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A Sneak Peek and Some Show and Tell...

Tracey's Butterfly Garden...

More photos from the 'Butterfly Garden' classes that I'm teaching at Foothills Fabric and Threads. Here's a weekday class where we have a lot of fun! One of the things we all love is 'Show and Tell'. It's great to see where everyone's up to and what individual changes they've made to the patterns:

May 2008 Classes etc.040

I mentioned that I'd show you Tracey's quilt and here it is. (Tracey is second from the left in the above photo):

May 2008 Classes etc.043 

Tracey is an art teacher so she always adds extra special flair to all of the classes she's done with me. I just love her own little butterflies like the one above!

Another nice touch is using a varigated thread for the 'patchwork stitchery blocks':

May 2008 Classes etc.044

Here's one of Tracey's butterflies she's designed:

May 2008 Classes etc.042

Also added in is a beautiful DMC metallic thread which adds a special bling!

I hope you've enjoyed being part of our class 'Show and Tell'!

Leanne Beasley

P.S. Please bear with me as I try to work through this new Typepad. I still can't get the clarity on my photos, or the sizing right. I will work it out though (I hope)!



I just love your blog. I have just started butterfly garden quilt myself which is going to be pinks, greens, creams, browns & maybe a little bit of yellow as well. i know, typical colours but hey i like it. i am however having a little bit of trouble co-ordinating colours and fabrics so im getting my hubby to advise me on what looks good and what doesnt (hes going to kill me for saying that!) I love seeing everyones different versions of colours, patterns and their personal touches to them. I find myself getting on nearly every day just to get inspiration. Leanne, you just about have to be my favourite designer. Keep up the fantastic ideas & please keep up with peoples butterfly garden photos. I am loving them!
Kind Regards.


Your photos look good to me! Lots of fun!


I'd love to have you join my new quilter's list blog! Just ran across your wonderful blog and wanted to say HI. Here is the link. :)


Love your show and tell. I always find it amazing how some people use a beautiful pattern and enhanced it further. I am just a follow the numbers person!

Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Leanne! Well, once again, your butterfly stitchers have excelled themselves - must be the fantastic teacher and the wonderful pattern they're following! Tee! Hee! Hee! Thanks for sharing! I'm with you - one of the funnest (is that a word?!?!) parts of teaching is seeing how everyone starts with the same pattern and puts a personal spin on it to make it "theirs"! They all end up so different and individual! I'm teaching bear making next weekend and can't wait to meet all the new character bears that are sure to result!!! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)


Hello :)
I love the show and tell - very nice
To morrow i started to stitch my butterfly -
Smile from monika

maree  watt

love the show & tell leanne,thanks for sharing,looks like a lovely class of ladies.

carolyn streeter

very pretty leanne. I'm coming to loxton in july and can hardly wait to see more of those vines!!!


Love the show and tell. They are both really lovely.
p.s. how is your journal quilt going?

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