven't done a 'sleepover retreat' for a while so it will be really great. I'm not sure what happens when we stay over and have pyjama time together but it always seems that there's a lot of giggles and chocolate and stitching (and maybe a wine or two!):

Apron Strings July 08024

There are still a few places left for the weekend (pack your best pyjamas and some chocolate). If you're interested you can contact Kim from Jukejema Quilting Barn on (02) 4421 2577. The weekend will be held at Waterslea at Shoalhaven on August 8, 9, and 10. Don't plan on doing much sleeping if you come because Rosie, Gail, Viv and I can talk all night!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Here I Am! Here I Am!

Oh yes, life has been VERY busy at Leanne's House and I am in one of those frantic work situations where every deadline seems to be yesterday! So here's what I've been up to:

Writing the pattern for my new Christmas stockings, which I have decided will be called, 'Waiting For Santa'. The pattern is being double checked at present but I will let you know when it's ready to be released. Here's a snapshot:

 June 2008 Waiting for Santa028

I have been stitching  and writing like mad to complete the apron pattern (more photos soon) that needs to be done yesterday! Working on the 'Loxton Vines Quilt', that just needs to be bound (photos will be posted when I can get some non- rainy weather!). Writing and stitching a pattern for Quilt Fabric Delights wonderful 'Pincushion of the Month' program. But best of all has been going to Rosie's book launch!:

 June 2008 Rosie's Book Launch018

Here's me and Rosie (did you notice that each of us has an angel on our shoulders!):

June 2008 Rosie's Book Launch015

Here's Rosie and her sisters - Melly, Rosie, and Erica:

June 2008 Rosie's Book Launch011

And ladies keen to get their own copy of 'Gift':

June 2008 Rosie's Book Launch054 

We have also had another big event in our local area, the relocation to a larger store for Foothills Fabric and Threads:

June 2008 Foothills Move!006

It's big!:

June 2008 Foothills Move!010

And beautiful:

June 2008 Foothills Move!011

Look at that full and entire range of DMC threads! Oh yummy!!!!

More chat and photos soon...

Leanne Beasley xxx